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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:39 PM

Chapter 1

I’ve thought about picking this up . I didn’t like the original translations which are ‘only’ to chapter 20, and even so I asked them if I could migrate them to my site and never got an answer, so I’m retranslating from the beginning . I guess you’ll know for certain if I’m picking this up depending on if I get passed chapter 20 or not . I finished my story at machineslicedbread and am looking to return back to my own blog, lol, so throw your support if you want to see more of this as well as the return of Requiem to the Stars .


Oh, well, that's it .

The so-called God failed . It seems that I will be reincarnated .

… Simply put .

I guess that means I meaninglessly died, can't you just bring me back to life?

… It's impossible .

Well, I guess it was a meaningless death, after all .

… Don't be unreasonably upset with me .

I'm in my mid-40s, a virgin and a temp . I had some savings, but no dreams for the future .

It was a solitary life where I might have died alone from some illness, but I unreasonably died before I had the chance .

If I died from an accident I'll be given a funeral, at least .

If we're speaking about regrets, my parents are alive but they have my big brother to look after them . They have many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, so my death won't be too problematic .

… Although a child is a child, so as a genuine parent, they will likely grieve .

I have no room to talk living as I did, but at least I'm a parent's child .

My life had good and bad in it . I lived a normal life without causing trouble, so it was enough .

… If you can say that much then that's all you really have to say about that .

Or something like that .

… Although you were full of life, your death was a mistake . I must apologize .

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You're an honest God . The bus had fallen sideways, passengers died, and they have probably already cleaned up the accident by now .

It's an unfortunate thing when young people die, but when you die, you die . Unnatural deaths are not unusual . I'll just give up and enjoy the afterlife .

… but reincarnation doesn't fit for everyone, don't you think?

Is that so?

… Aside from that, even if reincarnation is possible, this means you'll be born in a different world from the one your started in .

Well, you're making the choice for me, so I have no say .

… Because of that, to you, I will give three powers as an apology . What would you like?

Three powers, eh? Kind of like a demon? Is it okay to show that kind of favoritism?

… It doesn't matter . This God decides the truth of this world . If I give your soul these abilities, there will be no repercussions . Well, if you end up too strong I may have to intervene, just to keep things safe .

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By the way, what kind of world am I reincarnating into?

… I don't know this world well, but its technology is behind Earths and there is magic .

A world of swords and magic? Is it like a game?

… Perhaps it is similar, but keep in mind it's all real .

Well, living in any world can be dangerous, so I didn't expect much .

… So, what kind of ability do you want?

That's right . I guess I want to be able to carry five tons, I want unlimited barrier magic, and Earth magic sounds good too .

…That's a very quick decision .

I'm over forty . I thought about what kind of powers I'd want more than once . Besides, I've heard that too much power would only bring calamity . I'd like a better life than before, an ordinary and peaceful life is what I want, so that's why .

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I could save the world by becoming a hero, living freely, but by the time I'm over forty, my spirit would whither .

… Well, to each their own .

Of course .

Other people may want to live extravagant lives, but I would be fine with a simple life . I just want to live how I want to live .

… Then, I will reincarnate you soon .

Ah, please .

… So, good luck in your new world .

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