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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:25 PM

Chapter 24

"Hey, kid . "

"I'm not a kid . "

"You seem to be serious . "

While ignoring Sari Bali by any means necessary, I speak to the newest adventurers gathered in the square who belong to the nearby Adventurer’s guild (branch) .

While you can officially register with the adventurer's guild at the age of ten, you can get a temporary registration with an apprenticeship at as young as eight .

Of course, dangerous suppression missions are impossible, and you wouldn't be able to go pick medicinal herbs . The only available missions during this period would be helping around the house . Well, you could say it's child's pocket money earnings, but it'd be an important preparation period for a person to become an adventurer in the future . Even elementary herb picking requires a certain level of minimum equipment, and it'd be possible to become independent by the time you're ten . If not that you'd have to leave the house, and if you get into a party, the reward would be party property, and you'd by stuck making nothing until you can gain independence .

Of course, because you belong to the village, you could receive provisions (relief measures), and discounts with the merchants and the city (street stalls) .

Therefore, you could say the apprenticeship period isn't important . If you can make it and get properly trained, you can do anything . The results of the effort are immediate .

"Oh, big brother!'

Among them, the oldest leader Shibada reacted first .

Shibada is nine years old under me . Since I was from the same mountain community, you could call us childhood friends, but since I watched after him from when he was young, he became like a younger brother — no, I guess I'm the younger brother .

Well, it's not like I'd "buy his bread . " He's not as close as Sepuru or Tota, but he has some magical power and I taught him appropriate wind magic . So, it would be more correct to say he is a disciple rather than a brother .

"How are you doing?"

"Good, I'm starting to hit the target with my wind shuriken . "

For any man it feels good when your disciple succeeds . Even though I can't do it, I feel good to see his accomplishments and feel it's worth teaching .

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… Well, if I continue to teach Sepuru and Tota, they'll surpass me in only three years…

"Oh, that's great that you can do that . Don't be afraid, don't neglect your practice, and you'll be a top adventurer as long as you work hard every day . "

Basically, I am the type that praises and raises .

"Yes, brother!"

"Everyone, never forget your daily efforts . "


Really, obedient children .

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"Oh, yes, and brother, the flower bed big brother requested has been built . "

"Already done?"

While Adventurer guild registration has age restrictions, there is no age restriction on client requests as long as the fee is paid .

"Because the reward is a cookie, they gather even if I don't want it . "

Oh, no, I was just saying it's hard to get a child's guardian (when they're 4 years old) to take a request seriously .

"Well, it's also a community experiment . To test their ingenuity . "

I take out two boxes of cookies from the carriage and hand them to Zibada . This is another reward .

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"Then, I'll also ask you to plant flowers . "

"Thank you, brother!"

"Well, these have just been my personal requests, so I should be giving thanks, you're the only ones that'll work for five small coins . "

I had ordered flowerbeds about thirty meters long next to the highway along the road at a request of 500 yen and further used younger girls who do it for four pieces of cookie, which would probably be child abuse in another generation .

"I couldn't get a small coin for working all day at home, plus my bigger brother got a wooden sword and bow and arrow for free, so don't thank me!"

"Don't worry about it, that's a good point . "

When they become adventurers, they will buy what I make, and if they advertise the good performance of my wooden sword and bow and arrows, I might be able to sell them wholesale with the Adventurer's guild (branch) .

Well, you need to spend money to make it .

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