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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:31 PM

Chapter 5

Well, now that I've finished my morning habits it's time to check the fields and livestock .

The main product of our house is ramno (ラムノ, can't find a translation, possible persimmon?), but it's not possible to support ourselves with just that (in the sense of how we'd appear to the public) .

Although this country circulates currency, at its core we follow self-sufficiency and bartering .

The fields are roughly 3 acres, with half an acre given to the ramno . Half of the acres are meadow, and the other half go to planting seasonal root vegetables (sweet potato) .

In this world, there is no word for crop rotation, but it's a rule of thumb that planting the same things again and again is bad . For that reason, we plant different things every year to give them a rest . However, with no knowledge of fertilizer, recovery can't catch up and this crop would become bad .

However, I have earth magic, my memory from a previous life, and we're surrounded by the mountain and sea . Given the fact I was the son of a farmer, fertilizer making is familiar . So the lands of our farm always have a big crop . Because of this, the wild boars and blue deer frequently invade our land .

Of course, it's surrounded by fences and earth walls as well as traps we set up, but they are desperate to live . They invade through many obstacles .

To make matters worse, gray wolves come to corner the wild boars and deer that get caught in the traps and fencing . Well, it's not too much of a problem because we can gather the pelts from animals caught in the traps, but it takes time and effort . Making functional fences takes a surprising amount of finesse .

Also, pests are a problem . In a world without pesticide, it is only natural you'd find insects . While it's true I can stop the pest problem with a barrier, there is such a thing as the eyes of the public, and I try not to use it so that I can continue to appreciate how hard this life is . Well, I use it in some places .

First, I look at the Ramno . I do not see anything suspicious in the branches and there are no insects . It seems to be going well .

Mother was pulling weeds when I entered the field .

"Mother, how are the fields?"

"There is too much nourishment so the weeds flourish . "

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Ha… well, the goats are happy .

The usual exchange is made and then I head for the barn .

Most of the farmers have livestock .

Wheat famers near the center of the village keep beef (water buffalo-like) and chicken to cultivate the field . Farmers on the mountain side milk and feed goats, and use horses to carry wood (the horses are smaller but stronger in this world) .

My house also keeps horses and goats as well, but I keep another type of goat for their hair .

Two years ago, a hawker came from the north with a special hairy goat that inhabits colder areas .

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The long hair of the goat is durable and easy to thread for a bow . It also serves good milk and delicious meat . They have a strong fertility and live on weeds .

Though they were expensive, costing three gold for a pair (about 600,000 yen in my original world), it was a really good buy . They are a very useful livestock .

I open the door to the livestock which is secretly reinforced with earth magic and barriers, to find sixteen long haired goats and six normal goats for milking . I put out twenty chickens and the horses .

I've checked all of the livestock on the ranch .

"Yeah, everyone seems to be healthy . "

I am satisfied and enter the barn .

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Although I call it a barn, it's really a hole dug and spread out in the mountain two tennis courts in size .

Although the livestock are divided, they aren't confined by a fence . There is no reason to bother since I know they won't leave because it's safe, comfortable, clean, and with plenty of water . I concluded that there is no issue .

"Well, it looks like a good turnout of eggs today . Pretty good . "

I collect the eggs in a basket and place them on the shelf near the door so that I can clean the goat's and horse's bedding .

The barn cleaning takes about an hour, which is easy thanks to this body that can carry five tons . I really appreciate god's gifts .

"Alright then . How about some breakfast . "

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