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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:17 PM

Chapter 32

Horse and carriage .

To move across the country, it could be said to be your life source .

So, asking someone to sell it would be like asking them to sell a leg . That's unreasonable, right?

"A-chan, are you asking seriously?"

"Yes, I am very serious . Of course, I'll pay accordingly . "

Is this guy really a merchant? Isn't he kind of stupid?

"…if I accepted it, it'd be like a hundred gold coins . "


Well, that is the appropriate reaction . Even I'd expect it .

"—Don't joke around! Who could just throw away 100 gold coins!"

This guy's boiling point is surprisingly low . I was just returning the joke .

"Then let's hear it, A-chan, how much were you planning to pay?"

"For a horse and carriage, some 200 silver coins should suffice!"

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200 Silver . Well, if you speak of my previous life, it'd be enough to buy an automobile normally . So, when you think about it, that price would seem like common sense . But that didn't fly out here in the countryside .

"Well, it'd be nice if you bought from someone else . Maybe they'd be cheaper . Why me?"

"Because I heard that your horse and carriage are the stoutest in the village!"

Oioioi, A-chan . Sticking me in such a predicament . So easily exposing your reasoning disqualifies yourself as a merchant .

But, the idea was read somehow .

"Village headman . If he were to sell his horse and carriage to me, would he be tax exempt?"

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Did you hear that, Village head? Not talking but you seem to know the story .

"Huh? Why would I have to give him tax exemption?"

Well, what will you say to the village head?

"Because, without a horse and carriage, he can no longer carry firewood . If you ask, he'd have to pay a lot of money to have it brought in . Do you expect him to carry the firewood on his back? He couldn't carry that much, even in an entire day!"

No, actually, I could easily carry it, but I have no obligation to tell them that .

“A-chan, what you have required of me . Even with 200 silver it'd accrue significant hardship . Do you take me for a joke? Huh, A-chan? Traveling the country on foot would ruin my body!"

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Well, his boss will probably get it, I'm not interested . I wait anxiously .

"Well, A-chan . I don't know how strong A-chan or his guard are, but you have to be tough to make it to the port city of Baldarin where there are ship technicians . It's the season when orcs and other monster become active . Well, this neighborhood is relatively safe, but there are many mountains on the way to Baldarin . "

It's one thing to travel around by boat, but I'm not ready to lose my horse and carriage over nothing .

"Don't tell your boss this, but you need to offer good faith if you want a response of sincerity . "

There merchants whom I respect are zero . If a merchant can change loss into gain, I'd be the one to lose .

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