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Chapter 66

Chapter 66 The Annoying King Xuan

The clothes from Clothes Pavilion was unlike clothes from anywhere else . They were not only beautiful but were also bespoke . The clothes would be altered slightly according to a person's unique traits . These tiny alterations made every piece of clothing unique and every woman who wore the dress would have their own unique style . This was why the ladies and wives of the capital were so enthusiastic and loyal to the Clothes Pavilion .


Many places could make beautiful clothes but only the Clothes Pavilion could make bespoke and unique pieces . How could all these women who were image-conscious not flock to it?


Mo Xuetong teased Luo Mingzhu when she saw how happy she was . "Cousin, go and get measured for your clothes first . I will come out to take a look later . This plum blossom is pretty indeed, but we can't take their flower with us just because we visited . If others do this as well, the shop won't have enough flowers even if they have a plum tree!"


"It's not that, we don't come here often . Since you like this plum blossom so much, it would not be too much even if we were to buy it from the shop . If you are too shy to ask, I can do it later . " Luo Mingzhu said nonchalantly .


She was the young lady of the Fu General Manor . Even though she was not spoilt, her manner was still imposing .


"Cousin, you go first . I will drink some water here and then go to pick out clothes . I have always been in Cloud City and have no idea what is fashionable in the capital . You have to help me pick out clothes later . " She smiled at Luo Mingzhu and changed the topic .


She did not want to create trouble because of a stalk of flower . This would create another opportunity for Sima Lingyun .


When she heard that Mo Xuetong needed her help to pick clothes, Luo Mingzhu's attention was diverted . She smiled and agreed . Then, she brought her maids with her in a hurry to get measured .


Mo Xuetong sat on a bamboo chair and leaned into the window . She smelt the light fragrance of tea in the room . Under the afternoon sun, it made one feel rather lazy . The bamboo chair was wide and there were two thick cushions on it . When one leaned on it, it was like a couch that was comfortable and relaxing .



Mo Xuetong had wanted to rest for a while . However, the bamboo chair made her feel rather tired . The peaceful winter sun shone on her warmly . She could not resist the warm sun and leaned against the cushion, picking up a book on the table and read it lazily . Mo He was standing outside the door, she felt very safe!


There were only the sounds of pages being flipped in the room . The quietness was peaceful . And when one looked at the fiery red and beautiful plum blossom, they would feel that it was alluring and charming .


There was a light sound of the door being pushed open and someone approaching . Because she was relaxed, Mo Xuetong was not as vigilant as she usually is . She thought that it was Mo He coming in to bring her more tea and did not take care . She reached out and pushed her teacup and said gently, "Not too much, I can't drink it immediately if it's too hot . Just half a cup will do . I can't keep resting here . Cousin will definitely come to look for me later . "


A long pale arm stretched out and took her teacup . The soft sounds of tea being poured were accompanied by a low and lazy voice, "Don't worry . Your cousin won't come looking right now . "


King Xuan?


Mo Xuetong was startled and raised her head sharply . She saw the handsome youthful face!


Feng Yuran was wearing a purple robe with bold red patterns on it . He shook out his robe lightly, looking charming and elegant . He was arrogant and wild, his aura one of nobility . His eyes glittered and a small smile appeared on his beautiful lips!


Putting down the teacup in his hand, Feng Yuran sat on the bamboo seat across Mo Xuetong, his eyes glittering brightly . The door behind him shut silently . Without saying, Mo He must have been restrained . Otherwise, how could he have entered so silently?


Mo Xuetong sighed to herself and sat upright . "Where is my maid?"


"Rest assured . I know what to do!" Feng Yuran poured himself a cup to tea and then brought it to his mouth to take a sip . He took a leisurely sip of tea and smiled at Mo Xuetong who was sitting in a dignified manner . She wore a beige colored undershirt and a flowy light green dress over it . There was a plain colored sash across her chest, showing off her slender waist . It fluttered as she sat upright . She looked innocent and delicate .


It had been a while since they last met . Her childish features had matured slightly .


Her dark hair was tied loosely behind her, some tendrils of hair falling down her shoulders . It emphasized her delicate and pale face that was soft and delicate . Her eyes were clear and sparkling like spring waters . Because she had just gotten up, there was still a hint of laziness in her eyes . She did not have any makeup on but it made her feel especially elegant and beautiful . She gave him an unhappy glance with her lively eyes .


"Your Highness, why have you come today?" Mo Xuetong asked politely, seemingly as if she had no intentions of going against his will .


"Why can't I come to walk around? Can others come but I can't?!" Feng Yuran waved his hand and thought of what happened in the hall downstairs earlier and the man who had pestered Mo Xuetong . He could not help but feel annoyed .


