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Chapter 368: Chapter 368 - Lunatic against Lunatic

Chapter 368 - Lunatic against Lunatic


Maple City was one of the major cities in Star-Moon Kingdom’s eastern region . Although its population was no match for White River City, it was not too far off .

At this moment, over half of Maple City had fallen under Underworld’s control, and it was only a matter of time before the organization controlled the city entirely .

“Young Master Feng, do you really plan to contact Black Flame?” South Wolf asked curiously, watching Feng Xuanyang as he sat on the sofa enjoying delicacies .

Currently, Black Flame had become one of the great experts ranked on the God’s Domain Experts List and had even received the title of “Asura” from the Secret Pavilion . He had now become an expert recruiting .  However, Black Flame had once rejected their kind offer in the past, going as far as to toy with Feng Xuanyang . He had even ruined Underworld’s plans . Based on Feng Xuanyang’s personality, he would continue to plan Black Flame’s destruction .

Now, however, Feng Xuanyang had actually taken the initiative 
to contact the Black Flame he hated so fiercely .

“There are some things you will never understand . Based on our previous investigations, that Mechanical Slayer was a very special monster,” Feng Xuanyang said as he examined the compiled data in his hands, a playful smile appearing on his handsome face .

“A special monster?” South Wolf was confused .

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“That’s right . According to the information I have here, any player killed by the Mechanical Slayer had to wait one natural day before reviving . Even healers’ resurrection skills were ineffective on these players . Moreover, the penalty for death doubled . After these players revived, they also entered a weakened state for two natural days . During this period, all their Attributes have decreased by 30%, and the EXP they can receive has decreased by 50%,” Feng Xuanyang reported pleasantly as he lightly shook his head . “Do you understand what this means?”

South Wolf shook his head, growing more confused at Feng Xuanyang’s words .

“Have you ever seen a monster with such strength?

“With God’s Domain’s basic settings, the stronger a monster is, the greater its loot will be . The Mechanical Slayer’s loot must be stunning . There might even be many Epic items among its drops .

“Meanwhile, Zero Wing is the largest beneficiary from the looting war . They claimed more drops than any other Guild in White River City . Obtaining these drops could skyrocket Underworld’s future development . However, it is simply too difficult for us to obtain them . Moreover, we don’t have any concrete information about the loot . Trying to steal it from Zero wing would not be easy .

“Hence, I’ve decided to invest in Zero Wing . Although we would have to spend a large sum of money, when I become one of Zero Wing’s stockholders, I can easily obtain any information I want . Afterward, I can just set up a trap to steal those items and, slowly but surely, destroy Zero Wing from the inside .

“Isn’t it just money? I have plenty of that . ”

Feng Xuanyang was determined to join Zero Wing . Nobody could resist the enticement of one billion Credits . As long as he could get ahold of a small percentage of Zero Wing’s shares, he could obtain all information relevant to Zero Wing fair and square . Previously, not only had Shi Feng acted so arrogantly before him, but Shi Feng had also caused his plans to support Dark Star to fall short . So, why would he ever let Shi Feng escape his punishment?

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South Wolf trembled upon hearing Feng Xuanyang’s plans .

Suddenly, South Wolf realized that he was still naive . His understanding of Feng Xuanyang was still too shallow .

Feng Xuanyang’s plans were simply insane and terrifying .

In South Wolf’s opinion, Feng Xuanyang’s plans weren’t related to the Mechanical Slayer’s loot at all . Feng Xuanyang just wanted his revenge on Shi Feng . The drops were an excuse to take action .

To think that Feng Xuanyang was actually willing to spend one billion Credits just to destroy Zero Wing and get his revenge… . He was a lunatic!

“Young Master Feng, I’m not trying to overstep my boundaries, but we have gone looking for trouble with Black Flame many times before . We have hunted Zero Wing’s core team . Now that we are trying to become the Guild’s shareholders, won’t he just reject us outright?” South Wolf said softly .

“Of course, I have already considered that . Although we were behind the attacks on Zero Wing, Dark Star stood in the forefront . I have never personally made an appearance . Although Black Flame knows the truth, on the surface, we maintain our pretenses with each other . Moreover, the reason I’ve contacted Black Flame during his time of glory is that I want him to think that I noticed his potential and that I am willing to pay any price to obtain him . That way, I can smoothly become a shareholder of Zero Wing without arousing any suspicion,” Feng Xuanyang smiled coldly as he gazed into the wine glass in his hand . After taking a sip, he added, “Besides, is there anyone who would willingly refuse money? I’ve investigated Zero Wing’s background . This Guild does not possess any sort of funding . If Black Flame wishes to develop his Guild further, he will inevitably need large sums of Credits . To Zero Wing, one billion Credits is like a heaven-sent fortune .

