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Chapter 75

Gathering together, the members of Yun family were discussing the association meeting while drinking wine .


A man in grey gnawed a chicken leg and asked, "Who do you think will be the champion in the association meeting this time?"


"Our Yun family, of course!" Another man replied without thinking .


"You sure? We should be objective . I believe we can win, but there are always accidents, aren’t there?"


"Yeah, Song family, Wang family and Ye family only have a history of a few hundred years, but they have developed rapidly these years and have already produced several masters of the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm in our generation . Apart from the three families, River City, Flower City, and other places are not bad . So Yun family is in an unfavorable situation . It’s hard to win!”


Several men shook their heads with grim faces . But one of them suddenly took a sip of wine and laughed, "Don't you forget our family has a genius, the top talent in the capital?"


"Yun Weixue?" Others responded in one voice .


"Yep, that's right . She has reached the highest level of the Earth Spirit Realm a year ago . She learnt from the National Master and went out to practice . Now she comes back, she must have improved a lot . I’m afraid she has reached…”


Shocked, the three men swallowed and added, "The Sky Spirit Realm?"


"If she really reaches the Sky Spirit Realm, that’s awesome! In Dubhe Country, there are no more than three who can enter this realm under seventeen years old, aren’t there?"


"Ha ha, we have such a companion . It will be strange if we don’t win, isn't it? Maybe we can bag half of the industries of other three families . Then we must be able to become the most esteemedfamily in the capital city in the next fifty years!"


All people guffawed loudly . It seemed that they foresaw the victory of Yun family, so they were all in a good mood .


Another man in white said, "Speaking of Yun Weixue, Xiao Naihe also took part in the association meeting . I’ve been told that he bet on the immortal bamboo jade card . "


"Can that jerk win? That piece of jade card has belonged to Yun family since he entered our Yun family . If he loses to Wang family, I won’t give him a break!” The man felt jealous and resentful when he mentioned Xiao Naihe .


Those men suddenly felt a cool wind blowing while they were chatting . After touching their arms, they looked back and saw an old man standing behind them .


"Mr . Hong!" They hurriedly stood up and greeted politely .


"Well, you can go on chatting . I'm just having a look . " The man behind them was Hong Renyi, the butler of Yun family!


Hong Renyi’s face creased into a smile .  He patted a nearby man on the shoulder and asked, "Where are the other people?"


"Most of them are patrolling in the manor, and other people are assisting the chamber of commerce . What do you want, Mr . Hong?”


"Nothing, you go on chatting . "


Hong Renyi cackled and then left with his hand at the back .


The man in grey breathed out, wiped the sweat from his face and murmured, "I didn't expect Mr . Hong has such a strong breath now . I'm afraid he isn’t inferior to the third uncle!"


"Mr . Hong has been following the patriarch for many years and has achieved the early-stage of the Sky Spirit Realm a long time ago . We’re just in the Metaphysics Spirit Realm, so it’s normal we’re amazed by his strong breath . ”


The members of the aristocratic families were chatting and discussing outside . Hong Renyi walked for a while and then swerved into a small room . Inside, Yun Sen was reading the letters . He wasn’t surprised when he saw Hong Renyi coming, while he asked, “What’s it like?”


"All clear . Most of Yun family are patrolling in the manor, and others are assisting the chamber of commerce . "


"Let them come back later . They must be killed when our scheme is implemented . If we don’t cut the grass root, spring wind will bring life again . " Yun Sen folded the letter and said, "Your face is that old guy's face, isn’t it? Where’s his corpse?"


"I feed it to a dog, and nothing remained . The letter in your hands is from the National Mater, isn’t it?"


"Yeah! The Lord asks us not to wake the formation until the killing order arrives . ” Yun Sen flung the letter into the air, then it suddenly flared and turned to ashes .


"Take this golden eagle, and feed it with good meat . " Yun Sen pushed the golden eagle on the table to the other side .


As a rare bird in the north, this golden eagle was extremely fierce with a fast speed and was very hard to tame . They used it as a communication tool . It could spend only over two hours flying from the imperial city to the capital city, originally half-a-day journey . It was also a very precious messenger in the army .


Yun Sen stood up and said coldly, "I live in the world for myself . Now that I betrayed Yun family, each of them must die . I’ll also slay the family members in other places . No single threat should be left . ”

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