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Published at 25th of November 2018 05:08:15 PM

Chapter 962
Chapter 962 - Legendary Necromancer

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System: Congratulations! You have accepted the Epic ranked Main Storyline Quest "Evil God's Birth . "
Quest content: Exterminate the Evil God's believers in the Star-Moon Kingdom . If you fail to exterminate the Evil God's believers before they summon the Evil God, Star-Moon Kingdom will fall into ruin .

As the system was notification repeated three times, Shi Feng was momentarily stunned .

He had only been the messenger, yet he had triggered an Epic ranked Main Storyline Quest in Star-Moon Kingdom . This was not good news for Zero Wing .

Shortly after the system notifications, the system announcements followed .

Star-Moon Kingdom System Announcement: New expansion pack, "Disaster of the Evil God," has been activated .

Star-Moon Kingdom System Announcement: Ruins of the Evil God's Temple has been discovered in the Undead Gorge . Asura Mode Regional Dungeon, the Undead Gorge, has been activated . Players Level 35 and above may enter the Dungeon .

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The system announcement also repeated three times, creating a stir in Star-Moon Kingdom .

"Awesome! Who triggered the new expansion pack?"

"An Asura Mode Regional Dungeon? The loot will be amazing!"

"It's actually an Asura Mode Regional Dungeon . I bet the Dungeon's monsters will drop Magic Crystals . I won't have to continue fighting for kills in the Stoneclaw Mountains . "

The majority of the kingdom's players were incredibly interested in the new Regional Dungeon .

Originally, the only Regional Dungeon that offered Magic Crystals was the Stoneclaw Mountains . However, it had become a haunt for Star-Moon Kingdom's various large Guilds . Even though the area provided abundant resources, ordinary players' share was very small . Moreover, the competition for those resources grew with each day .

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The new Asura Mode Regional Dungeon's appearance was definitely a cause to celebrate for the majority of Star-Moon Kingdom's players . At the very least, there was now another area in which they could obtain Magic Crystals .

Moreover, the Undead Gorge was much closer to Star-Moon City than the Stoneclaw Mountains . Only a single map separated the Gorge and the capital . The only problem was that the monsters in said map were somewhat high-leveled, all above Level 50 . If one crossed the map without being strong enough, the risk of death would be quite high . However, this could also help disqualify some players, reducing the competition in the Regional Dungeon .

The only downside was equipment repairs . Unlike in the Stoneclaw Mountains, none of the Undead Gorge's adjacent maps had a town . It would take four hours to run there from the nearest teleportation point .

While this was a huge problem for independent players, the various large Guilds found this acceptable . At the very least, they wouldn't have to pay Zero Wing with Magic Crystals if they grinded in the Undead Gorge . Moreover, once their Guild members obtained Mounts, they could save time when traveling .

For a time, Star-Moon Kingdom's various large Guilds began to prepare to garrison troops in the Undead Gorge .

A new Regional Dungeon hinted that there would be undiscovered resources . If they entered the Undead Gorge immediately, they could obtain more than their competition .

"Young adventurer, I would like you to help me with something," Hartfield sternly told Shi Feng . "Now that the Evil God's believers have appeared, I suspect that Byrne, the Legendary Necromancer from fifteen years ago, is up to something new . I want you to locate him for me . If Byrne is trying to hold a summoning ritual, he will need to slaughter many to gather enough power to summon the Evil God's doppelganger . I have a Tracking Crystal that has recorded the Evil God's power . It will help you search for the Evil God's power within an area . If Byrne is absorbing the power of the area's creatures, the Tracking Crystal will detect him . Once you discover their nest, all you need to do is report back .

"However, be careful in your search . Byrne is a Legendary Necromancer, and with the aid of the Evil God's power, he can summon extremely powerful monsters . Summoning the Evil God's doppelganger will require a lot of power, so he will have certainly nurtured many powerful monsters to help him gather what he needs . If you want to deal with these monsters, you should head to the remains of the Evil God's Temple in the Undead Gorge . You might find some method of dealing with them . "

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Once Hartfied finished speaking, he passed Shi Feng a blue crystal block .

[Tracking Crystal]
When activated, will scan 5,000 yards in every direction for the Evil God's power . Each use consumes one Magic Crystal .
Cooldown: 30 minutes

What an inconvenient item . Shi Feng said nothing as he stared at the crystal block in his hand .

Fortunately, it would require time to gather the necessary power to summon the Evil God . The one-horned monsters would continue to massacre everything in their path . He would, soon or later, find them; then, he only needed to follow them back to their nest .

Following which, Shi Feng left the Grand Duke's mansion with the Tracking Crystal in hand . He notified Aqua Rose to send some men to search the maps near Stone Forest Town for clues about the one-horned monsters . After completing that task, he teleported to Blackwing City .


Meanwhile, inside Ouroboros's Guild Residence in Star-Moon Kingdom, a meeting was being held . Usually, only the Guild's upper echelons were invited to such meetings . This meeting, however, included three outsiders .

"Guild Leader Snow, there are many benefits to becoming one of the Blackwater Corporation's subordinate Guilds . Won't you consider it?" the gloomy, short-haired youth, who headed the group of outsiders, asked, smiling at Gentle Snow .

"Many benefits?" Zhao Yueru, repeated from beside Gentle Snow, anger tingeing her words . "You're asking for management of Ouroboros and 90% of its shares, yet you're offering us less than one-tenth of the market price . These are your so-called benefits?"

"Oh, don't put it like that . With Blackwater Corporation's fame and influence, I am sure that you know how much our management will benefit Ouroboros . The Guild will become immensely strong," the short-haired youth said, chuckling . "Joining the Blackwater Corporation now is your best choice . Otherwise, you'll run into a dead-end in the future . You won't get anything at all . "

"Are you threatening me?" Gentle Snow frowned .

"It is not a threat . I am simply offering a suggestion . I doubt that your investors will want to make an enemy of Blackwater," the youth said . He then turned to Ouroboros's Elders, saying, "Your Guild Elders are aware of this . Did they not tell you yet?"

"What is going on?" Gentle Snow shifted her gaze towards the several Guild Elders beside her . Each Elder represented one of Ouroboros's investors . Their words were the investors' will .

"Our companies have already reached a consensus and decided to join the Blackwater Corporation . Snow, please don't blame us . We don't have a choice . Blackwater has been putting pressure on our companies as of late, so our profits are in jeopardy . If this continues, our companies may go bankrupt . We had to compromise," an Elder explained softly .

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