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Chapter 236: Chapter 236 - Mysterious NPC

Chapter 236 - Mysterious NPC

Shi Feng’s offer this time truly shocked Joking Scholar .

However, Joking Scholar knew that it was no longer possible for him to sell the forging materials for a good price .

At this moment, Joking Scholar had finally realized that making money in Blackwing City was not an easy task .

Although Blackwing City provided players with various opportunities, the competition here was more intense than any other city in God’s Domain . The players in Blackwing City came from various kingdoms and empires, and each one of these kingdoms and empires had their own specialties . Although Twilight Echo was a first-rate Guild, they held no advantage whatsoever in this city . Even the forging materials they were so proud of held no advantage in this city .

Joking Scholar honestly wondered how Aqua Rose had managed to make so much money from her trips to Blackwing City .

“Your Excellency, can you give me some time? After all, the price you offered is simply too low . I need to consult with my superiors before making a decision,” Joking Scholar 
persuaded Shi Feng .

“Fine . It just so happens that I need to purchase some items . We’ll meet up in this plaza in 30 minutes . ” Shi Feng nodded .

The two promptly added each other as friends .

After parting, Shi Feng immediately walked into an empty alley .

The reason he had offered an extremely low price of 2 Silver Coins was to force Joking Scholar to contact his superiors . More importantly, he had done so to part with Joking Scholar . Otherwise, he would have no way of realizing his plan .

After walking into the alley, Shi Feng immediately used the Seven Luminaries Crystal and returned to White River City . He then rushed to the Bank, retrieving several hundred stacks of Hard Stones and other ores, before using the Seven Luminaries Crystal again to travel to Blackwing City .

Afterward, Shi Feng looked for a dark, narrow alley . Glancing at his surroundings and making sure that he had not been followed, Shi Feng changed into a new appearance again . This time, he disguised himself as an old man with white hair . He then donned a black hooded cloak and changed his name to Carlos . Aside from his name, he had concealed his information .

“That should be about it . ” Shi Feng examined his disguise . Regarding outward appearance or temperament, both looked extremely mysterious . Moreover, his body also exuded a frightening aura . He did not look like a player at all .

After confirming that there were no problems with his disguise, Shi Feng walked towards a relatively populated street .

On the street, he discovered a relatively well-equipped Guardian Knight, and without hesitation, he walked towards this Guardian Knight . While he walked past this man, Shi Feng pretended to accidentally bump into him, knocking the man down to the ground .

Originally, the Guardian Knight was enraged from being knocked down . However, just before he started cursing, he noticed that the old man before him had a shockingly powerful aura, so much so that he could feel his own body trembling slightly before this elder . Immediately, he used an identification skill on this old man and found out that the old man was called Carlos . Meanwhile, any remaining information about the old man displayed as “Unknown . ”

In God’s Domain, there were only two scenarios that resulted in an unknown return from an identification skill . One was when the targeted player used a special item to conceal their information, while the other was due to a large gap in strength . In both cases, a normal identification skill would not suffice to determine the target’s information .

Meanwhile, the old man before him was clearly not a player, but an NPC . Hence, the Guardian Knight determined that the old man named Carlos was very powerful . Afraid that he would earn the ire of this mysterious NPC and get himself killed, the Guardian Knight immediately swallowed his words .

“Young man, are you alright?” Shi Feng spoke in a dignified tone, casting an overlooking gaze at the Guardian Knight .

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“No, there are no problems at all,” the Guardian Knight hurriedly said .

“It’s good that you’re alright . However, it is still my fault for bumping into you . As compensation, you can come to my place to purchase items in the future . I will sell them to you at a discount,” Shi Feng said . Immediately, he started walking towards a nearby alleyway .

“Could my luck have come?” The Guardian Knight reacted quickly as he immediately followed Shi Feng into the alleyway .

Shi Feng was shrouded in mystery, and the aura he exuded was extremely frightening . Coupling that with the fact that he had bumped into a player, he would naturally attract the attention of many players on the street . Although Shi Feng’s words had not been loud, many of the surrounding players had clearly heard him .

There were countless fortuitous encounters in God’s Domain . It was especially so for a place like Blackwing City . It was not strange for players to purchase some rare items from a Hidden NPC .

