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Chapter 2488: 2488

Chapter 2488 – Demon God’s Temptation

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Could it be a pioneering benefit?

After giving the matter some thought, this was the only possibility Shi Feng could think of .

In his previous life, there was never any news of anybody discovering a treasure chest in the Star Tomb despite the many teams grinding there back then . Any treasure chest opened in the Star Tomb would definitely have caught the attention of others . However, nobody had ever seen any signs of a treasure chest being opened in the Star Tomb .

Hence, everyone had always believed that this Regional Dungeon did not spawn treasure chests and that players could only obtain resources and treasures from killing Bosses there .

However, Shi Feng did not put too much thought into the matter . After all, that was an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest they were talking about, an opportunity that was incredibly difficult to come by . He immediately led Cola and the others toward Fire Dance’s location .

At the same time, Fire Dance’s report in the team chat had set the team abuzz .

“Crap! There’s actually an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest here!?”

“Zero Wing has struck gold this time! It might even get a Fragmented Legendary item!”

“Only our Guild Leader has a Fragmented Legendary item currently . Zero Wing is truly lucky . ”

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The several vice commanders of the Hell Legion grew incredibly envious upon hearing about the discovery of an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest . If not for Zero Wing being their ally, they would’ve most likely done everything they could to contest for it .

Currently, in the opinion of most experts, Epic Weapons and Equipment were the highest-ranked items available in God’s Domain, while Fragmented Legendary items and the like were mere rumors . After all, items of such caliber had yet to appear on the market . In fact, the majority of the various superpowers still didn’t have any concrete information relating to Fragmented Legendary items .

According to Netherworld Empire’s investigations, there shouldn’t be more than 10 Fragmented Legendary items in the hands of players right now . Moreover, only a few in the Guild’s upper echelon knew about this information .

As for the strength of Fragmented Legendary items, the Guild upper echelon, like themselves, had personally witnessed it before . It was not something Epic Weapons and Equipment could hope to match . Fragmented Legendary items allowed players to undergo a qualitative transformation .

If they could obtain just one Fragmented Legendary item, they would instantly soar to the apex of God’s Domain .

Most importantly, Fragmented Legendary items could be used forever, continuously growing stronger as players reached higher levels, and would never fall behind the times .

Hence, Netherworld Empire had always been frantically searching for clues to Fragmented Legendary items and would go all-out in following any clues it found . In fact, the Guild wouldn’t even mind letting the entire Hell Legion suffer annihilation if it meant obtaining a Fragmented Legendary item .

However, according to Netherworld Empire’s research, the chances of getting a Fragmented Legendary item from Epic Treasure Chests were minimal . Only Inferior Legendary Treasure Chests had a significant chance of awarding such an item .

The Star Tomb’s pioneering benefits are this excellent? Hell Rush also could not help growing envious in this situation . It seems we’ll really need to go all-out in exploring the Star Tomb after this job .

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Although he knew that the Star Tomb definitely contained bountiful resources and treasures as a God Mode Regional Dungeon, he never imagined that it would be to such an extent . They were only on the Star Tomb’s second floor, yet they had already come across an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest . If even the second floor had such amazing treasures, he simply could not fathom how amazing the treasures on the higher floors would be .

After the Hell Legion’s members discussed this matter briefly among themselves, they quickly followed Shi Feng toward Fire Dance’s location .

The environment of the Star Tomb’s second floor was a tropical rainforest . However, unlike the rainforests in the real world, the rainforest here was home to colossal trees . Entering this place felt like entering a land for Giants . Ordinary humans would look incredibly small here .

After traveling through the forest for around 20 minutes, the team arrived before a barren hill, which actually had an ancient temple erected on it . A dark fog enveloped this shrine, evoking an indescribably gloomy sensation .

Through the open gates, one could see a gigantic treasure chest sitting in the middle of the shrine . This treasure chest gave off the distinctive orange-red glow of an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest .

“Guild Leader, we’ve struck the jackpot this time! It really is an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest!” Cola said, excitement surfacing on his face when he spotted the gigantic treasure chest .

