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Chapter 709: Chapter 709 - I Can’t Wait Till Tomorrow

Chapter 709 I Can’t Wait Till Tomorrow

“I’m just worried that you’re not willing to do it . If so, we don’t need to waste time here, right?” Gu Ning said in an aggrieved tone .

“You…” Gu Man didn’t know what to say, because she knew that Gu Ning cared about her .

“Once the Tang family overcomes the crisis, it’s time to deal with your marriage,” Gu Ning said .

Gu Man flushed again, and turned to look outside of the window .

When they got home, it was almost 10:30 pm, and Gu Man went to take a shower before going to bed . However, it was still early for Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, so they stayed in the living room watching TV .

Gu Ning was watching TV, but Leng Shaoting was staring at her the entire time . “Why are you staring at me all the time?”

“I just want to,” Leng Shaoting said, and leaned in to kiss her, but Gu Ning avoided it at once . “What are you doing? My mom is home . ”

“Just a kiss,” Leng Shaoting said with an innocent face .

“No, what if my mom comes out all of a sudden?” Gu Ning refused .

“I think that we’re sharp-eyed enough to discover it in time,” Leng Shaoting said . It was obvious that he couldn’t wait a second longer .


Even so, Gu Ning still didn’t dare to do it and said, “We can never be too careful . If my mom catch you doing that, she’ll have a bad impression of you, and probably forbid me to be with you anymore . ”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was nervous, and sat back upright without hesitation .

“I can’t wait till tomorrow when your mother is back in City F,” Leng Shaoting said with burning desire in his eyes .

Gu Ning glared at him and was amused .

When Yu Zi and Yang Ziqian finished watching the film and walked out, it was 10:30 pm, so Yang Ziqian drove Yu Zi home .

Although Yu Zi had already bought a house, it was still being furnished, so she lived in a rented apartment for now . The moment Yang Ziqian heard where Yu Zi lived, he was concerned . “It isn’t safe there . Are you sure you’ll be fine living there?”

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“I just bought a new house, but it’s still being furnished, so I have to live there for the time being,” Yu Zi said .

Since she said so, Yang Ziqian didn’t say anything further on the topic, because they weren’t very familiar yet .

“Oh, I watched the release conference; did you establish Charm yourself?” Yang Ziqian asked and changed the topic .

“Yeah! It’s been established for over a year, but wasn’t profitable until my boss invested in it,” Yu Zi said with a grateful expression .

“I love your designs, and I think they are as good as those famous masters’ . You just need some fame,” Yang Ziqian said .

It was the truth that people nowadays would only pay for fame . Once Charm became popular along with Jade Beauty Jewelry, its flagship store was crowded every day .

Yu Zi, however, felt a little embarrassed . “Mr . Yang, thank you so much for you appreciation, but I still think that I have a lot to learn from those masters . ”

“I’m telling the truth, and I believe in you,” Yang Ziqian said with a serious face .

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“Thanks!” Yu Zi said .

Yang Ziqian didn’t leave until Yu Zi went back into her apartment and turned on the lights .

Coincidentally, Yang Ziqian also lived in Huafu Hills not far from Gu Ning .

When he got back home, Mrs . Yang asked him curiously, “How was it?”

“Everything went well, and I think she’s a good girl, but I don’t know her impression of me,” Yang Ziqian said .

“Do you need me to ask her for you?” Mrs . Yang asked .

“Please don’t . It’s just the first meeting; we can take it slow,” Yang Ziqian said . He was afraid that his mother would put too much pressure on them .

“Fine!” Mrs . Yang also understood that it was their personal affairs . “If you think that she’s a good girl, seize every chance to chase her!”

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“Alright, I understand,” Yang Ziqian said before going upstairs .

It would take time for them to get along with each other after all .

Cao Wenxin and her friends were also leaving for home . However, just as she stood up, she stumbled and fell into Xin Bei and kissed his lips by accident .

In an instant, both of them rounded their eyes in shock, and they felt their hearts beating fast at the same time . The others around them were also astonished .

“Jesus, Xin Bei had a forced kiss!” Xu Jinchen exclaimed in excitement .

Xu Jinchen’s voice separated them at once . To be specific, it was Cao Wenxin who pushed Xin Bei away . Xin Bei, on the other hand, felt a little disappointed . However, when she stood up, she fell again and pressed on Xin Bei’s body .

“Wenxin, are you alright?” Qiu Yuxin wanted to help her up, but was stopped by Si Ming . “It’s fine . They need a good chance to get closer to each other . ”

Hearing that, Qiu Yuxin stood still .

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