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Published at 29th of November 2018 02:13:33 PM

Chapter 975
Chapter 975 - Taboo Skill Life Return

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Although Twofold Berserk could give players the strength to combat existences of a higher Tier, it also had a glaring weakness .

Legacy Berserk Skills all shared the same problem .

And that was the side effects!

Unlike ordinary Berserk Skills, all Legacy Berserk Skills would place its user into a Weakened state once their durations ended .

Moreover, the duration of Twofold Berserk was very short . Even Shi Feng, who possessed one of the Ten Great Saint Legacies, could maintain it for only twenty seconds . Once Twofold Berserk ended, he would fall into a Weakened state for several hours .

However, it was also precisely because of such a drawback that the system allowed the use of Twofold Berserk .

Based on Shi Feng's estimates, Gentle Snow's Starlight Saint should have a shorter duration than his Blade Liberation . If she could not finish off Lethal Gale within this period, once her Berserk Skill ended, she would lose without a doubt .

One could say that Gentle Snow was taking a gamble .


The collision of the two weapons created a shockwave . The ground under both fighters instantly collapsed as the clear sound of metal clashing against metal echoed throughout the surrounding forest .

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Half a second later, Lethal Blade's entire person went flying out of the crater, his body breaking several large trees before slamming heavily into the ground . His HP instantly decreased by over -1,800 as well . The difference in strength between both sides was clear for all to see .

"Flew… He flew!"

"How is she so strong!?"

"Is this the Guild Leader of Ouroboros?"

This scene staggered everyone inside the main hall .

The players who had previously entertained unscrupulous thoughts about Gentle Snow now had shivers running down their backs . Lethal Gale, who had defeated the 354th ranker on the God's Domain Experts List, actually got sent flying with a single hit . If it were them in the male Berserker's place, they would've gotten killed instantly by Gentle Snow's lightning-quick attack .

"Gentle Snow!" Abandoned Wave's countenance turned grim when he saw Lethal Gale repulsed .

To him, Lethal Gale losing in a contest of Strength even after activating Beastification was simply inconceivable . This was equivalent to Gentle Snow sending a Great Lord of the same level flying .

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How is her Strength so high?! After standing back up, Lethal Gale looked at the rapidly approaching War Goddess in shock .

After activating Beastification, his Strength Attribute could already rival that of a Great Lord of the same level . Coupling it with his Cross Slash, even a Great Lord would be pushed back, not to mention a player .

Despite that, Gentle Snow had managed to send him flying with a single strike—without using any Skills . His mind just could not figure out how this was possible .

However, Lethal Gale did not have the luxury of pondering this . If he did not cope with Gentle Snow's next attack properly, he might very well lose directly .

In a flash, Gentle Snow appeared before Lethal Gale once again . This time, he no longer dared to clash weapons with the female Berserker . Instead, he chose to take a large step backwards before defending himself with his greatsword .


Lethal Gale was forced back once more . This time, however, he only received -400 damage or so . Moreover, the impact of the attack allowed him to pull away from Gentle Snow .

Suddenly, a cat-and-mouse game commenced on the battlefield . Every time the two fighters clashed, Lethal Gale would manage to buy himself some time by sacrificing a small amount of HP .

Lethal Gale was no fool . He knew that Gentle Snow's current equipment was only slightly better than his . The fact that there was still such a huge disparity between them pointed to just one thing: a difference in Skills . God's Domain was fair in all things . Such a powerful Skill definitely could not have a very long duration . Hence, all he needed to do right now was drag out the battle . If he managed to last until Gentle Snow's Skill ended, victory would be his .

He could tell that Gentle Snow had yet to reach the Refinement Realm and was only at the Half-step Refinement Realm; she did not possess perfect control over her own body . Moreover, she was clearly not used to this sudden increase in power since she would expose plenty of weaknesses when she attacked . This was the reason why he could deflect the trajectory of her attacks, dampening the collision of the attacks significantly and taking only a small amount of damage each time .

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This Lethal Gale fellow really is something . Shi Feng was slightly surprised when he looked at Lethal Gale successfully deflecting Gentle Snow's attacks one after another .

Rather than the Refinement Realm, the combat standard the male Berserker was displaying right now already approached the Flowing Water Realm . One could say that he had reached the Half-step Flowing Water Realm .

Players at the Refinement Realm would have precise control over their own bodies . Even in high-speed combat, they would be capable of impromptu changes .

However, just having such a combat standard would not be enough for one to deflect Gentle Snow's attacks . One also needed to understand the Holy Warrior's every action and predict her attack trajectories in advance . Only with this would one be able to keep up with Gentle Snow's superior Attack Speed and turn aside her attacks .

Although it sounded straightforward, experts at the Refinement Realm would find such a feat extremely difficult to achieve .

Had Gentle Snow not activated Twofold Berserk, she really wouldn't have any chance of victory against Lethal Gale .

The seconds ticked by quickly . Ten seconds after the battle began, over half of the terrain of the combat room lay ravaged . At this moment, Lethal Gale was in a very miserable state and only a quarter of his HP remained . Gentle Snow would need just a few more seconds to defeat the male Berserker .

"I have to admit, you are by far the strongest opponent I have faced in battle since I entered God's Domain . However, I believe your Skill's duration should be almost up . Originally, I did not intend to use this move . However, I acknowledge that your strength indeed deserves my going all out!" Lethal Gale said excitedly .

Lethal Gale's HP began recovering rapidly . At the same time, the aura he exuded also strengthened apace .

Not good! That's the Tier 1 Taboo Skill Life Return! Shi Feng immediately recognized the Skill Lethal Gale used when he noticed a green mist circling the male Berserker's body along with his growing aura .

As a Tier 1 Taboo Skill, Life Return was very powerful . When activated, the Skill completely recovered its user's HP within a short period . Moreover, the more HP the user lost previously, the more bonus Strength and Agility Attributes the user would gain—up to a maximum of 600 Strength and 600 Agility .

Six hundred Strength was practically equal to the total Strength of a well-equipped Level 40 Berserker .

With such a massive increase in Strength, even if Lethal Gale's Strength Attribute was still not a match for Gentle Snow's, there would no longer be such a great disparity as before . With Lethal Gale's standards, it would be enough for him to defeat Gentle Snow . To make matters worse, Gentle Snow's Twofold Berserk was already nearing its end .

"Hahaha! Gentle Snow, I admit that you are amazing . Unfortunately, you chose the wrong opponent to go up against!" Abandoned Wave could not help but guffaw when he saw the gloomy expression on Gentle Snow's face .

Although Lethal Blade had used his final trump card, which would probably impact his future performance in the Dark Arena, being able to thoroughly defeat Gentle Snow now was also a good thing .

Immediately, Lethal Gale used Charge and took the initiative to dash towards Gentle Snow .

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