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Chapter 284: Chapter 284 - Ghost Raider

Chapter 284 - Ghost Raider

As the capital city of Star-Moon Kingdom, beneath the flourishing appearance of Star-Moon City were piles and piles of pearly white bones .

The moment Shi Feng arrived at the city, he could already sniff out the strong smell of blood .

When Shi Feng walked the bustling streets of Star-Moon City, none of the players he saw belonged to small and unknown Guilds . Instead, all the
Guild players he saw belonged to third-rate Guilds or above . As for the unrated Guilds, Shi Feng could make a general guess as to where they had gone .

They had definitely been completely annexed by these large Guilds .

Furthermore, the average level of players in Star-Moon City was very high . In terms of equipment, the players of Star-Moon City were also a notch higher than the players of White River City .

Originally, it was a very rare sight to find average players possessing Bronze Equipment . At Star-Moon City, however, it was not a rare sight at all . Shi Feng had even seen some independent players who possessed equipment of Mysterious-Iron rank and above . As for the players who wore a Guild Emblem on them, majority of their equipment were of Mysterious-Iron rank . Some elite members of Guilds were even fully geared with Mysterious-Iron Equipment . The standards of Star-Moon City were clearly a lot higher than White River City’s .

However, if these players were to be compared to Shi Feng, they would still be miles and miles behind .

When Shi Feng arrived in Star-Moon City, he had removed his disguise of Black Flame . Instead, he had chosen to use his original appearance of Ye Feng to move around the city . Hence, he did not choose to hide the equipment he had on him right now .

Although Shi Feng had already turned off the innate glowing effect that Dark-Gold Equipment possessed, he was unable to do anything about the originally dashing appearance of the item itself . There was also the two weapons at his
waist, the Abyssal Blade and the Demonbane, whose quality could not be discerned through sight alone . Overall, Shi Feng’s equipment had caused all the players who walked past him to cast sidelong glances at him .

Shi Feng was just like a famous celebrity as he strolled along the streets of Star-Moon City; it was impossible for him to keep a low profile even if he wanted to .

However, Shi Feng paid no attention to the stares he was receiving, focusing only on the task at hand .

After arriving at Star-Moon City, a new city, Shi Feng first made a trip to the city’s Auction House by force of habit . He intended to gauge the market conditions of this entire city .

As the capital city, Star-Moon City
was geographically located in the central region of Star-Moon Kingdom . Hence, whether it was the northern, southern, western, or eastern region, all trade would pass through this place . In the past, during the peak of Star-Moon Kingdom, Star-Moon City controlled a full quarter of Star-Moon Kingdom’s trade volume . One could simply imagine how large the trade volume at Star-Moon City was .

If one could dominate Star-Moon City, the daily profits one could rake in would be astronomical . In comparison, the Starstreak Trading Firm’s daily profit of 1,600 to 1,700 Gold Coins was merely a trifling sum .

With such a large trade volume available, it would be a lie to say that Shi Feng did not have aspirations towards it .

Unfortunately, Zero Wing had just recently set out on its journey . It would still be a long time before he could attempt to get a share of the pie known as Star-Moon City .

Today, Shi Feng was simply here
 to lay the groundwork for his eventual entry into Star-Moon City’s market in the future .

Star-Moon City’s Auction House was also the largest Auction House in Star-Moon Kingdom . When players registered an item here, the item would also be available for the players in the surrounding tens of cities to purchase . It was much more amazing
than the White River City Auction House .

Moreover, when players from another country wished to visit Star-Moon Kingdom, or when players from
the kingdom itself wished to head to another country, they would be required to make a transit through Star-Moon City, as it was the capital city of the kingdom . This situation also led to players from other countries selling their wares at the Star-Moon Auction House . Hence, there was a very large variety of items available at the Star-Moon Auction House, and no other Auction House in Star-Moon Kingdom could ever dream of being its equal .

This was also one of the reasons why many players would willingly come here to purchase or sell their items .


The inside of the Auction House was filled with a sea of players . After entering the building, Shi Feng quickly looked for a quiet corner and sat down . He then called out the Auction House interface, quietly browsing through its contents .

“Brother Blade, look at that person’s amazing equipment! Although my Eagle Eyes skill allows me to identify any weapon or equipment that is Fine-Gold rank or below, when I tried identifying that person’s stuff, many of them returned as Unidentifiable!” a skinny Ranger said excitedly as he drooled at Shi Feng’s equipment .

