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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:26 PM

Chapter 21

"You're still impertinent for a junior, aren't you?"

I wouldn't say something like I won't lose to you . If I was affected by this verbal abuse my heart would break .

… It will be a light trauma…

"I don't care when you were born . "

Recently, I found it best to handle this light . It's to protect my heart, but…


I try to quicken my feet and walk away, but I understood that this was a useless effort . I know this but even though I know, a man can't stop himself . A sad, sad man…

"Because being by yourself is so pitiful, I will help you . "

While saying this, she was already scrambling up into the wagon .

I was immediately defeated, but I remained cool . My body is a child, but I am an adult . It wouldn't be good if I had a tantrum like some little brat .

"It's good to help, but what about studying? Have you been able to write the letters I gave you?"

"Well, of course! That was easy!"

It seems she didn't do them at all .

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Geez . It's difficult to learn characters, so she skipped it by habit . Today, I'll forgive stupidity - also murder - no, maybe that's too far . Yeah .

"It should be simple for an 11-year-old . Even Sepuru can learn this stuff instantly, right?"

No, it'd be a mistake to compare her to a Supergirl like Sepuru . Sorry, Sari .

"…No, don't you think that's impolite . "

"No, not at all, why?"

Although she's stupid, she's still a woman, her intuition is sharp .

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"Well, it's okay I guess . So, what are you doing today?"

What is with that playful tone, can't she see the firewood in the wagon with her own eyes? Delivering firewood is a duty for people who live in the mountain . This should be a given .

Well, I'm cool so I won't point it out .

"Let's drop off the firewood and go to the Adventurer’s Guild and visit Oba-chan . Then we can go to the fishing dock . "

"Why? That's boring, just the same as usual?"

Geez . This is the case for children . You don't know how grateful you should be just to have a job .

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"Then study at home . Knowledge is wealth . Enrich your life…"

"Hey, guess what? Yesterday, there was a merchant ship in the port somewhere… it was unusual . Where did it come from? Well, it's about time the caravan comes . I wonder if they'll open up in the city again?"

Please, at least listen…

Well, it's not like I demanded a reply . I'll listen to her story for a moment . Take care of my heart .

"So, Lau falls down… . Really, right?"

I don't know what she's talking about because the story already deviated from where she started .

What kind of penance is this?

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