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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:31 PM

Chapter 7

"A-chan, are you telling another story?"

My younger sister cried out as I burned letters into a piece of wood with a hot iron .

"Oh… I'm thinking about time to teach you more characters . "

Maybe if you lived in a capital or a big city, but in the countryside, there is no such thing as a schoolhouse . The literacy rate is to the point that maybe one in ten the letters .

Certainly, if you don't know them, you can still make it, but if you do know letters, there is nothing to lose and you'll live a better life . A life that allows you to read books will enrich your mind .

However, in this era with underdeveloped papermaking technology, books are expensive . It's a rare item that you cannot buy unless you are a noble family, kind of like the special edition of certain books .

When I taught characters to the uncle at the pharmacy, I saved a little pocket money and was able to buy a book from the peddler for reading . My sister was interested and wanted me the teach . Although, I only remember about 17% of it .

I was studying at the time, and I still didn't understand all the books I could buy like certain travel books, plant glossaries, and history books .

I leaned on fairy tales to teach characters by using their want to find out what happened .

I tried to make paper, but it turned out to be a lot of trouble, or so I thought . That's when I realized that it didn't really have to be paper .

There are so many trees that they just rot away . I have the power to cut down trees, and because I have Earth magic, I can create the irons to imprint letters .

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Although a single story becomes a little bulky on an A3-sized plywood board, I made a basement with soil magic so there is room .

You can trace with it . You can read with it . I've made a multiplication table and teach arithmetic . It was as good to use for teaching material as leather .

Well, in my little sister's case, she likes to study the alphabet while listening to the stories I tell . She is graded by being able to remember the letters and read them out loud .

"What is this story?"

"The Crane… No, I'll tell you about the return of the Grateful Bird . "

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"What a story!"

Her eye's sparkled as she pressed forward .

It's kind of like when a circus comes to town . In a world without much entertainment, this gave the feeling of bringing excitement to kids .

"I'll tell it to you when I can . Mom's coming back for breakfast . "

I pushed my sister back and moved to the breakfast table, lining up a bowl .

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Today's food was a stew of meat . Boiled egg . Pickles . Baked fish paste . There is no sense of unity, but it was normal for this village, it would be more luxurious at a lord's table .

Breakfast gives you the energy you need to work, so the word in my house is to eat well and work well .

"Alright, let's dig in . "

Even though I'm ten years old, as the patriarch I take the lead .

"Let's dig in!"

"Thank you . "

Oh, that's right, my brother came home .

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