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Published at 6th of January 2019 06:43:21 AM

Chapter 99
"And we have a winner . Congratulations!" The attendant was all smiles as he slid the pot over to Dorian while also picking up the cards, waving at them . The cards floated magically into his hands, removing themselves from the table .

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His Winnings Card magically transformed slightly, the writing changing .


Stored Sum: 18 Million-Mint Gold Shields


The Aeth Vampire turned to glare at him, his eyes cold,

"You got lucky, beast . Even a blind, beaten dog can occasionally find what his master sets him on the hunt for . " His voice actually sounded full of genuine encouragement, only a hint of obvious sarcasm giving away his scorn .

Dorian smiled wider . He did not like this Vampire, not at all . He reminded Dorian of some of the ruder people he'd met on earth, the type of people that didn't care at all for you or your life . If they got in an accident with you and nearly killed you due to their drinking and driving, they were the type liable to blame you for it .

"Oh, is that so? Then, would you dare to bet again?" Dorian waved at the loot he held, his eyes gleaming . A hint of eager excitement had wormed its way into his heart at the rush of winning .

"Hahahaha WOULD I DARE?" The Aeth Vampire laughed as if he had heard a hilarious joke . The air around him began to vibrate with power, a hint of a deathly Aura appearing .

"Hey now . Let's take it easy here . "

The previously quiet fully armored human spoke up, his words full of thunder and might as he broke into the discussion . He gave off an Aura of his own, one full of robust energy, interrupting the Aeth Vampire .

"Captain Bim . When will you learn to mind your own business?" The Aeth Vampire turned its attention over to the armored human . At the same time, however, the Aura that had appeared faded away .

The Captain held his hands up in surrender as the tension faded, settling back onto his seat .

"We're here to relax and play games, right? Let's play . " He smiled warmly .

"Attention guests . Please remember that acts of violence are forbidden here . " The attendant spoke up, his voice not betraying even a hint of nervousness .

"Fine, fine . I was just talking, I wasn't doing anything . " The Aeth Vampire shrugged, turning to look directly at Dorian .

"Let's play again . " The Vampire's eyes stared daggers at him as he continued,

"This time, I will raise the Ante first . "

The aged Aeth Vampire waved his hand . Immediately, ten glowing white Pills appeared, floating in the air .

"Twenty Two Ironskin Pills, all Lord Class . I created them myself, and can personally attest to their value and effectiveness . They should be enough to match your Natural Treasure in value . " His voice was full of confidence as he stared directly at Dorian .

"The bet is accepted . Will anyone besides the house match it?" The attendant motioned with his hand, scooping the Pills into the pot area after examining them and nodding .

Dorian looked at the Pills .

'Why not, right?' Even if he didn't know their use or need them, he could still sell them .

"I'll match it . " As he spoke, he glanced at his Winnings Card . A few small lines of instruction could be seen on the backside of the card . One of these lines informed him that he couldn't raise bets with the value of the card and could only use it when he withdrew anything from it .

Dorian slid forward the Golden Leaf, his smile unbroken .

"Any other betters?"

The rest of the table passed, all of them watching with interest . The bystanders, a crowd of about 10 well-dressed nobles, Wizards, or merchants, talked quietly behind them, motioning at the Dorian and the Aeth Vampire subtly .

"Alright . Everyone, please place your Ante in the center if you have not already done so . The House will record this Ante based on the estimated value . If you have an objection, raise it now . "


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Posted Pot: 26 Million-Mint Gold Shields

Stored Sum: 18 Million-Mint Gold Shields


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Another large bet, eh?" The Nightlord looked at the scene in the bowl jovially, his eyes full of cheer . He rubbed his hands in appreciation, as if looking at a delightful fruit ready to be plucked .

"No need to lose such a large bet twice in a row . " He shook his head,

"Esmerelda . " He waved his hand at the tall woman standing next to him,

"Have the dealer win . "

The tall woman bowed her head to the obese owner of the casino,

"As you command . " She clasped her palms together, preparing a Spell .

