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Chapter 175

Ch . 175 Colossal Experience Points

[Resistance skill [[Fall Resistance]] level increased from 5 to 6]
I receive a huge backlash from the belly of the giant centipede and my body is blown off .
[[Roll]] naturally unravels in midair, and I end up with the front of my body scraping against the ground .
I was prepared, but my entire body is outrageously sore .
If it isn’t enough, ending the suffering of the giant centipede isn’t something I can do .  
I clear away the sand with my hand, open my eyes and look forward .
It didn’t break the shell, but it appears that I have made a dent .
From the severed part of the giant centipede, its insides are flowing out more and more .
[1536 experience points obtained]
UoU… as one would expect of the giant centipede .
As expected the amount of experience points is pretty high .
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg:Lv–]] activated, 1536 bonus points obtained]
Aa, is that so?
Experience points were doubled .
I was overwhelmed by the number 1536 and forgot .
Thank you giant centipede . I’ve had various grudges, but with this at the very least I can offer you much thanks .
[[[Evil Plague Dragon]] level has risen from 44 to 57]
Yosh, I increased 13 levels all at once!
With this the next evolution is near .

From now I need to start accumulating good deeds .  
I wonder if there are any lost people somewhere?
Not that there were many humans who could survive in this desert anyway .
[Title Skill [[Big Eater (Giant Killing)]] level increased from 1 to 3]
[Title Skill [[Pest Killer]] level increased from 3 to 4]
My titles increased too?
Getting two rank ups is unexpected, you know .
Maa, the giant centipede would normally win ten out of ten times .
Yet such unreasonable successes were achieved multiple times .
[Characteristic skill [[Presence Sensing]] level increased from 4 to 5]
Oh, [[Presence Sensing]] also increased?
Please don’t, [[Dragon Scale Powder]] and [[Plague Breath]] please don’t increase……
Speaking of desires, [[Flight]], [[Dragon Scales]], and [[Automatic HP Recovery]], I’d be saved if those would increase however……
…………aa, is this the end?
What with this, even though I feel like it always comes smack me when I’m not paying attention, it almost never strikes when I’m on guard .
As I thought, it’s not playing around with me, I guess it is God’s Voice-san .
I would appreciate the [[Wrecking Ball Drop]] Skill already, OK?
I’m somewhat disappointed . What, is the name decided by me or you?
I’m not certain, [[Nutcracker]] was accepted however .
Well, that’s fine?

Should I check my status?
Race: Evil Plague Dragon
Status: Normal
Lv :57/75
HP :218/365
MP :162/256
Attack: 319
Defence: 241
Mana: 229
Speed: 212
Rank: B-
Characteristic skill:
[[Dragon Scale: Lv5]] [[Voice of God:Lv4]] [[Gurisha Language:Lv3]]
[[Flight:Lv5]] [[Dragon Scale Powder:Lv5]] [[Dark Attribute:Lv–]]
[[Evil Dragon:Lv–]] [[Automatic HP Recovery:Lv3]] [[Presence Sense:Lv5]]
Resistance Skill: 
[[Physical Resistance:Lv4]] [[Fall Resistance: Lv6]] [[Hunger Resistance:Lv4]]
[[Poison Resistance:Lv5]] [[Loneliness Resistance:Lv6]] [[Magic Resistance:Lv3]]

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[[Dark Attribute Resistance:Lv3]] [[Fire Attribute Resistance:Lv2]] [[Fear Resistance:Lv2]]
[[Oxygen Deficiency Resistance:Lv3]] [[Paralysis Resistance:Lv3]] [[Illusion Resistance:Lv2]]
Normal Skill:
[[Roll:Lv7]] [[Status Check:Lv6]] [[Scorching Breath:Lv5]] 
[[Whistle:Lv1]] [[Dragon Punch:Lv3]] [[Plague Breath:Lv4]]
[[Poison Fang:Lv3]] [[Paralysis Claw:Lv4]] [[Dragon Tail:Lv2]]
[[Roar:Lv2]] [[Star Fall:Lv2]] [[Nutcracker:Lv3]]
[[Human Transformation:Lv4]] [[Kamaitachi:Lv3]] [[Neck Breaker:Lv3]] [[Rest:Lv1]]
Title Skill:
[[Son of the Dragon King:Lv–]] [[Walking Egg:Lv–]] [[Klutz:Lv4]]
[[Fool:Lv1]] [[Infighter:Lv4]] [[Pest Killer:Lv4]]
[[Liar:Lv2]] [[Evasion King:Lv2]] [[Spirit Relief:Lv8]]
[[Tiny Hero:Lv5]] [[Path of Evil:Lv6]] [[Disaster:Lv5]]
[[Chicken Runner:Lv3]] [[Chef:Lv4]] [[Mean King:Lv4]]
[[Guts:Lv2]] [[Big Eater (Giant Killing):Lv3]] [[Ceramic Craftsman:Lv4]]
[[Boss of the Crowd:Lv1]] [[Laplace’s Interference Authority:Lv1]]
Okay, it rose quite well .
Nonetheless, I still have not reached to that Hero’s level …… .
Now what was the status of that fellow again?
If I recall correctly his HP was more than 600, and all the other stats were around 350 .

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About the only one that even comes close to competing with him is attack power, huh?
No, that guy was also holding a sword . By including the sword, would it not go to 400 or over?
I still have to further raise my level .
I don’t think there are any fellows stronger than the giant centipede…… And thus, there are many fellows of moderate strength .
I guess, there is the red ant’s nest .
Too bad for them, I’m not going with just the purpose to destroy them .
Since those red ants are also considerably strong .
I can’t go until after I’m prepared .
The day is already late, I will join the ball rabbit after eating a little and gathering the monster parts, from there I should sleep .
But, before moving……
Light wraps around my body, my body’s pain is slightly reduced .
It is not necessary because I do not have any severe wounds due to [[Automatic HP Recovery]], but I need to practice .
When it is possible to recover only a little bit in case of an emergency, I’ll raise its level to increase the chances of getting more evolution possibilities .  
“GUuoo! GUuoo!”
[[Rest]]! [[Rest!]]
Umu, as expected, restoration magic is good .
Somehow it feels like my heart has been cleansed . It may just be my imagination .
[Normal Skill [[Rest]] level increased from 1 to 2]
Yosh yosh, because I am an evil dragon I was worried that the skill level of [[Rest]] would not increase, but that does not seem to be the case .