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Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Tears are Coming Out

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“But I can’t go right now . At least, give me another week,” Alistair said charismatically .

“You want me to wait a week?”

“He’s saying that if you can’t wait, then we’ll take him to the capital later . Don’t worry, you can go ahead and report,” Bart criticised the shocked Prince .  

The Prince thought a little and said, “Hmm . Then we’ll do that . A week later, Alistair Lisburn, you will come to the fief capital with that violet-eyed baby who’s playing innocent . ”

Alistair looked like he wanted to add something, but he kept quiet and looked down . I wanted to complain about being called an infant who was playing innocent, but it would be immature of me, so I stayed quiet .  

“It’s a bit annoying how you won’t say anything,” The Prince was probably saying that to me, but I didn’t care . I went back to playing with the blocks . Behind me, everyone was surrounding Alistair .

“Are you sure?”

“Yes . I thought this would happen one day . At least I was with my mum since I was born and I had fun travelling all over . I’m glad that I was able to settle down here and work as an apprentice hunter . ”

“You’re calm and have good intuition . You definitely would have become a good hunter, uooah,” Bart said disappointingly, and Alistair lightly hit his stomach .

“Bart, why are you acting like I won’t become a hunter? I’ll still be working as a hunter at the fief capital,” Alistair declared .

“But isn’t it hard channelling your magic? I’m sure it will be since the magic stone is bigger than the ones in the barrier boxes,” Mill said worriedly .  

“I don’t know, but it’s not like I’ll be doing it every day, right? I can just work as a hunter when I’m not filling the magic stone . ”

With his cheery and optimistic attitude, Alistair today, looked completely different from yesterday .

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“I guess so, yeah . You’re right . He didn’t say you had to stop being a hunter,” Mill also brightened up and said . I played with the blocks while glancing behind me . Unlike the two cheerful people, the rest looked like they had mixed emotions .  

Of course, they would . He’ll probably be entrusted to some noble to learn things like etiquette and noble rules .

It’s a bit dreadful to only do those things .  I remembered brother’s friend, Gill .  I feel like they’re really similar . In short, wouldn’t the Lisburn House take him in? Then we can both go back to Kingdom .  

I cheered up a little .  Then wouldn’t he come to play with Gill?

But Alistair probably doesn’t forgive the Lisburn House for causing his mother’s misfortune .  

And, he’ll never be a hunter if he goes back to Kingdom .  I sunk my head down and reflected on my selfishness .

And, I finally realised .  I won’t be able to see Alistair anymore when I go back to Kingdom . Nor Bart, Mill, Kyaro or Clyde . I won’t be able to eat with them, work with them or hunt with them every day .  

My tears fell down onto the blocks because my head was lowered .  

I can’t say selfish things like ‘everyone, don’t leave my side’ . They all have their own lives . That’s right, Bart and his crew still haven’t gotten married yet . They’ll keep delaying it if they have to look after an infant .  My tears continued to fall, but I didn’t wail .  

This is fine . It is .  I held the blocks which had changed colours from my tears .

“Lei . ”

Don’t talk to me right now .

“Lei, turn around . ”

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I can’t .

Alistair sat behind me, put one hand around my stomach and held my hand, which was holding the blocks, with his other hand .  

“We won’t forget you just like how you didn’t forget about your dad or brother . We’re family, even if we’re apart . ”

“…… Ai . ” I somehow managed to squeeze my voice out .

“Lei, don’t cry . ”

“Noth cwying!”

I rubbed my eyes, and Alistair put a little force into the hand that was hugging my stomach .  

“Yeah, you’re not . Something just got into your eyes . ”

“Ai . ”

That’s fine .


[Bart’s POV]


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Everyone in the room more or less started crying when they looked at Alistair hugging Lei’s back .  

“Mill, at least wipe your snot . ”

“I forgot my handkerchief . ”

“Even though Lei reminded you so many times not to?”

There’s even a guy crying this much .  I had enough, so I took my handkerchief out from my pocket and gave it to him .  

“Isn’t this all wrinkled?”

“It’s better than not having one at all . ”

Fate is a cruel thing, even when Alistair and his mum got to Lentforce . But what about Lei?

She was kidnapped from her parents and ended up in Frontier . That wasn’t the end of it . She was nearly kidnapped again . But, she was able to assess her situation without forgetting her parents and decided that she wanted to go back .  

To be honest, I admit that I didn’t care what happened to us in the last few months since we’ve been together with her .  

Cause, you know- .

“Lei’s too cute . ”

“You’re even blowing your nose . ”

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It was Mill who blew his nose on the handkerchief he was holding .  That handkerchief is mine, you know?

I looked at the two while remembering the past few months that we’d spent together with a baby .  Lei sitting on the toddler chair while swinging her legs . Lei eating as much mashed potatoes as she can because of her love for them . Lei usually playing with blocks at Brendel’s shop or tampering with magic tools . She always looks down so seriously, and her chubby cheeks also look like they’re about to drop right now .  

Talkative Lei . Her expression always changes, even if she doesn’t say anything . Tottering Lei . Cheeky Lei .  

Alistair, who always laughs a lot when he cuddles with Lei . He always tries so hard, but he started to play with blocks whenever he’s with her . He actually hates potatoes but does his best to eat it, so he could agree with Lei whenever she says, “Yummy” .  

We did our best to look after these kids even though we’re so young . It’s laughable, but- .

“It was fun . ”

Don’t just end it as you like, Mill .

“Now, what’re we gonna do? We’ll talk about it after Alistair and Lei have gone to bed . ”

“Aite,” Kyaro answered straight away . Clyde also nodded .  Even if we’re discussing it, we probably all have the same opinion . Even so- .

“So cute . ”

Everyone thought that, but they just didn’t say it .

Mill really is a disappointment .  

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