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Published at 5th of November 2018 12:15:04 PM

Chapter 903: 903
Chapter 903 - Who's Next?

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When Shi Feng announced the start of the battle, You Ziping shot the man a glance, surprise flashing in his eyes .

Shi Feng was simply too calm .

He had participated in many fighting competitions before and had met people of various standards, so he could tell that Shi Feng's serenity was not an act . Rather, his calm originated from absolute confidence as if everything were within his control .

However, in his opinion, his match against Fire Dance was unbalanced . Fire Dance had no chance of winning against him .

After all, females were generally weaker than males .

It was especially true for a great beauty like Fire Dance . Although Fire Dance wore a set of dark blue sportswear, her clothing couldn't hide her curvaceous body . She looked nothing like a muscular gorilla . On the contrary, she looked like someone who often practiced yoga . Her perfect figure only contained charm, not strength .

In the face of absolute strength, all trickery was useless . All martial artists new this .

In terms of strength, although he was not at the peak of the White Tiger Dojo's intermediate disciples, he was still considered above average . Currently, he had a punching strength of 422 kg . Although he barely qualified to participate in the national youth championship, in a third-tier city like Jin Hai City, he could definitely rank among the city's top fighters .

In an actual fight, it was not easy for one to make up the difference in strength . That required a wealth of combat experience and techniques . However, while he might only be 18 years old, he had already participated in over a dozen large-scale competitions; he possessed a considerable amount of combat experience . He even frequently sparred with the dojo's advanced disciples . In terms of combat techniques, he was already on their level .

With the advantage of strength, experience, and techniques, losing was impossible .

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So, why was Shi Feng so calm?

Where was his confidence coming from?

However, You Ziping quickly shook these questions away as he returned his gaze to Fire Dance . He no longer wanted to think about what might be going through Shi Feng's mind . Defeating Fire Dance was his priority .

With this match, he would teach Shi Feng the meaning of a true professional fighter .


You Ziping shouted, his voice as cold as snow . Like an arrow, he dashed to Fire Dance and sent a fierce punch towards her abdomen .

His attack was both fast and precise . He did not hold back in the least .

"Ziping sure is vicious . No matter what is going on, his opponent is still a great beauty, yet he's not showing any mercy," Gan Xingteng muttered with sympathy . With this, the match would end as quickly as it had begun .

Even in the White Tiger Dojo, You Ziping was looked upon favorably . However, the boy had one shortcoming; he did not know how to hold back . To a youth, however, this was a benefit . If one were frequently distracted, it would be very difficult to improve .


The sound of a collision radiated from the arena .

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"She blocked it?! How is that possible?!" The people below the arena stared at Fire Dance in disbelief .

The impact should have sent Fire Dance flying, yet she had actually blocked You Ziping's fist with one hand .

It was truly hard to imagine just how that thin, frail arm could endure so much force . Logically, her arm should've been knocked away; no one would have been surprised if her bones had cracked or shattered .

However, Fire Dance showed no sign of pain . On the contrary, she had received You Ziping's full-power punch as if she had reached out to say hello .

You Ziping was also momentarily stunned . Hurriedly, he tried to withdraw . However, he suddenly discovered that his fist would not budge no matter how hard he tried . Fire Dance's tender fingers clasped his fist like chains .

With no other choice, You Ziping raised his left leg and swept it towards Fire Dance's neck .


However, Fire Dance caught his iron-like leg with her other hand .

As if he had predicted this, You Ziping quickly sent a follow-up punch with his other hand .

Just before You Ziping's fist struck Fire Dance's face, a creak echoed throughout the dojo . In the next moment, You Ziping released an agonizing scream, his fist halting as he suddenly tumbled to the ground . The fist and ankle that Fire Dance had caught had already begun to turn purple .

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The various spectators were flabbergasted . Having forgotten about the pale-faced You Ziping, everyone stared at Fire Dance with awe .

Fire Dance's performance was simply too shocking .

Nobody could believe their eyes .

Among the crowd, the White Tiger Dojo members were the most affected . They knew just how strong You Ziping was . Among their group, only two or three people were stronger than him .

Yet, in front of Fire Dance, You Ziping was as powerful as a child .

What technique?

What combat experience?

In front of absolute strength, they were nothing .

Does she have some kind of godly strength? Gan Xingteng's expression was somber as he looked at the injured You Ziping .

Fire Dance was merely a young girl . However, even he was far weaker than her . He couldn't compete with her strength in a fight . He could only rely on his speed and techniques to secure victory .

Liang Jing, who stood beside Shi Feng, was similarly stunned . She had assumed that Fire Dance would be hospitalized after this match . She had never imagined that Fire Dance was actually this powerful .

Is she a hidden master like Shi Feng? Liang Jing could not help but wonder . There was no other way to explain this overwhelming victory .

However, there was one factor that confused Liang Jing; if Fire Dance possessed such skills, why hasn't she participated in any fighting competitions?

With her skills, she would even perform excellently in the national competition . If she could earn herself a victory, she would earn an unimaginable amount of money . She wouldn't need to continue working as a professional gamer .

As for Shi Feng, he glanced at the stunned Liang Jing before shifting his gaze to You Ziping, who was still on the ground . He shook his head and sighed, saying, "Of all the things you could've relied on, you chose physical strength . "

After Fire Dance had reached the Refinement Realm, her body's physique had improved rapidly . Moreover, with Lei Bao's guidance, she had already grasped the technique to utilize internal force . To Fire Dance, a punching strength four or five hundred kilograms was not difficult to achieve .

You Ziping had been looking for a beating by relying on physical strength . If the boy had simply used his combat experience, he might've lasted a little longer .

"I believe that the outcome has been decided . Take him away," Shi Feng said, pointing at You Ziping as he looked at Gan Xingteng .

Only now did the White Tiger members recover from their daze .

This match was over . They had even forgotten that one of their companions was injured and needed immediate medical attention .

"Relax, I didn't use that much force . His bones should be intact . After some treatment, he just needs to rest for a few days to recover," Fire Dance explained as she looked down at the silent You Ziping . She then turned to Gan Xingteng, who stood below the arena, and quietly asked, "The first match is over . Who's next?"

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