This was no longer Cola’s first time seeing an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest . Although he didn’t think that Fire Dance would make a mistake, after verifying Fire Dance’s claim with his own eyes, he still could not help his surprise . After all, he had personally experienced the strength of a Fragmented Legendary item before .

At this moment, aside from Cola, Aqua Rose and the other Zero Wing members present also revealed excited expressions on their faces . After all, so long as they managed to obtain a Fragmented Legendary item from the treasure chest, Zero Wing would have another apex expert, something the Guild lacked the most right now .

However, unlike the Zero Wing experts, the members of the Hell Legion did not reveal any joy or envy upon seeing the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest . On the contrary, they even started shaking their heads in disappointment .

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“What a pity . It’s actually a Demon God’s Temptation,” Hell Rush sighed as he gazed at the gloomy temple .

After calming herself, Aqua Rose turned to Hell Rush and asked curiously, “Demon God’s Temptation? What do you mean, Commander Rush?”

Previously, she had clearly sensed Hell Rush and the others’ passionate response to the discovery of the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest . Now, however, after seeing the treasure chest itself, they were suddenly indifferent toward it . This was truly strange .

You arrived on the western continent not long ago, so you might not know about this, but strange temples randomly appear in some of the dangerous locations on the western continent . Not only are these strange temples filled with dense dark energy, but these temples also house incredibly precious treasures,” Hell Rush explained . “However, these temples are merely traps set up by Demon Gods . If players fail to resist the temptation and get lured into these temples, they are forced to undergo a trial and challenge the phantom of the Demon God that set up the trial . Meanwhile, these trials are simply impossible to complete .

“To make matters worse, if players don’t complete the trial, they not only fail to obtain the treasure but even have their level returned to zero and half their soul devoured, which would place them in a weakened state for a very long period . At which point, players have no choice but to remake their accounts . Hence, we have labeled these temples as the Demon God’s Temptation . ”

As Hell Rush finished speaking, many of the Hell Legion’s members revealed grim expressions . This was because several of the Hell Legion’s members had fallen for these traps and were forced to remake their accounts, an irrecoverable blow .

Moreover, Netherworld Empire wasn’t the only Guild that had fallen for these Demon God’s Temptations; many other superpowers had too . Many famous experts had disappeared from God’s Domain, victims of these traps . Hence, whenever the Demon God’s Temptation was mentioned, the various superpowers’ experts would turn pale with fright .

“So, that means we came here for nothing?” Aqua Rose grew dejected upon hearing Hell Rush’s words .

Although she still had the urge to challenge the Demon God’s Temptation even after hearing Hell Rush’s explanation, reason stopped her . Her current combat power might be far superior to Hell Rush’s and the others’, but some trials in God’s Domain did not just test players’ combat power but also their combat standards . Players would need to meet the requirements for both to pass those trials .

Meanwhile, when it came to combat standards, Hell Rush was leaps and bounds above her, and considerably superior even to Yan Tianxing, who was a Domain Realm expert .

If even an expert of Hell Rush’s caliber had given up on the Demon God’s Temptation without hesitation, how could someone like herself possibly succeed?

“Don’t even think about it . The greater the treasure stored inside a Demon God’s Temptation, the more difficult the trial would be . Previously, a trial that housed an Epic Treasure Chest already forced players to go up against a Demon God’s phantom of the same level and tier . With the reward being an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest right now, I’m afraid the phantom summoned will be at least one tier higher than the challenger,” Hell Rush advised .

He, too, was tempted by the prospects of obtaining an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest . If there were even the slightest possibility of success, he would most likely give the trial a try . However, that was not the case for the trial before him . Challenging it would be akin to making a bet guaranteed to lose . After all, the opponent summoned would be a Tier 4 phantom of a God .

The other members of the Hell Legion also agreed with Hell Rush’s words . With their current strength, they could only admire the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest from afar . They had to be tired of living to try to obtain it .

“No, we’re not completely without options,” Shi Feng suddenly said .

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