"Your Highness, you can go anywhere you wish . " Mo Xuetong gave him an odd look . She did not understand why he was suddenly upset when he was still smiling earlier . However, she did not dare to offend him and answered him with a smile . He was someone she could not afford to offend . He was like a colorful venomous snake, she did not know when he would bite her to death . "Your Highness, if even you can't come, others definitely would not be able to come . "


Feng Yuran was satisfied when he saw how gentle and respectful she was . He leaned against the back of the chair lazily and enjoyed the warm winter sunlight . "Mo Xuetong, shouldn't you thank me? I did do you a favor . " Then, his eyes narrowed and a wave of dangerous aura headed at Mo Xuetong . It seemed as if he was about to get angry .


"Many thanks for your help, Your Highness . It was all thanks to you that day . I will definitely repay you if there is a chance to . " He was asking her to thank him . She did not know why the devilishly handsome king was behaving childishly like a child .


When he saw her thanking him obediently, and how she was peeking at him secretly through her lively eyes with a slightly uneasy expression as she bit her lips lightly, Feng Yuran felt extremely satisfied . His annoyance had faded and he almost laughed out loud . His expression softened .


"How do you intend to repay me?" Feng Yuran asked lazily as he laid back in a more comfortable position as he glanced at the slightly uneasy Mo Xuetong from the side of his eyes . Looking at how careful she was behaving and was not the usual brave and lively person she usually was before him, his lips curled up . She was like a little cat waiting for him to teach her a lesson . He would definitely not let go of an opportunity to get her to be indebted to him .


"Oh!" Mo Xuetong was startled . She blinked her lively eyes and understood that he was outrightly holding her hostage with her debt to him .


"Shouldn't you repay your debt to me?" Feng Yuran laughed loudly and sat up when he saw her dazed expression . He turned his head around to look at her, his voice almost whispering by her ear, "If I hadn't help you to tie up that old man that day, I suppose the rumors going around would be how Third Miss Mo is arrogant and wild . You could be put together with the Empress' niece . She is someone who would not be able to get married . So . . . "


There were all sorts of emotions in his eyes when he said that . There were humor and charm, and he breathed out warmly into Mo Xuetong's ear . Her usually calm face grew warm, as did her pale ears . She leaned back slightly, avoiding his heated breath .


"That is why you have to repay me!" Feng Yuran sat upright and said righteously .


Who needed his help? If he had not helped, she would have long found that old man . All those times Mo Yu had gone out to search but to no avail . It was because the old man had been kidnapped by him . Mo Xuetong complained bitterly to herself . However, she truly did not dare to offend him .


"Your Highness, what do you need in return?" She asked carefully, cold sweat lined her pale forehead . She could not maintain her calm facade and almost felt like breaking down . She bit her lips and tried to force down the anger that rushed up within her . She warned herself that the person in front of her was the eighth prince who was known to have mood swings . He was the powerful King Xuan . If she could not bear this, she would mess up her bigger plans .


Furthermore, she had a feeling that the person in front of her was not as flighty as he appeared to be .


"I won't object if you marry me as repayment . " Feng Yuran saw the sufferance and annoyance in Mo Xuetong's lively eyes . He seemed to be testing her limits as he sounded more and more intimate, his eyes shone brightly as he teased her . When he saw how Mo Xuetong was flushing brightly in anger and yet was forcing herself to stay calm, a charming smile appeared on his lips .


He sized her up and looked at her in disdain . "Of course, thinking about it practically, I would still reject you . Look at you, you are so thin and it doesn't look good . So I wouldn't want you if you want to marry me . Remember that you owe me one . That would be more fun . " Feng Yuran said slowly when he saw her standing up angrily .


This person was . . . if looks could kill, Feng Yuran would have died many times under her annoyed gaze!


However, that person was not even aware of it . When he saw her biting her lips and not speaking, he asked doggedly, "So should you marry me or should you owe me one? This is such a conundrum . My point is, you shouldn't marry me . I have too many people in my manor . What do you think?"


What? She thought that it would be best if he died! What did he mean by helping her! If she could regret what had happened, Mo Xuetong would have rather used a different method to prove her innocence and not end up in the hands of this extremely narcissistic man . He was speaking intimately while looking at her in disdain . He was obviously looking down on her, afraid that she would say that she would marry him to repay him for his help .


"I will agree to one request from you . " She gritted her teeth and answered . If one did not listen closely, they could not hear the sound of her gritting her teeth .


"That's good . You mustn't go back on your words . " Feng Yuran leaned back comfortably .


"I won't! Even though I'm not a gentleman, I am much more trustworthy than some people . " Mo Xuetong said angrily . She did not know what to say . Who would believe that the person across holding her to her debts was the popular King Xuan? She was speechless and her hands shook . She felt that the man in front of him was really not a normal person .


After a heated discussion, it ended with Mo Xuetong owing Feng Yuran a favor . Feng Yuran laughed in a friendly but insincere and lazy manner as she left . He said in his annoying voice, "Mo Xuetong if there is anything you need help with in the future, you can beg me . If I am in a good mood, I will help you . Since you already owe me once, owing me twice is nothing . At most, I'll give you a discount in the future . "