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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:27 PM

Chapter 18

Lunch time is over and it's time to relax .

There are no rules like a one-hour lunch break, but we take a one hour rest .

Our house has no unrest, and I take pride that we have a good family who had good relations with the rest of the village, but even so it's not people chatting and laughing everywhere .

When you're talking about our small world (the village life), most people only have weather or work to discuss . So, an hour is usually enough to talk .

Well, when there is nothing to talk about - you might start to talk about something meaningless, and then Sepuru will return the subject to work .

Therefore, I take things slow after lunch . Well, the rule in my house is to perform some trivial task .

"Brother, are you going to help Yap-chi in the afternoon?"

Sepuru asked this while tidying up .

"I don't mind, but is there something wrong with Yap-chi?"

Three houses down (about 300 meters away considering it's the countryside) is the one called Yap-chi, who's a boy about the same age as Sepuru .

His younger brother goes out to collect timber . His mom looks after the field and animals . His old man is a cage making master . Yap is the oldest of their three sons and two daughters who help out . Well, that's about the average size for a family of mountain dwellers .

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"Auntie is about to give birth and so they'll need some help . "

Well, nights in a country without entertainment are long . I don't know whether these kinds of things are a daily occurrence, but from overhearing girl talk, nights can be quite hot and exciting .

"Well, it seems like auntie and uncle have been getting bu-ouch!"

In the middle of my words I was hit in the back of the head by mom with some firewood .

"Mom, What was that for?"

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I may have a sturdy body but no likes being hit with firewood .

"What are you trying to teach these kids . Seriously, where did you even get that kind of stuff from . "

Oops . Forgot I'm only 10 years old .

Since there's no school, there is no sex education either, but it's a "tradition" for those who've experienced it to teach the newbies . This apparent custom is not specific to gender .

Well, even with tradition, for a ten-year-old to talk about it is taboo . However, it became habit grow excited when hearing the girls talk .

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"Yes, I am sorry . "

Even though I may look like a brat, I am in my mid-50s inside . Though I had lived a crappy life, I did have experience and knew a thing or two about love . In this rural countryside, my puberty and sexual experience are inferior, and with a new life I must live with my new reality as much as possible .

"Well, I'm going to prepare to go out… Oh, Tota . Confirm the presence of the goblins again . Sepuru, I don't think so, but if you come across a goblin in the village by any chance, make sure to deal with it . "

A short time ago (ah, maybe just today) she's been able to handle wolves or hogs like they were nothing to her, though her experience in battle is less than Tota . Therefore, I trained them to make sure they deal the death blow twice just in case (the double tap) .

"Ok . "

I guess I need to go back to work for the afternoon .

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