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Published at 3rd of December 2018 04:24:12 AM

Chapter 6

Well, it has been 3 days since I made the wand . My magical power is also restored (it takes time to recover when a person’s magic is depleted) and I think that I will encapsulate it soon .

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This enclosure is not magical but merely puts in as many generic spells in as we want to put in it . So it will take some time but no more magic is needed to make a wand .


I sing like singing the spells and enclosing the spells into the wand .  The colorless Orb thentook on colors as the wand was sharpened .  And, when everything is over, the colorless orbs flickers with various colors .


「Hmm … I think I can do this . 」

Holding the finished wand in hand, I understood, this is beyond my imagination . My magic power increased by 30% . For a few it will only increase by 10%, however, in my case with my magic, it increases by 30% .

「Hime-sama, can you do me a favor?」

「Mr . Albert, I can attack people with magic . 」

It seems there was someone waiting for my wand to be completed . Mr . Albert is the commander of the King’s guard within the kingdom, and often stay with Otou-sama . Sometimes his eyes are dead, but it seems like he is the next most powerful person to my father .

「Ha ha ha ha I’m not weak enough to be hurt by Hime-sama」

「I won’t do it . 」

I don’t want to consider casting attack magic on anyone even if I’m training . If I fail to control my magic, I will easily kill someone, and if Mr . Albert dies, I wil feel sorry for his daughter .

「As usual…but this is an order from His Majesty the King, Your Majesty . You have no veto rights on this . Hime-sams is a royal family, and she must at least have the ability to protect herself…」

「……Alright . 」

This is the first time that Otou-sama has tried so hard . I now understood the reason why he was avoiding me strangely from this morning . If he were near by, I would ask him to cancel it, and Otou-sama would cancel it because he was sweet to me . So he must have left me and prevented me from rejecting this king’s order . It was a command not by a father but an order as a king, I can not oppose it . I am second to the throne, but if I refuse this in a position to obey the royalty, I will scratch the authority of my father .

Me and Mr . Albert came to the training ground . It’s like a Colosseum . This is also a place where a Fighting event is held twice a year, so there is a quite wide and a spectator seat .

「Now then, Hime-sama, today’s condition is to take this book from me . 」

How tough . What is Otou-sama thinking, even Nii-sama can’t over power the commander and take it .

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「Okay . 」

But Albert is serious no matter how you look at it . I will cry and cry, but this training will not be over any faster . I have no idea what to do .

「Let’s begin!」

When the referee soldier announced the commencement of the battle, Albert approached me with a speed that allowed me to track him . There is an iron sword in his hand, but if he attack, my bones will shatter .

「Protect . 」

I was able to defend myself, but I flew 5 meters with my wand in hand . It does not hurt, but it is dangerous . It is unforgivable .

「Hime-sama! Anyone can defend themselves, if your highness hesitates, I will point your sword at you!」


I cast magic, but the fireball will disappear in an instant and won’t be able to reach Mr . Albert’s place in time . I can’t concentrate .

「Hime-sama!That’s not it!」

Albert’s iron sword blew me away in a moment .

「Ugh . ……」

It hurts, it didn’t hurt a while ago, but my concentration on the spell was weak, so the protection weakened . Even if I can’t use attack magic, I can not be off guard, I will disable Mr . Albert in using other magic .

「Light Ball」

I shake the wand and flash multiple photosphere in a chain fashion to stop Albert’s movements .

「Bind my enemy with the power of the Earth! Earthplive . 」

The raised soil catches Mr . Albert and fills the bottom from the neck .

「This is courageous . But to this degree Ooooooooooo」

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「I won’t let you . By The power of the stars, grab my enemy, crush him with that power, gravity press . 」

It seems that Albert can not move even if he uses intermediate magic to operate gravity restrictively . But I also can not move, because this magic can also hurt Mr . Albert if I make a mistake . Although sourcers cannot move when concinstrating and casting there are levels where one can simultaneously exercise and have control of Earthplive and the advance gravity press . Advanced level is difficult although it is movable level, but Albert will not stop unless these are two spells used .


「Ugh . I can’t move!I lose!」

「Victory of this battle is Hime-sama!」

When the referee declares a victory, the magic is erased, and then the Earth is restored, and the soil retirns to Mr . Albert’s place .

「Are you okay?…」

「You truly the daughter of his Majesty . No way… 」

「Thank you! I’ll heal it . Just stay still . 」

Mr . Albert was an abrassion, but he was injured . I wash away any dirt with magic and exercise the magic of treatment .

「…Are you afraid of hurting people?」

「I’m afraid … people will die easily . 」

「You don’t have to do that . If it’s at this level, it’s an everyday occurrence for us . 」

「It’s not like this . if you leave the wound alone, it’ll get infected . I can’t ignore it . 」

Medical care in this world is magical, so I was always excited because I do not think deeply about the cause of the disease . My father, my brother, and I will the the scratch, and the Knights of the order will get worse without even cleaning it, and I will have to cure it eventually .