"Fate Magic: Guiding Hands . "

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dorian watched as the dealer prepared to shuffle the deck .

'Bend to my Will! Fall in my favor, once again! But this time, even more dramatically . ' He grinned internally at the thought . This was fun .


Dorian felt a large amount of energy leave his body, much more than the previous time .


Dorian - Soul Status

Soul Stage: Lord (Middle)

Health: Perfect

Energy: 37,309/39,993


'2,000 points?!' His eyes widened imperceptibly . That was huge! Far, far more than the previous attempt! Why was it so much more expensive?!



The dealer's hand blurred as he swiftly dealt Dorian and the Vampire a pair of cards . He then slid two cards down for himself, glancing at them .

The Vampire looked at his cards as well, a smile appearing on his face . He turned to glare at Dorian, apparently nursing a grudge .

Dorian tapped on his card, but, after a moment, didn't look at them .

The people at the table stared at him expectantly . Behind them, the audience of bystanders tittered .

"Would any gentlemen like to raise the Ante?" The dealer asked . Dorian shook his head, as did the Vampire .

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"Well? Are you that afraid of what you'll see that you can't even look at your own hand?" The Aeth Vampire's voice was full of scorn as he stared at Dorian's cards .

A few laughs broke out, quickly hushed as Dorian's eyes turned to look at the crowd .

"I don't need to . I'll do something else, instead . " Dorian smiled,

"Something you all can't . " His voice was full of grandeur and mystery as he spoke, continuing,

"It's called trusting in the heart of the cards . " He nodded sagely, as if his words contained great knowledge, foresight, and wisdom .

A quiet hush fell over the crowd and those at the table as they stared at Dorian as if he was insane .

"Uhh . . . Deal more or pass?" The attendant stuttered as he recovered from Dorian's statements, turning to look at the Aeth Vampire .

"Deal me one . " The Vampire spat, grinning at Dorian as if he was an idiot .


The Aeth Vampire's smile grew wider as he glanced at what he was dealt, and then laid his cards down smoothly . He hesitated for a moment before he waved his hand, motioning for the dealer to move to Dorian .

"Well, mystery Minotaur? Are you going to drop the facade? Or continue with your 'trusting the heart of the cards?'" The Aeth Vampire laughed cheerfully .

Dorian shook his head sadly,

"Ah, to be young again . Your youthful energy has blinded you to true wisdom . "

"Deal more or pass?" The attendant interjected, before the Vampire could boil over with rage .

Dorian looked at him confidently,

"Deal me one . "


A card slid into his hand, leaving him with 3 cards resting under his palm .

He turned and began to stare at the angry Vampire .

"Another one . "


He nodded with a smile .

"Another one . "


A fifth card slid into his waiting hand .

"Another one . "


"This is ridiculous! He is clearly just stalling to avoid his loss!" As the sixth card slid into Dorian's, the Aeth Vampire exploded with anger, slamming his fist onto the table . His voice rang out loudly, full of power and might .


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The table shuddered under the impact, but miraculously held together . At the same time, a dozen Auras full of strength burst forth as the nearby guests were startled . Dorian held on tightly to his cards, looking at the Vampire with a bemused expression .

"EVERYONE PLEASE REMAIN CALM!" A far louder voice echoed forth, coming from the back of the room as an obese man appeared, giving off a heavy, powerful Aura . He wore a fine pair of silk pants, and an open, loose vest . One that slid forward and passed between every other raging Aura, full of authority .


Species: Human

Class - Lord Class (Pseudo-King)

Maximum Energy Level: 110,292


"I am the Nightlord here . This is an establishment for calm, relaxing play! Please refrain from unleashing your Aura, or any act of violence . " The obese man said, holding his hands up and motioning for everyone to relax .

Gradually, the room settled down, people returning to their gambling and play . Most of the guests acted as if this was a normal occurrence, shrugging it off .

The obese man walked forwarded scanning Dorian's table with a genial smile .

