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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:31 PM

Chapter 6

When I returned home after cleaning out the barn, there was a sweet smell that awoke my hunger instantly .

"Are we having meatbuns today?"

If we compare it to my previous existence, this world sits around the medieval age, and a water mill would be considered the peak of modern technology . However, the level of magic and magic tools are high . In the countryside, there is nothing to see, but in the Capitol City there are cars fueled with magic stones and airships flying . There are everyday items (mostly for the rich) such as lighting fixtures and refrigerators .

Well, although these kinds of things sell in the city, I don't know the details . With my three abilities I have access to everyday goods like refrigerators . Of course, their cookware is likely more abundant in the royal palace .

In my previous life, even though we had supermarkets, cooking by myself was just too hot and lonely .

This is a tough world, but it's a blessed place for food . There are things like miso and tomato sauce . Various herbs grow that have usable oils . At the sea, you can fish and find kelp and shellfish as well . In the mountains, wild boars, rabbits, and birds can be hunted, so you never have to worry about meat . Though you can also run into an orc, their meat is delicious as well . If you travel a bit, you can find bamboo . Finding bamboo shoots is extraordinary .

Bread is a staple of this age, but there is a rule that only bakeries can buy bread . Because wheat is taxed by the country, everything is done through the bakery . Of course, there is always a way out, and you can buy wheat belonging to the commercial guild (there is a grocery store in this village) .

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Yes, as the old man always says, if you can't eat bread, eat sweets . This is all too true . If you can't eat bread, eat other things .

A meat bun, yes . Nan . Yes . Ramen for pasta . Cookies, yes, please . I know how to make this even if I can't cook . I'll just tell someone who can .

If I casually show my little sister, her abilities will bloom . Though she's only eight years old, she's managed to produce a meat bun not unlike the meat buns from my previous world .

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Being a villager, is this kind of ability a waste? I disregard that sort of tsukkomi . It's up to every individual whether they want to live a life of killing . If my little sister wants to become a chef instead, then that's good too . Do what you love while you're still alive .

"Ah, Brother . Please wait a bit . It is almost done . "

For a country house, we have a disproportionately large kitchen (a sink with two faucets, a cooking table, and a refrigerator with an ice bin) from which my sister works while cooking lively .

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"Good, no hurry, Mother is still out there . "

Our house is a Japanese-styled home where dirt is forbidden, although the living room is set up in a western style . Although no snow falls in the winter, there is also a fireplace as it gets below freezing .

I take the jar from the fireplace and pour the contents into a cup located nearby .

There is no coffee or tea, but there are several types of medicinal tea . There are things like dandelion so you can make something similar to coffee . Now, this is my favorite drink .

"Mm, good . "

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