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Chapter 963
Chapter 963 - Three Days

"The Blackwater Corporation employes impressive tactics!" Gentle Snow glanced at the short-haired youth sitting opposite of her listening to several Elders' explanations .

In the virtual gaming world, third-rate or greater Guilds typically split their shares among multiple shareholders . Zero Wing was unique in this as Guilds were rarely under the control of a single entity, much less first-rate Guilds .

Although a first-rate Guild was the equivalent of a corporation and capable of earning its own money, when a Guild of such caliber joined a large-scale virtual reality game, it needed a lot of capital to begin developing .

God's Domain was peculiar among large-scale virtual reality games . Even with a first-rate Guild's financial strength, investments from various companies were needed for a Guild to spread its influence throughout God's Domain as it attempted to dominate one, or multiple, kingdoms .

This was precisely the reason that multiple companies held the majority of Ouroboros's shares .

If these companies came to an agreement, even she, the Guild Leader, was forced to accept the decision .

However, Gentle Snow had never imagined Blackwater to be despicable enough to force Ouroboros into submission . Generally, major international corporations disdained such tactics as doing so would only make them a laughingstock .

"Guild Leader Snow, what is your decision?" the short-haired youth ignored the Snow Goddess's ridicule . On the contrary, he sneered and said, "I know this is a very difficult decision to make . How about this? We'll give you three days to consider your options . If you insist on rejecting our offer in three days, we'll be forced to put someone else in the Guild Leader's seat . "

After making his threat, the short-haired youth left the meeting room . The two Level 39 expert players followed him closely .

"Big Brother Wave, why don't we just get rid of Gentle Snow? It would make it easier to take over Ouroboros . "

"Now that you've given her three more days, she might persuade those on the fence or purchase their shares . If she does, it'll be harder to occupy the Guild . "

The two robust men asked the gloomy, short-haired youth .

The Blackwater Corporation's goal from the very beginning was to take control of Star-Moon Kingdom . After turning Star-Moon Kingdom into the corporation's playground, they would use it as a stepping-stone to dominate the Black Dragon Empire .

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Even if Gentle Snow agreed to their conditions, they would not let Ouroboros survive . Rather, Blackwater would establish its own Guild and absorb Ouroboros, gaining complete control . Hence, they did not need Gentle Snow's consent .

"Do you really think I will give her three days to make a decision?" the short-haired youth clicked his tongue . Sneering, he continued, "I am just giving Ouroboros's members time to adapt . If I remove Gentle Snow from her position suddenly, it will cause quite a stir in the Guild . Not only will it decrease the Guild's morale, but I will also have a lot of trouble rectifying the problem . Now that I am giving Gentle Snow three days, however, news of this matter will spread throughout the Guild . We'll encounter less resistance when we take over the Guild's management .

"Most importantly, Young Master Jing has not yet sent me enough experts to take Ouroboros over . In three days, we should have enough personnel to assume control . At that time, we will gain control of Star-Moon City, and it won't be long before we possess all of Star-Moon Kingdom . "

"Big Brother Wave, what about Star-Moon Kingdom's number one Guild, Zero Wing? Are we not negotiating with them? I've heard that Zero Wing is particularly stubborn, and the Guild Leader alone controls the Guild . It will be more difficult to take over . "

"We won't need to worry about that . Young Master Jing has other plans for Zero Wing," the youth named Abandoned Wave responded nonchalantly . "How are the people that Young Master Jing sent adapting?"

"Big Brother Wave, rest assured; with our guidance, they're improving each day . I believe they will adapt to God's Domain's combat style very quickly with the help of the battle videos we procured and the Trail Tower . As long as their Levels are brought up to speed, they will be the Guild's greatest trump card," one of the robust men reported excitedly .

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The Blackwater Corporation was not like other corporations . It could actually fit quite well in God's Domain .

After all, Blackwater was an international corporation that dealt with fighting competitions . The corporation's dojos spanned the globe . Moreover, the corporation was also one of the World Fighting Competition's main hosts .

With the amateur fighters in God's Domain, it would be a piece of cake for Blackwater to dominate the game .

If not for the recent launch of the Mind Space System, the Blackwater Corporation wouldn't have harbored the slightest thought of investing in God's Domain .

Once Abandoned Wave's group left, pandemonium swept through Ouroboros . The Guild was no longer focused on the new Regional Dungeon .


Meanwhile, Shi Feng had arrived in Blackwing City's Magic District .

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Unlike ordinary NPC cities, which were generally divided into the Noble District and the Commoner District, the NPCs and players that reached Blackwing City were extraordinary . Moreover, even if other kingdoms and empires' nobles ventured to this city, they were ordinary here .

In the Magic District, NPC-owned Magic Shops were everywhere . There were at least a hundred such Shops in the district . Not only did these Shops sell all kinds of daily-use magic items, but they also sold Magic Scrolls . Some even sold rare Magic Scrolls that could not be found in ordinary NPC cities . The Monster Repellent Scroll was one such Magic Scroll .

Initially, players had assumed that the Monster Repellent Scroll had no particular value . After all, it was only capable of driving off low-intelligence monsters . Moreover, as players reached higher levels and explored higher-leveled maps, they encountered fewer low-intelligence monsters . Hence, there was rarely a need for the Monster Repellent Scroll . Furthermore, the scroll was expensive .

The Monster Repellent Scroll had only gained popularity after players discovered its ability to protect towns .

However, as one of the rare Magic Scrolls sold in Blackwing City, the Monster Repellent Scroll was not infinitely available . Only a limited quantity could be purchased each day . Moreover, only one Magic Shop sold the scroll, so it wasn't easy to obtain .

Overall, only twenty Monster Repellent Scrolls were available in Blackwing City each day .

When Shi Feng entered the Magic Shop that sold the Monster Repellent Scrolls, he discovered numerous waiting players . These players turned towards Shi Feng .

Why are people from the Sacred Temple here? Shi Feng was somewhat surprised when he saw these players .