“What? Unidentifiable? Don’t tell me he’s using Dark-Gold Equipment? Imperial Thunder, did something go wrong with your skill? Let alone a player from an unknown Guild, even the Guild Leaders of Ouroboros and the Star Alliance wouldn’t be able to possess so many Dark-Gold Equipment,” the robust-looking Berserker named Lifeless Blade argued, laughing .

“Brother Blade, you should know that this identification skill of mine is an advanced skill that I obtained only after completing a Unique Quest . When had it ever gone wrong before?” the Ranger named Imperial Thunder replied earnestly .

Lifeless Blade nodded, his expression turning serious . He then looked towards Shi Feng, who currently sat on a stone chair, noticing that he was actually unfamiliar with this person .

“Ye Feng?

“He isn’t an expert of Star-Moon City . He should have come from some other city . ”

After Lifeless Blade used an identification skill on Shi Feng, he immediately knew that Shi Feng was not a player belonging to Star-Moon City .

Lifeless Blade could be considered a somewhat famous person in Star-Moon Kingdom . He had
met many players before, and he had also met majority of the experts that could be found in the city . As for the experts he had yet to meet, he knew what they were called, at the very least . Even so, he had never heard of an expert called Ye Feng before .

“And yet, I seem to recall hearing this name, Ye Feng, from somewhere…” Lifeless Blade drifted into deep thought . “I recall seeing this name on the official forums before . I wonder if I can still find it now . ” Thinking so, Lifeless Blade opened the official forums and started searching for information relating to a player called Ye Feng .

At this moment, Imperial Thunder used Eagle Eyes on the Guild Emblem hanging on Shi Feng’s chest . Instantly, a shocked expression surfaced on his face . Yet, immediately after, that shock turned into great excitement .

“Imperial Thunder, what happened to you?” Lifeless Blade asked curiously . It was his first time seeing Imperial Thunder produce such an expression . In the past, Imperial Thunder did not react
with such intensity even when he saw a Lord ranked Field Boss .

“Brother Blade, he’s a member of Zero Wing!” Imperial Thunder said excitedly .

“Zero Wing? Why would they be here?” Lifeless Blade asked curiously .

Nobody in Star-Moon Kingdom had not heard of Zero Wing at this point .

After all, it was the first Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom to possess its own Guild Residence . Moreover, there were plenty of experts in its midst . Even the top ranking player in Star-Moon Kingdom was a member of Zero Wing . Not only was this Guild extremely mysterious, it also had Star-Moon Kingdom’s Chief Forger providing them with equipment .

Countless players wished to join Zero Wing . Unfortunately, the Guild was only recruiting members in White River City . Unless players from other cities migrated there, they would have no chance of joining it at all .

At this moment, Lifeless Blade had also found some information relating to Ye Feng on the forums .

Aside from finding out that Ye Feng was the author of the White River City Guidebook, Lifeless Blade had also found some video recordings of Ye Feng’s battles . Of them, the video showing Ye Feng’s one-man battle against hundreds of Martial Union members was still ranked within the top 30 most-viewed videos . The video had even been titled
God-ranked Swordsman’s Instructional Video .

“So he is that god-ranked expert, Ye Feng . ” Lifeless Blade felt greatly surprised at this moment . He never imagined he would get the chance to meet such a great expert .

While Lifeless Blade and Imperial Thunder were watching Shi Feng, Shi Feng, with his extraordinary five senses, had long since noticed his two observers .

The interest these two players emitted was very strong . In addition, the fervor in their gazes made it
 hard for Shi Feng not to notice them, even if he wasn’t trying .

“And here I was, wondering who was spying on me . It turned out that it was Lifeless Blade and Imperial Thunder . ” Shi Feng glanced at his two admirers, sending a faint smile at them . Shi Feng had been looking forward to meeting these two famous players for a long time now .

Before they had even started playing God’s Domain, they were already a relatively famous independent party . In the gaming world, they had even been called the Sharp Arrow party . After they entered God’s Domain, they shone even more than before . In the past, the team they had formed managed to successfully raid plenty of Team Dungeons that even the main force of first-rate Guilds were helpless against .

Meanwhile, the team leader, Lifeless Blade, had also been nicknamed the Ghost Raider .

“Brother Blade, such a chance won’t fall into our laps a second time . Why don’t we go get acquainted with him? Who knows, we might even become friends,” Imperial Thunder suggested to Lifeless Blade .

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