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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:27 PM

Chapter 17

"Oi, you, its lunch time!"

Oops, I was distracted by the letter .

I this world (era) without television, you could only obtain information by reading letters or books, or by being there yourself .

You can get information from adventurers and peddlers from neighboring countries, but everything outside this continent is an unknown world as expected .

While ships can cross the continent - they do have airships, so there is diplomacy between the continents, but the countryside sees none of these benefits . On the contrary, most people do not even know that airships exist let alone a continent beyond the ocean .

Fortunately, I have my memory from my previous life . It helps us a lot, but since I don't know that much, I become uneasy when I can't get information .

Besides, I used to be a media student (from the latter half of my twenties) in my previous life . Television was a close friend .

Until about 5 years old, I was too busy living and getting accustomed to life, partially because I wanted to get a grip on being able to use my three abilities and magic .

Due to the surplus coming out from last year, I began to seek external information .

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I obtained a book from the peddler's daughter, but the book is very expensive, and only this month have I earned enough to get my fifth book . Therefore, I can only get stories I can listen to in a single night .

Therefore, when I received Lar's letters (since I get it every half year, it's worth about 3 books in information), it becomes a source of information and entertainment, causing me to forget the time while I read it .

"Sepuru, help mom, Tota, put the baggage of the stuff over there . "

I instructed to pair who had spread Lar's souvenirs all to the side .

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Brother's orders are absolute (it's my daily pride) . Even if they complain, they'll follow my instructions .

Quickly gathering the items and putting them in the bag, Tota quickly joined Sapuru in the house as I bundled everything up with barrier .

"Well, what now?"

It is also a problem to carry that amount into the house, and if I put it in the storage warehouse, it'd only clog it up more… Ah, whatever . I'll just set it aside near the house .

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Lar's country has many great magic users and these gifts - a magical barrier was put on them . Still, they'll go bad if I don't fix the barrier .

Once wrapped in a new barrier, I put in front of the house and go inside .

I won't have to worry about it for the remainder of the morning because the barrier will keep it fresh .

Warming the stew with magic, Sepuru prepared it was a cold boiled egg . The fish from this morning was turned into fish paste, so we used some freshly caught river fish .

We have a wonderful meal for noon .

"Thanks for the meal . "

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