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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:27:30 PM

Chapter 8

"… I'm home…" My brother said while he came to my side .

In his left hand, he had the bow I made, in his right hand, he had one gray rabbit .

"I caught one!"

My younger brother had a timid personality where he was the kind of person to say the bare minimum necessary, however, he had a pleasant face and was thus really popular .

"You caught a large one, with one shot?"

He nodded in joy as soon as I said that .

"Wash your hands first before you get breakfast . "

He nodded and ran to the outdoor sink .

"Tota is a wonderful hunter, he catches something every day . "

These lines seemed to have come from mother .

But, generally speaking, it was abnormal that a five-year-old could hunt gray rabbits .

Compared to the rabbits of my previous life, it is quick like a cat and has brutal nails . As for hunting them, it wouldn't be easy even for an experienced hunter .

I had given Tota the bow and taught him to hunt, from there his talent grew . He was able to hit his target in only five days . When I taught him throwing knives his talent bloomed again . This time, it only took three days . I was stunned by this, but mother was good with the bow and arrow so it must be inherited .

… Well, there are various races in this world, ranging from humans to human-like monsters .

"Hunting is good, but it'll be more than we can eat if you hunt every day . The storage is already full . "

Hunt one in the mornings . Two or three animals throughout the day . Even if they didn't need them now, they could save them for later .

We saved this much in case there was a famine, but perhaps we have saved too much? There is a storage room in our house, but it's about the size of a gymnasium…

"Well, then I'll take it over to granny . "

Some of the food is going to expire soon, and they needed firewood . Perhaps they should head to the village today?

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As I thought about it, Tota washed his hand and arrived at his seat to eat breakfast .

When breakfast was over and I was drinking some medicinal tea, Tota opened a drawstring bag towards me .

When I took a look inside, I saw the ear of a goblin was in it .

It's not a great sight just after we ate, but it didn't upset me too much . If you live in a world with swords and magic for ten years, goblins become a daily event . Sometimes it'd be nice to see a dragon (not a real dragon, but a dinosaur-like creature the size of a rhinoceros) come out every once in a while .

"Spring has come . "

"No, goblins have nothing to do with spring . "

It was a sharp jab from my reticent younger brother . Truly, my bother can do anything .

"How many of them were there?"

"There were three . "

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With three of them, is that a scout? Well, it seems possible that there is a larger group .

A standard goblin group for hunting would be around ten members . I've heard stories (from adventurers) that certain hunting groups can grow to as many as thirty . If there are three, there could be a hundred, or if we're unlucky two hundred or more .

"That could become a stampede . "

Demons such as goblins (things with intelligence are called demons) outbreaks are treated as natural disasters . If you know about them, the only option is to run . If you didn't know, death .

Reporting to local nobles? I've considered doing this before, but they'd probably just abandon everything . The local lords' army is less than one hundred soldiers . Though they are just goblins, they may be in a berserker status and with over two hundred the damage would be extensive . That's only if they're unskillful . If the situation was bad enough, the local lord may even sacrifice the village as a certain army tactic (a slave tactic) .

You could always request for adventurers to help, though if the local lord had given up, there would be no reason they'd want to put their lives on the line . Well, even if an A-rank party accepted the request, there were less than 10 high-ranking parties in this country and even then, this village doesn't have the kind of money to pay them .

Well, it's good we knew . Immediately running away — at least, that's what most of the general populace would do . However, regarding this village, no, this place has changed me with its warmth . I think about these things in silence .

"Well, it's a good time then . "

Lately, I've been thinking I wanted some poison taste testers . Well, even though the goblins eat very poorly, if I want to understand poisons I'll have to endure it . It's also the season for bandits so I might get lucky and catch one .

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"Tota, tomorrow we'll go and investigate their location and numbers . "

"But, you promised to teach us magic!"

Ah, did I?

"Grr! Brother always forgets easily . "

Lately, my siblings started taking an interest in magic . They were already showing signs of being talented in magic too . Seriously, what kind of blood does my family carry?

Incidentally, neither Suppor nor Tota cared much about the impending stampede . After all, they've seen me massacre a group of club-wielding ogres and break large rocks in half . They experienced scenes that lacked common-sense and now they lacked common-sense as well . They're already underwhelmed by the stampede .

"Ok, then, I'll show you guys until noon . I'll teach magic throughout the morning . Is that fine?"


"You as well, Suppor?"

"Mm… that's fine . "

Having obedient siblings makes this bother happy!

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