The elderly man before them was such a powerful NPC; it would not be odd for him to sell some powerful, rare item . So, how could they possibly miss out on such a good opportunity
? Hence, every player on the street followed Shi Feng and the Guardian Knight .

“Damn, why are there so many people following us?” The Guardian Knight felt depressed when he noticed the crowd of players trailing behind him and the old man . However, his feet did not stop as he continued after Shi Feng .

Meanwhile, when Shi Feng noticed the large number of players following him, his lips curled into a smile . He had already achieved his goal .

Soon after, Shi Feng led the crowd of players past the street where Joking Scholar was .

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As Joking Scholar had only needed to notify his superiors about the current situation, he had not wandered too far from his original location . Naturally, he also noticed the strange sight of a crowd of players following a mysterious old man . Hence, he hurried after one of the players trailing Shi Feng .

After making a short inquiry, Joking Scholar learned the reason for this strange situation .  
His face lit up with joy as he, too, joined this army of players .

Seeing that Joking Scholar had taken the bait, Shi Feng located an unoccupied gazebo and took a seat there . His expression remained indifferent as he gazed at the players following him .

The Guardian Knight from before immediately walked up to Shi Feng without hesitation . He intended to find out what items he could purchase from the old man .

In response to the Guardian Knight’s actions, Shi Feng revealed a faint smile as he retrieved Hard Stones and many other types of rare ores .  He then quoted extremely low prices for all these ores .

Shi Feng quoted one stack of Hard Stones for 40 Copper Coins, a stack of 200 Iron Ore for 4 Silver Coins, a stack of 200 Fine Iron Ore for 6 Silver Coins, 200 Silver Ore for 10 Silver Coins, and 200 Mithril Ore for 12 Silver Coins .

The Guardian Knight was immediately dumbfounded when he 
heard these prices . The prices Shi Feng quoted were far lower than the current market prices . It was especially true for the Hard Stones that were currently in high demand .

“Your Excellency Carlos, I wish to purchase 30 stacks of Hard Stones,” the Guardian Knight said, excitement clear in his voice .

After all, if he returned to his own country and resold these Hard Stones at 5 Silver Coins, he would make an immense profit . Anyone would grow excited over such a situation .

Hence, the Guardian Knight spent all of the money he had on him to purchase Hard Stones from Shi Feng .

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Meanwhile, the players that arrived a tad bit later were immediately stunned by the Guardian Knight’s transaction . Immediately, they rushed forward to purchase Hard Stones from Shi Feng .

A majority of the players currently in Blackwing City were independent players . The money they carried did not amount to much, so the number of Hard Stones they could buy w
as limited . Most of the players only bought a dozen or so stacks of Hard Stones from Shi Feng . In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng had already sold over 200 stacks .

The players who managed to purchase Hard Stones from Shi Feng left with wide smiles . Some had even purchased Gold Coins using Credits, shouting their offer on the streets .

If they were to purchase Coins through the virtual trade center, the Coins would need at least 2 hours to arrive in their accounts . If it were a private transaction between players, however, they could immediately pay and receive the Coins . Hence, these players immediately started yelling on the streets, going so far as to offer double the market price .

Joking Scholar immediately panicked . This mysterious NPC was actually selling these items and at such a low price . There were even so many players purchasing Coins on the streets .

If news of this matter reached Dark Star’s Guild Leader, Lone Tyrant’s ears . . .

If that happened, he would never get rid of the forging materials in his hands!

Immediately, Joking Scholar sent this information back to his superior, and just as quickly, he received a reply . They ordered him to sell as many of the materials as he could at a low price . Following which, Joking Scholar immediately rushed towards the meeting location he had agreed upon with Shi Feng . He then sent Shi Feng a message, stating that they could conduct their trade immediately . Joking Scholar was deeply afraid of Shi Feng discovering the matter with the mysterious NPC . If Shi Feng found out about it, he wouldn’t
 even be able to sell his Hard Stones for 2 Silver Coins a stack .

Shi Feng revealed a faint smile after seeing receiving Joking Scholar’s message . Immediately, he told the players that he had sold out for the day and that he would return tomorrow . Many of the new arrivals were gravely disappointed . They lamented over the fact that they had been so slow, and they had no choice but to return tomorrow .

Soon after, Shi Feng vanished from the players’ sight . He searched for a secluded location and donned the appearance of Lone Tyrant once more, before hurrying over to the meeting location .