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Published at 9th of May 2016 05:55:10 PM

Chapter Prologue


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Where is this?
Oneself was in a pure white space . There is nothing, when examining oneself, instead of a body there’s just a floating feeling .

-You have done it-

Oneself hears someone’s voice . Oneself turns towards the source of the voice, but nobody is there . There’s only a space that expands infinitely .
Was it just oneself’s imagination?


Oneself tries to ask back .

-I’m nobody, moreover do you know who you are? Do you remember anything?-

Oneself shakes head, which reminds oneself, oneself doesn’t have a head . Is oneself a Soul-like existence?

「I(boku) don’t remember anything? I(watashi)? Who is oneself?」

-Fumu, so it is a success . Well, to put it simply, you died-

Eh? Oneself died? Why? Rather, oneself doesn’t remember anything at all .

-Ah, your memory was already erased so don’t bother trying-

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「Why did you erase oneself’s memory? Who are you?」

Oneself doesn’t understand . Who is oneself, not only oneself’s name, but oneself’s gender, oneself’s family, oneself’s friends, oneself’s circumstances一Nothing at all . The things that make oneself are not there .

-You have disturbed your fate . Originally, you were supposed to die far in the future, you were supposed to be cared for by your family members and die peacefully . But you have died at the age of 18-

Oneself has died at the age of 18 .

「Did oneself do something bad?」

-It wasn’t anything bad, you have helped a little girl who was about to be run over by a car and died instead . Originally, that girl was supposed to die there . Well, be at peace .
The future that was supposed to be yours was given to that little girl . She will grow up, marry and have children, her children and grandchildren will care for her until the day she dies-

Oh, is that so . Oneself didn’t do anything bad, oneself helped someone .

「That’s good」

-Well, you may find it good, but over here we are pretty busy . But I found you who changed your fate disappearing just like that pitiful-

This person? Oneself wonders what it is . Oneself doesn’t have eyes, the surroundings are white, oneself doesn’t understand what or who this person is . In the first place, oneself doesn’t understand because the situation is abnormal .

「Who are you?」

Therefore, oneself honestly asked .

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-I told you before . I’m nothing . We are… No, it’s only me now, there is nothing that can define me . Though I had many friends in the past, we are unclear existence . Humans gave us many names . For example Gods or Demons .

「Are you a demon?」

-That is something you humans came up with and forced on us .
In this『world』there are no such beings as gods and demons . Because we are involved in creation and maintenance of this world I know that well . In this『world』there are no other beings than humans, magic also doesn’t exist there . And afterlife also doesn’t exist, but sometimes I intervene in this way-

So that’s how it is . But isn’t he a person of high caliber? Oneself can’t tell, because oneself isn’t involved in creating worlds .

「What will happen to oneself?」

Oneself will put the things oneself doesn’t understand aside for now . The talk won’t advance otherwise .

-Ah, that’s right . I called you for that reason . Well, I will have you reincarnate .
This world is impossible, originally this world doesn’t have a reincarnation in the system, because I don’t know if any malfunctions would happen I can’t let you reincarnate in the same world, therefore I will send to an another world-

「Is it okay? Even if I broke the rules」

It seems to be oneself’s fault for disturbing the fate because oneself doesn’t remember anything, there are no regrets . Is it okay for oneself to interfere with the law of nature? Shouldn’t normally my soul just extinguish? Because oneself doesn’t have any memories, oneself wouldn’t regret .

-I don’t mind . The world where you will go is not under my Divine protection-

Divine protection? Didn’t this person said, that humans define them as gods? If such existence doesn’t provide divine protection won’t the world die?

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-Well, because I can read your mind I can tell you that the world won’t die . Well, there is a possibility that the world will collapse by itself, but I did various things to prevent that . But I can’t do it anymore, though-

「Did something happen?」

Slightly lonely emotions transmitted to oneself .

-No, inhabitants of that world became independent . To the degree that my existence is not needed anymore . Therefore, there is not anything I can do for that world anymore .
If I think about it, you are the last person I will help . Anyway, it’s the world that will live even without my help .
We manage the world and promote the growth . And if it becomes independent, we make a new one . In that way, we travel around the universe . That world doesn’t need me to live anymore and will think of itself-

「Then, why do you look so lonely?」

The feelings of loneliness are transmitting to oneself for a while now, it’s making oneself lonely too…

-That’s because I like this world . It is related to the request I have for you . I want you to change the world I made-

Change the world . Even though you made it?

「Won’t it be better for you to save it yourself?」

Oneself probably hasn’t enough strength to do that . That is a place oneself doesn’t know, oneself could die at any time .

-I can’t affect the world directly . If I did something, the world may get ruined . That world is trapped in the law of nature-

Uun . I don’t understand clearly but this person? although he can create a world, he can’t intervene . But you did so much for oneself’s world…

-I love the people, but I my job is to create worlds . Though I intervened with your world it was on the boundaries . Therefore, I can’t intervene anymore-

Well, if oneself can live once again, it may be good to listen to his request . There is no reason to decline, it’s not a bad deal if oneself can live again .

「Alright, but oneself will probably not be able to do it if it’s too difficult」

Oneself doesn’t have the necessary power . When oneself said that, that person? laughed .

-Thank you . It’s not a difficult thing . It’s okay if you just live in that world . Although it’s necessary to erase your memory, I will leave you with the knowledge . Also, the world where you will go is still young . Ah well, the planet is way older than the Earth, though . If possible I want you to rescue the race I made, but I won’t get angry even if you remove everyone but yourself . Live honest to yourself . That will save the world-


-Well, it’s the so-called world of magic . I have created numerous races, but for some reason humans… Ah, they are called normal people over there . Those people resent the other races and are trying to remove them . You will be born as a human . Because your soul is that of a human being you can’t reincarnate as another race, if I force you to reincarnate as another race, your knowledge will disappear-

It’s an interesting world, but it won’t probably be safe . But to become another race, will make oneself lose all knowledge and make oneself a totally different person!

「Oneself won’t look down on them . Oneself would rather become friends with them!!」

-It’s unbearable to ask someone who lost life after saving another, but please do your best .
Though the birth is random, my divine protection will surely help you-

After that person? said this, his presence disappeared . And oneself’s consciousness was cut off .

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