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Published at 20th of November 2018 04:54:55 PM

Chapter 31

Reincarnated as a Villager ~ Strongest Slow-life Chapter 31

When I left the hut (workshop), there was the village chief and a young man .

I felt like the young man was somewhere in his 30s . Well, that was my impression .

"What do you need, Village Chief?"

"Well, this one seems to have some business with you . "

"With me?"

I look at the young man with puzzlement .

"A pleasure to meet you, I am Raj Elu . I'm from the Bajibadoru Trading Company . "

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I didn't know what this was about from the village chief's explanation, but he seemed to be polite enough .

"Thank you, because my names a little difficult to say, you can just call me Ba . "

The glittery name my father named me is hard to say, so even my mom calls me Ba .

…Father, why did you give me a sparkling name that nobody can say…?

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"Don't mind it, even I can't remember Ba's real name no matter how many time's I hear it . "

"Ha, ha…"

It's fine if I don't give people my true name anymore, isn't it?

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"Anyway, what do you want with me?"

I urged the young man to get to the point a little confused .

"Well, that's right . To ask bluntly, could you please give me your horse and carriage?"


What is with this guy?

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