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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:18 PM

Chapter 30

"I'll ask the questions . "

"Just don't make any promises to the merchants . If they ask to talk to the elders, run away . "

"Oh, I will . "

Sharing advice with the village chief while heading to the merchant ship, I parked in the beach opposite from the rocky ground that houses the merchant ship .

This is a hut (workshop) owned by me .

Because taxes are paid to the village in a lump sum, it doesn't apply to the land and buildings . So, I can build whatever I want as a long as I have the village chief's permission and the village allows it .

Well, even if I call it a hut, it's mostly made of stone . It'd be more accurate to call it a studio over a hut .

In such a workshop, baked shellfish caught last year off the rocks are grinded into a powder to make fertilizer, spices, or a fish sauce .

Since fishing is a job requiring physical fitness, children and the elderly don't go out to sea and only work on the landing . Still, fish handling and drying are considered the work of ladies . I can only afford to work during a big catch . Well, I also help the settlement, but not every day . Children can play, but old men only have to look at the sea once (to see it's a bit much) .

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When I was eight, I realized it'd be a waste not to utilize that labor, so I built the hut (workshop) and launched a marine commodity trading business .

There is a highway along our village, and there are rest areas where we can cross the ridge before crossing the village, so caravans come frequently . So, we sell leather shoes, throwing knives, leather bags, etc to adventurers and mercenaries from the seas and mountains .

Well, instead of working in earnest, the kids and elderly come in their free time to work arbitrarily .

Today, I mean, there are four people . Eight year old Ribs, Twelve year Old Dali, and the elderly Gigi who is sixty . (TN: It says four people but he only mentions three here)

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"Good work, how's it going?"

I go inside and say hello .

"Oh, it's going well . "

Amaria-chan gives a greeting on everyone's behalf .

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"What are you doing today?"

"We're making fertilizer today . "

"Have you collected it already?"

Normally, it takes about twenty days, but this time it is fifteen . They must be getting good at it .

"Oh, there was a good place, I caught a big catch . "

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