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Published at 26th of June 2017 10:11:50 AM

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Wand Creation *Unedited*

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A new series thats going to be translated but dont worry I will release Pseudo Kunoichi more frequently than this next parts gonna be translated tomorrow when I have time .

Part 1

‭05 Wand
A wand is a thing that assists magic invocation . If you have a cane you can manipulate the magic delicately and you can omit the spell by inclusion . That is, a cane is an indispensable item if you want to live as a wizard .
‭ However, the staff must be made by ones own hands, the performance is low with mass-produced goods and explosion occurs when it runs out of control if there is much magical power like me . And making a cane is also a testimony of being awizard, searching for materials that match your magical power yourself, enclosing magic and building your own cane . And the staff of a magical appliance can only use the person who made it Apparently the magical power seems to be slightly different for individuals like DNA, so forcibly when you use another staff, the magical power is disturbed and sometimes it becomes stunned, you can not use the worst magic It seems to be . ‬

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‭ A cane can be made by combining jewels called precious metal and demon material called demon ball but it seems that it is not necessary to have the shape called so-called “cane” . It seems that the staff of the size of about the height of the staff or the small stick type cane is used in general, but it seems that the characteristic of the individual comes out as the accessory is a cane by chance . At the same time the mother is a small cane … a bit tattoo . ‬

‭”The material is an attributeless magic ball with firefly tusk, bone dragon bones, water dragon and wind dragon skin” ‬(TN: Magic ball is probably like monster stones . )

‭”Just what kind of cane are you making!?” ‬

‭Three days from then, When I got permission to work the cane they got angered when I presented the needed materials . ‬

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‭”Encapsulation requires spells, spells with generality, shorten the casting time, ‬
‭so we need all attributes material . ” ‬
‭”How much trouble do you need to collect it? Dragon…Oh yeah … Wait? Are you saying that you do not enclose magic? Is such a thing possible to be enclosed in a cane? ” ‬

‭”Its Theoretically possible, if it succeeds it can be activated even if only by the magic name if it is beginner’s magic ” ‬

‭”Okay … but I can not get that kind of material soon . How can I collect it?” ‬

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‭”My father told me not to mind if its just as much as a dragon . ” ‬

‭That’s right . so . ‬

‭”It’s okay if someone else gathers a hunting party for this but isn’t it strange for the king himself to go on a dragon hunt?”

It certainly is strange . But I remember my mother’s story about being angry at father and chancellor-san after they repeatedly did something similar . I heard it wasn’t just once or twice!

‭”Never mind excuse me… there are certainly no individuals who can beat a dragon by themselves , I apologize i was disillusioned by Father . ”‬

‭That I said so I tried to leave the room but father stopped me stopped me by grabbing my shoulders . ‬

“Me lose? We just need a hundred people! I will show you the greatness of your father!”
As he said that, Father ran out at high speed and destroyed the door . (TN: Does he have grudges agaisnt doors or something?)


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