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Published at 27th of December 2018 02:21:49 PM

Chapter 19

RVSSL 19: Catchy Name


I called out to our horse Rifael


Eating grass, Rifael lifted it’s head and noticed me waiting . It lifted it’s forefeet and neighed

“Come on!”

In response to my call, it came galloping towards my location──or so I envisioned it to . Instead, it felt like it brushed me off and returned to eating its grass . So I dragged it over .

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Ah, excuse me . I “rode” it over . It’s a trifling matter .

But the name is true! Pops gave it the name . Seems he liked catchy names .

“… . Seems it’s a little too smart and good… . ”

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By nature, it’s a Rarumi bred type of horse, known for being strong, gentle, easy to tame, and it’s convenient for its ability to haul luggage . Its an important necessity for those living in the countryside .

Though humans are supposed to be the intelligent creatures, I known from my previous existence that horses are also wise and were mostly used as a cargo horse, but it being too intelligent is irritating .

While recalling that, I linked the carriage to Rifael .

Sitting at the driver’s seat, I grasped the rein .

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“Hee yaw silver!”

If it understood that joke, ah, of course it wouldn’t . Eeh, I know already . Riding . Joking . Promising .

Whipping Rifael’s arse, we departed .

…… . Aa—aa . I want a friend that can understand my jokes and the mood… . .

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