"Please, continue your game . "

Dorian nodded,

"But of course . "

He turned and glanced at the Vampire one last time .

"Another one . "


The Vampire's eyes grew red with rage as he stared at Dorian, unspeakably angry .

Dorian paused, feeling something as he looked at the seven cards .

"I'm good now . I'll pass . " He waved at the dealer .

The attendant nodded, and then glanced at his own cards . Imperceptibly, Dorian saw him glance at the obese Nightlord that was watching .

"I will deal myself one . " The dealer dealt himself a card and then glanced at it . His eyes shook in shock for a moment before he shrugged .

"The house has gone over . " He discarded the card's he'd used .

The obese man's eyes widened at this, starring at the dealer confusion for a split second before he regained his composure, watching the players with a smile as if nothing had happened .

"Please reveal your cards . "

The Vampire snarled as he flipped over his cards, revealing a Queen, a 12, and a 10 . A score that added up to 24, near perfect .

Dorian slowly began to flip over his .

A 10 .

Another 10 .

At this point, the Vampire burst into laughter .

"You're at 20 already?! Hahaha so much for trusting in the heart of the cards!"

Dorian smiled again sagely, flipping over his other cards, one by one .

Revealing a 1 .

A King, which could substitute as a 1 .

Another 1 .

Another King .

The Aeth Vampire began to pant as he saw this, disbelief covering his face . The same applied to all of the guests, as well as the obese Nightlord .

Dorian held his finger on the last card .

"What do you think the chances are that this card is a 1? Bringing my score to a perfect 25 . "

The old Vampire looked as if he was about to spit up blood, his face pallid . The rest of the crowd stood frozen, waiting with bated breath .

"Impossible . "

Dorian shrugged and flipped the card over .

Revealing a 1 .

He had scored a perfect 25 .

Stunning the entire audience, both of players and the crowd .

"Look's like it's my win!" Dorian's right hand snaked forward cheerfully, snatching up the pot in a smooth motion and storing it, along with the rest of his winnings so far, into his Spatial Ring .

"No way! He cheated! Nightlord! I demand an explanation!" The Vampire's voice blasted forward as he slammed his hand on the table once again, his eyes bleeding outrage .

"What are the odds of that? That does seem incredibly unlikely unless Fate Magic was used . " Lord Boyle, who was watching from the side, put forth his own opinion, looking at the empty pot with a dissatisfied expression . Most of the players nodded agreement, staring at the Nightlord .

"I was sitting here the whole time, and saw nothing of the sort . " The armored human, Captain Bim, shook his head, standing on Dorian's side . Dorian looked at the man in appreciation for the unexpected support .

"Now, now, let's take it easy . We'll have this checked right now . The use of Fate Magic, or any Magic at all, is banned in the Blue Seal Casino . " The Nightlord raised up his hands and then motioned to the side . Immediately, a tall woman appeared, wearing a blue dress that was covered in lace .

"This is Esmerelda, one of my Wizards, and an expert in Fate Magic . " The Nightlord nodded his obese head in a friendly manner .

"Esmerelda . Bring out the Fate Siphon . " Immediately the woman nodded and brought forth a large bowl full of water .

At the sight of it, everyone nodded, even the Aeth Vampire . The old Vampire turned to look at Dorian, a vicious smile on his face .

"For those that are unaware, a Fate Siphon will detect if Fate has been altered or affected by Magic in its immediate vicinity . If there are traces of Fate Magic here, it will be detected as soon as the siphon is activated . " The obese Nightlord waved his hand,

"Esmerelda, check it now . "

"As you command, milord . "

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Meanwhile, while all of this was going down, a simple looking huntsman brushed some dust off his shoulders, staring back at a few guards he had just talked to .

"So this is Oceapal City . " He looked around, smiling calmly .

"You're second on my list of cities to take over . " His eyes flashed, full of pride,

"First, however… My fellow practitioner… where are you? I know you're here somewhere…"


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