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Chapter 995
Chapter 995 - Guardian

"Commander, these Undead Guardians are too close to each other . Even if we lure them over, we'll have to fight a minimum of three at a time," Death Wind said, frowning .

While he might be able to hold his ground against a Level 40 High Lord for a short time, he couldn't handle three . He would be lucky if he did not die instantly . Meanwhile, their team only had two MTs; himself and the team's leader, Fallen Wind .

However, even an expert like Fallen Wind couldn't hold off two Undead Guardians simultaneously .

"Starfish, can you handle kiting one?" Fallen Wind asked as he turned to a lean, muscular Ranger .

The Ranger class possessed high Movement Speed . In addition, the class had quite a few Control Skills . Rangers were perfect for kiting monsters .

Starfish happened to be one of the top ranking Rangers in Wind God's Spear . If Starfish could lure one Guardian away from the team, the MTs could handle the rest .

"If Control Skills work on these monsters, it should be doable," Starfish said after observing the hall . He had plenty of space to run, so kiting the Undead Guardian shouldn't be a problem for him .

"I don't think Control Skills are effective against them . None of our Control Skills worked on the Undead Fanatics . Only the Elementalists' Ice Walls slowed them down . The stronger Undead Guardians should have the same settings as the Undead Fanatics," Autumn Goose said .

The other team members agreed with Autumn Goose's deduction .

Generally, unless a Control Skill were very high-tiered, it would have no effect on Boss-level monsters .

"We don't have another choice . Use a Tier 2 Summoning Scroll, then," Fallen Wind said, gritting his teeth .

He had thoroughly prepared to tackle this quest . The Tier 2 Summoning Scroll was one of his trump cards . Unfortunately, Tier 2 Summoning Scrolls were rare, and he had only brought four with them .

Suddenly, Shi Feng offered a suggestion, "No need . I can handle one of them . However, we will need to prioritize killing mine . "

"Are you sure? That's a Level 50 Chieftain we're talking about," Fallen Wind questioned .

As high as Shi Feng's Basic Attributes were, they should not be higher than a Level 50 Chieftain's . Moreover, a Swordsman was not an MT . The class's impact resistance and damage reduction were far weaker than the tank classes .

"I can handle it," Shi Feng said, shrugging .

"Commander, leave it to Brother Ye Feng . While he might be a Swordsman, he is even more capable as a tank than I am," the Shield Warrior Death Wind piped in .

During one of their last meetings, he had watched Shi Feng tank a Level 44 Lord ranked Ice Cheetah . A lot of time had passed since that day . Shi Feng's equipment had definitely improved during this period . He should have no problems tanking a Level 50 Chieftain .

"Alright, I'll have to trouble you with it, then," Fallen Wind said . After hearing Death Wind's confidence and witnessing Shi Feng's shocking performance earlier, Fallen Wind could not help but believe in Shi Feng .

Once everyone knew their responsibilities, the team began to move .

To start things off, the Ranger Starfish stretched his bow into a full moon and fired three arrows at the Undead Guardians patrolling the staircase's first layer . Not only did his arrows hit all three Undead Guardians, but the arrows also struck the three Chieftains when they were furthest from the second level . As a result, the attacks had not attracted the second level's Guardians .

The instant the arrows struck the three Undead Guardians, a damage of around -500 points appeared above each of their heads . Their Defense was frighteningly high .

Aside from the high Defense, these Chieftains were also very fast . When they moved, they were as swift as cheetahs . If not for Fallen Wind using Justice Roar in time, pulling the three Undead Guardians' aggro, Starfish would not have been able to escape .

As the three Undead Guardians turned towards Fallen Wind, Death Wind used Charge from another side . The Shield warrior then slammed his sword into the nearest Undead Guardian .


The sharp sound of clashing metal echoed throughout the hall .

The Undead Guardian had blocked Death Wind's slash with its greatsword, not receiving a single point of damage . On the other hand, the impact forced Death Wind to retreat by two steps, and a damage of over -5,000 points appeared above his head . The Shield Warrior instantly lost a quarter of his HP .

Everyone watching was appalled .

Among the MTs in Wind God's Spear, Death Wind's equipment was only second to Fallen Wind's . He was also a Level 40 MT, yet not only had the Undead Guardian discovered his sneak attack, but it also had more Strength than any of them had expected .

"Its Strength rivals a Level 40 Strength-based High Lord! And its reaction speed is incredibly high! Melee players, approach it with care! Don't try to fight it head-on!" Fallen Wind hurriedly shouted .

"Understood!" the melee players promptly answered, tensing .

A Level 40 Strength-based High Lord could kill any class except for plate armor classes instantly, not to mention a Strength-based High Lord with such quick reactions .

In their opinion, Death Wind had timed his attack perfectly, yet the Guardian had still blocked his blade . If they crossed weapons with the Chieftain, they would lose far more than 5,000 HP .

Just before the other two Undead Guardians reached Fallen Wind, a streak of red light struck one of the Chieftain's sides .

-43,246 .

The terrifying critical damage rendered everyone speechless .

Starfish's attacks had only dealt around -500 damage, yet this attack had inflicted over -40,000 .

Moreover, the impact had sent the Undead Guardian flying, its body slamming into the ground .

Instinctively, everyone turned towards Shi Feng, the source of the attack, mixed feelings filling their hearts as they looked at the Swordsman .

It's Magic Resistance sure is high . Shi Feng frowned at the Undead Guardian that he had hit .

Others might not realize it, but the Skill he had used was Flame God's Fury, a Surekill Skill . In addition, his Sacred Sword doubled his damage against Dark Creatures, yet his attack, even after achieving a critical hit, had only inflicted over -40,000 damage . One could just imagine how high the Undead Guardian's Defense and Magic Resistance were .

Shi Feng's terrifying damage instantly drew the Undead Guardian's aggro . Raising its greatsword, the Chieftain leaped into the air and landed before Shi Feng .

Suddenly, crimson flames burst from the Undead Guardian's originally silver greatsword as it swung the weapon at Shi Feng in a horizontal arc .

Tier 1 Skill, Flaming Cross Slash!

"Crap! This monster actually knows a Surekill Skill!"

Seeing the towering pillar of fire, the other players realized that this was many times stronger than the Berserker's Flame Slash . They could see how much range the attack had from the height of the flames . This attack was impossible to dodge . Coupling this Skill with the Undead Guardian's horrific Strength, even an MT like Fallen Wind would be hard-pressed to survive the attack .

You want to compare brute force? Shi Feng chuckled . He then activated Flame Burst .

Suddenly, the Sacred Sword in Shi Feng's hand released a blinding light . As if he wielded a miniature sun, he swung Killing Ray at the incoming pillar of fire violently .

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