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Chapter 1417

Chapter 1417 – Shocking the Empire

From the moment the bell signaling the start of the match rang until the moment the system displayed its end, less than five seconds had passed . The match was so overwhelmingly one-sided that Falling Flowers hadn’t even had time to scream before she transformed into particles of light and disappeared from the stage .

At this point, Group Five’s stage had become a smoldering mess…


Looking at the stage, Zhao Yueru was momentarily dazed . She struggled to believe that it had been her doing .

“What just happened?”

The audience watching Group Five’s battle wore dumbfounded expressions, their minds unable to process the unexpected outcome .

Originally, everyone had assumed that the fight was between two players of equal strength; they had never expected this outcome .

“Triple-casting! Just who is she?!” Blue Phoenix stared at Zhao Yueru in shock .

Current peak magical-class experts were just barely learning to triple-cast, and Zhao Yueru could already triple-speed-cast . Even Blue Phoenix had yet to grasp that level of the technique . Even after entering the legacy space of Zero Wing’s Secret Spellcasting Technique, she had only grasped double speed-casting .

Moreover, based on the power of Zhao Yueru’s Spells, it was obvious that her Skill Completion Rates were very high .

“How many secrets is Zero Wing hiding?” Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but glance at Zero Wing’s room from her seat next to Blue Phoenix .


Zero Wing had previously revealed that it had powerful magical-class experts such as Violet Cloud, Aqua Rose, and Alluring Summer . Now, the Guild had revealed Zhao Yueru .

Due to Zhao Yueru’s astonishing performance, the audience began to pay more attention to Zero Wing .

“How strong is Zero Wing?! It even has such a powerful Elementalist expert!”

“I had thought that Zero Wing’s only capable expert was the Sword King, Black Flame . Now, it turns out that the Guild has such a magical-class expert . ”

After this match, the Black Dragon Empire’s players began to look into the Guild known as Zero Wing .

The moment they did, however, they flabbergasted .

They had never thought that Zero Wing would be Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild .

“The this ranking competition is going to be interesting!”

“So, Zero Wing is pretty strong . We’ll likely see a change to the Black Dragon Empire’s top-ten Guild list . ”

“Zero Wing should have no problems ranking among the top ten . However, getting into the top five will probably be a challenge . After all, the five first-rate Guilds in our empire have many powerful experts . Why would it be easy to surpass them?”

While everyone discussed Zero Wing, the various large Guilds turned their attention towards the Guild as well . They began to search for a method to deal with Zhao Yueru .

Although Zhao Yueru’s ability to triple-speed-cast was powerful, she wasn’t undefeatable .

Following which, the spectators’ astonishment grew as they watched one match after another, Zero Wing’s five representatives improving their battle records .

Fifteen consecutive victories… Twenty consecutive victories… Thirty consecutive victories…

It seemed as if no one could stop Zero Wing’s representatives . Not even top adventurer reams and first-rate Guilds’ top-tier experts were a match for them . In the end, all five qualified for the final phase . Zhao Yueru, in particular, had displayed overwhelming power from start to finish .

On the other hand, some of the representatives from first-rate Guilds and top adventurer teams, who had been expected to make it to the final phase, were disqualified…

“Zero Wing is too awesome . All five of its representatives made it . Even the five first-rate Guilds couldn’t accomplish the feat . ”

“I’ve heard that the Zero Wing Guild developing in the Black Dragon Empire is only a Branch Guild . If even the Branch Guild is this powerful, how much stronger is the main branch?”

“I think I heard that Zero Wing’s Branch Guild in Lake Heart City has been recruiting members . Once the competition is over, I must go and apply to join the Guild!”

Before anyone had realized it, Zero Wing had become a rival for the Black Dragon Empire’s top five first-rate Guilds . Its fame in the empire skyrocketed .

“Guild Leader, are you sure about giving them so many All-rounded Devices?”

The outcome of the competition had shocked Gentle Snow . She was very familiar with the standards of Zero Wing’s five representatives . Although their combat power had increased thanks to the weapons and equipment Shi Feng had provided, the improvement was limited . I wasn’t possible for them to achieve such exaggerated results .

She might have understood if only Zhao Yueru had been victorious, yet despite their assignment to the death groups, the other four representatives had won their matches as well . This was unbelievable .

Fierce Snake and Negative Life’s performances were particularly shocking . They had contended with Refinement Realm experts . In the end, they had relied on superior Basic Attributes and high Skill Completion Rates, barely defeating their opponents .

Gentle Snow had found this outcome incredible . After all, she was fully aware of just how powerful a Refinement Realm expert was . Such experts should have no issues defeating non-Refinement Realm experts, even with 30% higher Basic Attributes . Furthermore, Fierce Snake and Negative Life’s Basic Attributes weren’t much higher than their Refinement Realm opponents .

The only explanation for their unexpected performances was the All-rounded Device .

Gentle Snow hadn’t expected such amazing results from the All-rounded Devices . They were so effective that they allowed Fierce Snake, someone who wasn’t even a Half-step Refinement Realm expert yet, defeat a Refinement Realm expert .

“Relax . While the All-rounded Device’s production is somewhat costly, we can make as many of it as we want . ” Shi Feng hadn’t expected the item to be so effective either .

After fighting so many matches, Fierce Snake and the others had obviously improved . If they could continue fighting different Refinement Realm experts, it wouldn’t be long before then entered the Refinement Realm as well, becoming cornerstones for Zero Wing .

“As many as we want?” Gentle Snow was at a loss for words as she stared at Shi Feng’s calm expression . She felt as if this was the first time she had met the man .

If it were possible to mass-produce the All-rounded Device, then with Zero Wing’s current foundations, they could nurture a batch of Refinement Realm experts in a short time .

She would never have dared to dream of such a thing in the past .

After the competition’s initial phase ended, the true ranking competition that everyone had looked forward to began .

Unlike the initial qualifiers, participants that lost a match during the final phase would be eliminated, while those that won would proceed to the next round .

Meanwhile, to prevent the various large Guilds and adventurer teams’ representatives face off against their own, the system would try to assign them to different matches as often as possible . This assured that the various large Guilds and adventurer teams could collect the maximum number of points possible .

Aside from Zhao Yueru, Fierce Snake and the others were strong enough to rival Refinement Realm experts . In the end, they easy passed the first three rounds and ranked among the top 150 in the competition . However, three had lost the fourth round due to Refinement Realm expert opponents with Epic items . In the end, only Zhao Yueru and Negative Life had won their fourth matches in the final phase .

During the fifth round, a Refinement Realm expert with more than one Epic item had eliminated Negative Life . He had lost with little resistance .

“Guild Leader, Zero Wing is far more powerful than we had expected . What should we do now?” the Shield Warrior named Lonely Castle asked Crimson Fox worriedly in Crimson Castle’s VIP room .

Although the two experts Nine Dragons Emperor had sent had made it to the fifth round, the other three representatives had been eliminated in the second match .

“What’s there to worry about? Didn’t you see Zhao Yueru’s next opponent?” Crimson Fox asked unhurriedly as he pointed to the virtual screen above the center stage .

“What?!” Lonely Castle was stupefied when he saw the names on the screen . He was instantly elated .

Zhao Yueru’s opponent for the fifth round was Yi Luofei, the FFF adventurer team’s vice commander . She had the nickname Frost Empress and was one of the Black Dragon Empire’s Four Great Elementalists . The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had even offered her the position of vice commander over its main force to recruit her .