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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:28 PM

Chapter 15

Oh well, that's it .

Even if I didn't have all these side jobs, there is plenty of other work to be done .

Since the field is already planted, mom alone is enough . Though I help by plowing the land and harvesting .

For firewood I need to cut down a tree every four days . That takes about 2 hours . Using an air chainsaw, it's about an hour to cut it down . It's still an hour even with an axe or a kimono . Then another hour to collect . It takes less than half a day .

When harvesting and drying ramuno, it can get busy . During those times, the ladies in the mountains help, so the time is shortened . Then, they would start some girl talk and I would go do something else . I don't want to be in the middle of that .

The grandpas and grandmas usually milk the mountain goats so I leave it as it is . The pastor is also left to the other neighbors . But I have to spread fertilizer…

It's almost time to cut the mountain ram's fur, but I can get that done in a day using a knife affixed with a barrier to shear the fur .

Tota hunts but can get a lot in only one to three days . Occasionally, I will go hunting, increasing that amount excessively . However, it's all for helping the other residents of this mountain .

I think its fine to relax and play sometimes, but there is no form of entertainment and no one to play with in the rural countryside .

That doesn't mean I don't have any friend . It's just that there is not much time to play!

The closest village is about five to six kilometers away . It's half a fishing village and half an agricultural village, so it's split in two . Each industry has different working times .

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For the fishing side, they get up from the moment the sun rises until the evening when they return home .

For the agricultural side, they get up at the same time by finish their work around 8 in the evening . Candles are cheap - so farmers can prioritize their side jobs first and wake up to work even when it's night/dawn .

Though I said their hours differ it does not mean they don't keep in touch . The two types of villagers don't act separately . I called it a half agricultural, half fishing village for a reason, that being the bartering (market) of fishes and vegetables which connect the two sides of the village .

We mountain residents also eat fish, so we trade meat at the market .

But since the village population (around 500 people?) is small, the market is usually finished within an hour so . Afterward, the women meet up and chat .

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Also, the men don't just work on endlessly . They occasionally get together with friends and go out drinking to catch up .

That's fine for the adults, but they often work and do not have time to play with their children (between 8 and 15 years old) . So, the children instead play with other kids near the village .

Some kids in the village are the same age as the kids from the mountains . However, the life for those living in the mountains is rougher than those living in the village .

Even so, since there is not much time to play, friendly relationships form when they talk while sharing in any kind of work .

Still, I find free time .

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Using that free time, I built another preservation shelter, a secret base high in the mountain, a secret tunnel leading from the mountain to the sea, and I also built a secret harbor there . Only an idiot like me would dream of doing that . The best time I spent was from building that secret harbor which took 4 days to complete .

Since the villagers don't know about it, it takes some weight off my shoulders .

And so I uneventfully completed by side jobs .

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