「I’m sorry, but thanks to the nursing of the princess, the morale of the Knights is higher than usual . It is a story that you do not hear even in this country, so if you try your best to train young people, we will be excited to see the Princess . 」

The Knights in this country are all stupid . It’s true that the injury will be cured, but they will be chased by Otou-sama and Nii-sama who became the incarnation of jealousy after that…

「The end . If you get hurt, wash it thoroughly with clean water, even if it’s just a little scratch . 」

「Thank you . I’ll tell everyone about it from here . 」

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After that Mr . Albert walked out of the training ground .

Albert Viewpoint

I thank Hime-sama and head of the training room . This training room is exclusively for the royal family .

「Your grace, I have finished my training . 」

I will report it while taking the retainers .

「What do you think of Aristia?…」

「She is honest sweet, and the first magic she used is intermediate magic, but it is close to advanced . And the last one is probably the spirit magic, and it is located in the advanced level . I don’t know why Hime-sama remembers it, but she understood how much she owed, for example, to exercise it so that she wouldn’t hurt me . However, Hime-sama did not choose direct attacks and insisted on stopping the movement, and if this is a battle with soneone who is of a higher or equivalent to Hime-sama, Hime-sama will surely lose . 」

Usually classified as superior magic is the magic that kills people . There are treatments and AIDS for the inuured, but it is different if you’re dead . If you used that magic on the battlefield without limits, you can kill hundreds…no, a thousand . No matter how you think about it, Hime-sama couldn’t even move . If you practice it, Hime-sama will becomegood at using it .

「I think so too… Aristia may have made a mistake in the age of birth . That child’s talent should shine more we had peace . However, for the country, for the sake of the people, how much of the invention that child has done until now…But Aristia is indifferent to the admiration that should be given to her, and she, as a royal, believes that it is right to give power to the country and wisdom . 」

That may be true . If the Princess’s kindness and wisdom were peaceful, she would have deserved to lad the next generation… still .

「I cannot see the power of Hime-sama doing so . The kindness and manner of Hime has been inherited strongly from His Majesty and the Queen, but she does not have the heart to fight when needed . Then Hime-sama will be crushed . 」

「That’s right…Maybe she might have been afraid of herself from her birth, when she was born with a power and responsibility that did not fit for her . But because her power is too strong it produces fear .  It is made to play a role for this country, so there is nothing to be afraid, so dedicating my power to all the countries of wisdom, but even we do not do that! Because the country is important I forced my daughter to throw her childhood away …」

That’s how he slams his fist on the table . The wooden table could not stand the blow of the strong and prestigious King .

I understand your feelings a little . We may be a little too dependent on the potential of Hime, and as a result, Hime-sama will rush growing up to show your worth .

「Hime-sama does not seem to notice, but the one who is afraid of her is not in this country . She will treat whoever is wounded . The townspeople are looking forward to seeing Hime-sama . 」

In fact, Hime is popular in both the town and the Knights’ Order . I am proud of her birth, but it is because I respect your majesty, that there is no piece of arrogance . I will never forget the courtesy of my superiors, regardless of their status . Often times reports come to me to help those in need .

「Okay, let’s talk to Aristia a little…I will tell her I’m sorry a bunch of times」

「If anything, She’d be more angry with you than with me . 」

We have been together for a long time . I have been serving you since you were still an adventurer, and I can speak lightly .

「No … Does she hate me? What should I do?!!!! If Aristia hates me, I can’t live! At that time, I acted because cherish Aristia」

「That’s what made her angry . It’s like giving up responsibility to the her . . 」


「Well, there’s one more thing . 」

There’s one more thing I’m worried about in the end . I have to report this to Your Majesty .


「It’s about her wand . 」

There is no way to use ordinary advanced magic in close combat . It is a thing that while chanting one has to be protected by an ally . Hime did not chant for the most .

「That one… I do not know well, but it seems to have put the chanting instead of magic . She says she can shorten the chanting by putting in a genetic spell . 」

「I said, ” If you don’t want to show me that wand, you don’t have to show it to me . ”…」

If the magic is exercised in a short amount of time, I can’t deal with anything other than the Sorcerer . And, no matter how you look at it, it’s not just a wand . That wand has an intimidating feeling that there is a dragon in front of you . Even if you can’t use it on others, you can read the structure .

「The problem is, in the first place, the wand can’t even touch anything other than Aristia . It doesn’t seem to be what she intended, but it looks like she had a defense mechanism in it, and I tried to hold it, but I got a blitz . 」


A defense mechanism on it? Can one even do this kind of magic?

「According to Aristia, the spirits of the earth did this . 」

Surely the princess is with the spirit, but is it something that the spirit does it arbitrarily so far? My experience is that the spirits follow those who have given them protection, but I have never heard of doing something so selfish .

「The spirits around Aristia, as well as Aristia, are strange . 」

I and Your Majesty all have sighed . The princess is doing something with the spirits all the time . We may have made a mistake in educating the Princess .

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