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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:19 PM

Chapter 28

"Sari Bali, I'm going to the harbor, what are you doing?"

Sari Bali is still talking to Shibada .

Although she's an idiot, in this kind of country she still fits into the category of a pretty girl .

She doesn't do anything for me, but she's quite popular in my age group, and is loved by adults . Well, they probably see a foolish child as cute . Although, I don't particularly think it's adorable .

"I'll stay here~"

"Hey, Shibada, don't be charmed by Sari Bali . '

"Don't treat me like a child!"

A small practice stone is sent flying, but it's stopped by the trained me . I stop it with a pashi noise and hit a mark thirty meters ahead .

"Big Brother, you're so amazing!!!"

"Wow, don't be so surprised . I can afford that much . "

…Yikes! I got lucky, a little off and I would have lost their respect .

I returned to the coachmen seat of my wagon while deciding I would restart the throwing practice I'd been skipping tomorrow .

"Hey, hmm…"

When I swung my whip and started moving, someone called out .

When I turned my eyes towards the source of the voice, the village chief of the vine was heading towards me .

The chief of this village is still working hard at 62 years old . He's never left the village, but as the only disciple of Obaba, given that the rotation of village heads is bad, you can kind of understand his story .

Well, I'm typically a good person, but it's annoying not being good at cheating or lying .

"What do you want, village head?"

"You're heading to the harbor . I'm sorry, but can you give me a ride?"

"Oh, I don't mind . "

Because the countryside is wide, there is a kilometer between the sea and the village, and there is a small mountain in the way . It's not far away in the country sense, but as you walk it will take a while and can be tiring . And if it's between him and letting the general store lady catch me, you wouldn't stay still either…

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I confirmed he got on the carriage bed and then departed .

"Hey, so hmm… is it true what Samaba said?"

Samaba is the name of the general store aunt .

"I don't know what circumstances she's talking about, so I can't talk . "

"Well, if that's it, then sorry . "

"If it's just gossip, no need to apologize . "

I apologize properly even if they're a child . Really, you can't behave too badly here .

"So, is the merchant ship big?"

"Oh, one or two merchant ships appearing in such a place isn't so uncommon, but this is the first time we've had such a large ship, it's like an island . "

I've seen merchant ships several times, but they were only about 20 meters . Because the village mayor is surprised, it's likely more than fifty meters .

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"How many people are there; did they have escorts?"

"There are about ten people with swords, the number of crew isn't clear, but they have over forty people?"

"It seems like a pretty big merchant if that's it . Did you hear their name?"

"Certainty, it was Barbond… err… Ba… what was it…?"

"Vadybirdle, was it not?"

"Oh, that was the name, is it famous?"

"In this Abelian, it is the best merchant . They don't even lose to the marquis in terms of financial strength . Even the King's assets can not win in front of Burbon's personal connections and financial resources . "

Well, it's impressive from a peddler's point of view .

"…That, he was such a great person . "

If it's Barbond, you'll never run into violence, but the level of annoyance jumps up three stages .

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"If it's such a wonderful person, I'm not even sure… what should I do?"

It's meaningless if I told you not the ask a ten-year-old child .

I'm treated as a child prodigy in this village . I'm recognized as a small sage that excels Obaba .

Well, I knew things that even the adults didn't know . I was four years old when I started using characters and calculations . I not only became a pharmacist at the age of five, but I also started to self-study magic .

It could be likely I'd receive the heresy treatment normally, but since I was conscious of my reincarnation I took measures accordingly .

First of all, I don't impose my knowledge . I taught only the things asked . I don't talk to anyone in the village without knowing their relationship to our neighborhood . Helping the weak, cherishing the children . I don't become arrogant and I don't become pompous . I may be cheeky, but I don't speak ill . There are many of things, if you use a little tsundere, heresy quickly turns to just a weirdo .

"Well, let's go see . "

There is no choice in this village, but a useful card is held . If you don't do anything stupid, you don't loose anything .

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