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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:38 PM

Chapter 2

Oh, well . That's it .

I reincarnated without any problems . It's good that I have my memories from my previous life for some reason . I won't think about it too much .

In fact, there are no inconveniences at all . My parents, particularly my mother, are generous and easy-going people .

I was born in a village that farms and fishes .

It is a medium-sized village (according to peddlers) under the rule of Shanrial in the Alberian Kingdom and it isn't bad at all .

Of course, there is no electricity and no gas . Water comes from wells or springs . The toilet is exposed to the outdoors . Well, at least I can boast the house has plumbing .

It's nice to hear the scenery but it is undoubtable that the countryside is the countryside . However, my mind is satisfied .

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In my previous life, my family home was also a farm house with fields surrounded by mountains . Elementary school was a kilometer on foot or three kilometers by bus . Middle-school was seven kilometers by bike . The station was five kilometers away from the high school and it was 20 kilometers by train . It was tough, but it builds character .

After I came of age, I started working in the city . If I made it to my late forties, I imagined moving back to the countryside to live a slower life . Had that dream come true, there would have been no complaints from me .

Seriously though, I was fortunate I wasn't born in the slums and became a slave .

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Indeed, this world is full of magic and various fantasy tools . In addition, I have three abilities . You could say my life here is more comfortable than my previous one .

Although it is the countryside, there is also an armor shop which doubles as a grocery shop and blacksmith in the center of town . The city rises early and there is never problems with food . Since a peddler comes from the castle town every month you can easily obtain living goods . If they don't carry it, you can always order it . There is a branch of the adventurer's guild too .

Well, when I was born it was all confusing, but I was never scared . I lived as I wanted until I was five years old, and then before I knew it I was ten .

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No complaints . It was an ideal childhood, and it might be said it was my ideal slow-life .

The world is currently wonderful .

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