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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:26 PM

Chapter 20

A word of warning, since I’ve caught up to the previous translator, I’ve lost my, how shall we say, cushion… so the accuracy of the next translations (although I didn’t always agree with him) may take a dip, as I have no tape measure to compare . (Even Arifureta had summaries) . So, don’t be suprised… I guess .

The elevation we sit at on the mountain is about 800 meters, but the slope down is gentle and the sun hits it well .

There are no tall trees, as it is a meadow, so you could probably call our residence a plateau .

I have to go down this mountain to reach the mountain where there are trees to cut down, so when I go to cut down trees I need to prepare for a three-day trip .

Of course, there are huts where several people can sleep while they visit the area to cut trees down, and a path that wagons can easily pass .

Well, as to that, the convenient mountain where we live which contains the mountain village is called sunny mountain, and the mountain where we cut down trees is called the felling ground .

I don't need to hear any comments about the naming . It's been named that for a long time now . It's easier for people to understand and agree to .

Dad was the fourth son born to a different village . Mom was a second daughter of a farmer who was born in this village and had been there since the pioneering era . It is unusual for an outsider and a second daughter to marry, and close to a miracle for them to get their own house . Father worked as an adventurer from the age of ten and used hard work and talent to obtain his fortune . After meeting mother and falling in love, he purchased the land in the middle of the village mountain (the older families generally stuck to lower lands) .

Though I say it's the mountainside, it is a one-kilometer distance away from the village if you traveled in a straight line . A shortcut would cut the time down a lot, but from wagon, it's about three kilometers .

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On this mountain sits twelve families, with almost all of them using pasture to raise animals . As a result, the road formed an s-shape that extended the distance .

Well, while traveling this road, a single girl stood in front of me .

Granddaughter to one of the village elders as well as a grandchild of Onji, she was eleven years old .

Since Onji's house consisted of four generations and 26 people total, there was some room for the kids to finish daily work early .

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Saribari was the youngest from the family, therefore having no job at the moment . Just like Sepuru, she was able to use magic and could cook . From field work to looking after the animals, as an ordinary eleven year old girl she lacked the ability . And so, she played by herself and was now standing there waiting for a playmate to show up .

"… Ah, more trouble…"

It would be nice to call her a childhood friend, but when I think of that neighborly brat, only bitterness comes out .

Though she's eleven, a girl is a girl . Whenever she speaks, she speaks eloquently . Although she's only a year older than me, she tries to act like a big sister . However, she acts more like a nanny .

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Ordinarily, I'd like big breasts (past life) . Flat chested girls are - from anywhere, seem to always be out for  – Cough . Oh, that's it .

"Well, Saribari . How are you doing?"

A nanny is a good job, yes .

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