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Published at 23rd of May 2018 09:25:53 PM

Chapter 33

Chapter 33


Well, we eventually just started chatting peacefully while we rest elegantly with cookies and roasted shellfish while drinking coffee (pseudo) .

My thoughts? I revealed an unpleasant face to merchant that showed my disagreement . Truly, I still need training .

“Sorry, I hear that the merchant ship struck a Sea Dragon, but is the damage done to the ship more than the village can handle?”

Although there are many types of dragons, the sea dragons in this area are little more than giant turtles that eat small fish in the ocean .

“No, our ship isn’t damaged . ”

“So, did its appearance cause some kind of uproar amongst the crew?”

Even though it did not attack the ship, it’s considerably large and might have spooked the crew .

“When I was young, I recall a merchant ship being sunk by one of those . ”

“Ah, you did, that kind of thing…”

“Surely, there was a time like that . ”

“That makes sense, the adults were talking about the ocean god’s blessing on larger fish . ”

Incidentally, this was the village head . I’d have preferred not to hear about it .

Well, it is a fantasy world . It’s not surprising either way, and I met a god (?) before I arrived (more like I felt him) . Moreover, various mermaids and fishermen live out on the sea . It is a world that cannot be denied when things go wrong .

“That’s believable . ”

The village chief firmly accepts . Seriously! What?

“Well, I have not seen one, but grandfather said he saw one so I believe in mermaids . ”

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“…It’s known…”

Actually, I’ve been in communication with mermaids for the last four years, but I didn’t share that story .

“I said it was my grandfather, it was just luck he saw it in the distance, the dorsal fin . ”

Isn’t seeing the dorsal fin just a fish? I guess it could be some giant like old man Poseidon, but I am somewhat disappointed .

“Well, appearances aside, the merchant ship was hit by the way of a sea god . ”

Even if the merchant ship was a complete wreck, it’s ten times more likely that the collision would have shattered the ship .

“But it’s a tough boat because the ocean’s god hits it and it didn’t sink . ”

“Maybe it’s a magic ship . ”

“Magic ship, what’s that?”

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I do not know the details but I’d say a ship that moves with magical power is a magic ship . The squat would be awfully small . The hull floats through the use of a manastone of wind and it all runs on wind as well . Well, it couldn’t be an ordinary wind stone, it’d need to be like a demonic stone of the wind dragon?”

Demonic magic stones exist, the art of machining (magically) and creating magic tools has existed for 500 years . Magic ships also have a hundred years of history (whether it is widespread or not) .

This fantasy and unbalanced world . It’s funny I have a skill that so surpasses my previous life .

“A windy dragon… Ah, is that like the migratory dragons that are always flying?”

“Oh, the southern country will be summer now . ”

The Lars letters seem to come from a subtropical country .

“The South country, I want to go there again . ”

“I want to eat a banana again . ”

“I’ve had Pao~”

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“Understood, I’ll bring it next time . ”


“Sounds bad when I just demand it . ”

“I don’t mind . Just make sure to eat well . ”

In my house full of food, whether it is tropical fruit or a sea delicacy, it is only material . So, when you eat it once a year it gives a nice seasonal feeling .

“As usual, Ba is generous . ”

“What? Giving Happiness attracts further happiness . I do not mind . ”

If a world becomes too happy, it can be scary .

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