“If Black Flame is intelligent, he will set aside personal feelings and act logically . He has no reason not to accept my offer . ”

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South Wolf’s heart suddenly pounded . He never expected that his guess would hit the mark . Feng Xuanyang’s true goal had never been to obtain the drops of the Mechanical Slayer . Instead, he only ever cared about Zero Wing’s destruction .  
To put it another way, Feng Xuanyang planned to “incidentally” obtain the drops after he destroyed Zero Wing .

As fear began to grip South Wolf’s heart, Feng Xuanyang contacted Shi Feng .


“Oh? Vice-Leader Feng, to what do I owe the pleasure of your call today?” Shi Feng asked rhetorically the moment the call connected .

“Guild Leader Black Flame, regarding the matters we discussed during our last meeting, I have thought them through . Regarding a Guild with boundless prospects like Zero Wing, Underworld is willing to pay one billion Credits to become one of its shareholders . At that time, with the support of Underworld, Zero Wing will certainly grow to become the overlord of Star-Moon Kingdom’s eastern region . Guild Leader Black Flame, when will you have time to sign the contract with us?” Feng Xuanyang asked, smiling .

“It looks like you have finally realized Zero Wing’s value . Although your previous conduct was slightly excessive, I will be magnanimous and forgive you this time . Let’s first talk about the shares, then . If there are no problems after our discussion, we can discuss a time to sign the contract . After all, the shares of the utmost importance to Zero Wing,” Shi Feng said, expressing his interest .

However, the moment Feng Xuanyang heard Shi Feng’s words, he very nearly erupted into a flurry of curses . The wine glass Feng Xuanyang had held, however, was less fortunate as it fell from his trembling hand and shattered on the floor .

Shi Feng spoke as if he thought Feng Xuanyang was a child who had done something wrong, and that Feng Xuanyang was currently pleading for Shi Feng’s forgiveness . Why wouldn’t such blatant humiliation enrage the proud and arrogant Feng Xuanyang?

Black Flame…! I will . . . endure . . . today’s matters… ! The moment I become a shareholder of Zero Wing, I will sign your death certificate!  Feng Xuanyang inwardly swore as he suppressed his anger . As calmly as possible, he said, “Of course . Underworld will willingly purchase 10% of Zero Wing’s shares for one billion Credits . We will also supply Zero Wing with 100 Gold Coins every week, as well as send a large number of experts and talents from various fields, allowing the Guild to become the overlord of White River City . ”

“One billion for 10% of the shares?” Shi Feng shook his head . Revealing a cold smile, he said, “I think 
we may have a misunderstanding . Vice-Leader Feng, do you know what ‘times have changed’ means?

“Is Guild Leader Black Flame planning to reject my well-intentioned investment because of our previous issues?” Feng Xuanyang hurriedly said . “It was truly just a misunderstanding . I had no knowledge of the actions against Zero Wing . Lone Tyrant was responsible for those attacks . Despite my explicit command barring him from taking action against Zero Wing, Lone Tyrant insisted on doing so . Underworld never intended to strike Zero Wing . ”

“Vice-Leader Feng, you misunderstand me . I’m not saying that I don’t agree to 

Underworld’s investment . However, one billion for 10% of Zero Wing’s shares? Vice-Leader Feng, don’t you think you’re being a little too greedy?” Shi Feng shook his head slightly .  He said seriously, “Vice-Leader Feng, greed can ruin one’s life . However, seeing Vice-Leader Feng’s sincerity, I will sell you 0 . 1% of Zero Wing’s shares in exchange for one billion Credits . What do you think?”

At this moment, Shi Feng’s tone 
implied that this was an incredibly generous offer There was no sense of disharmony in Shi Feng’s words, and it sounded as if his every word was true .

“Black… Flame!” Feng Xuanyang’s face immediately flushed red upon hearing Shi Feng’s remarks, the hair all over his body 
standing on end and the blood vessels on his forehead surfacing . Feng Xuanyang was no longer capable of suppressing the rage within him . Word by word, he angrily bellowed, “Have you gone insane?! Why don’t you rob a bank instead?!”

Shi Feng’s offer even frightened South Wolf .

A 100 fold increase… . Even if Zero Wing had grown… .