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Repugnant Gateway - Chapter 26

Published at 16th of May 2017 04:09:54 AM

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 - The Refine Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry

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Mu ChangYan’s face looked quite uncomfortable . He turned back and looked at the caretaker, and then he waved his hand randomly . Nothing special happened, but the caretaker exploded, leaving blood and bones on the ground . The sudden event frightened people, specially the men of the Illusory academy . It was their first time they had seen their landlord kill a person .


– “You should know that coming in this academy is your best choice . ”


Mu ChangYan stepped forward . He looked at An Zheng with high pressure .


However, at that time, An Zheng heard the voice of Mu ChangYan .


– “I don’t know your background, but I understand you more or less . You’re not a normal youth, so you also get my mind . However, your body is too weak now . Although it will become powerful again, it will take some time . I know of the agreement between you and Ye Aunty . If it was not due to Xiao QiDao, she would not have helped you to carry out the Cleansing the Marrow . Therefore, before making a decision, you should understand clearly . ”


An Zheng did not have enough power to transmit his thoughts back to that scholar . Therefore, he shook his shoulder, looked at Xiao QiDao, and said:


– “QiDao, you must know that this academy has many things to help you to practice . If you follow me, you will lack many things . ”


Xiao QiDao replied attentively . Although his tone was still immature, it was quite strong:


– “You have told me that practice would not be used for bullying people . That guy was just the caretaker of this academy, but he was too arrogant like that . It showed that the senior in this academy was also the same . Therefore, although they may teach well, I don’t want to study with them . Where bro An Zheng goes, I will follow because I trust bro An Zheng . ”


An Zheng moved next to Mu ChangYan, and he said with a low voice:


– “Not only you, whom I feel, has offended everyone, but I also feel the same of your people in this academy . ” The practice of Xiao QiDao will be in charge by me . From now on, I am Xiao QiDao’s master . If you don’t believe, we will make a bet… Just each half year, you will then arrange your best student to compete with Xiao QiDao . If Xiao QiDao fails, I will let him follow you . If your student fails, don’t interrupt our process . ”


Mu ChangYan said,


– “I don’t need to know who you are and what your background is . Now, it’s as easy for me to kill you as singing the ABC’s . ”


An Zheng smiled a bit,


– “The black mark on the left of your neck is spreading nearly to your ear . If I’m right, when that mark spreads to your forehead, it will be the time that you will die . Therefore, you cannot live for much longer . Once you die, the people who used to be bullied by you will take their revenge madly on those who are related to you . At that time, can you still protect Xiao QiDao?”


Mu ChangYan turned pale, and he did not know what else there was that he could have said .


An Zheng said,


– “Don’t think that you are very strong now so that you can be perverse to me like that . I used to stand at the place where you could not possibly reach even if you knew how to fly . Therefore, you do not know how to practice much better than me, and it is obviously impossible for your men . ”


He turned back and left, Mu ChangYan asked,


– “If it was not because you knew that I had cared about Xiao QiDao, would you have told me these things?”


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An Zheng replied while saying,


– “I obviously do not dare to . ”


Mu ChangYan suddenly shouted out:


– “It’s very good! I will carefully keep in mind this bet . Every half year, I will let my students compete with you . If my student loses, I will give you whatever it is that you want . If you lose, you will come to my academy to become a janitor . ”


An Zheng said,


– “Although you ask us to clean your foot, it will be fine . ”


Mu ChangYan turned back angrily and went into the academy . He did not look back . However, from faraway, Ye Aunty’s face was not very good .


Many disciples of the Illusory academy stood at the door and gawked . They did not know who this youth was because he obviously had drawn their landlord’s attention . Most of them thought that he was so bored of living that he had said such words .


An Zheng did not care about them . He walked to the yard of TianQi Martial School . He looked at the signboard and sighed,


– “It’s really a devastated place . ”


A ragged old man was standing in front of TianQi Martial School’s door . He looked at An Zheng as if he was looking at a fool,


– “Child, don’t you see that you are so extravagant? This Martial School was destroyed a very long time ago . Except for me, an old watcher here, no one else comes here even to teach . All the teachers of this school went to the opposite school to teach… on what basis do you dare say that you can practice better than their students?”


An Zheng replied,


– ” How long has it been since you last ate meat?”


The ragged old man thought carefully for a while,


– “About three or four years, since the landlord had killed the head of this school, this place fell into decay afterwards . Our head tried to keep this school because he wanted to remind people of the Illusory Perennial Domicile in avoiding the landlord . Moreover, I could still have been alive until now because of my appearance which has brought out its devastated style . ”


An Zheng gave the old man a silver bar,


– “Take this to buy some meat . ”


The old man was surprised,


– “And what’s next?”


An Zheng smiled a bit,

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– “After that, hire some people to clean this place . You will buy new clothes and take a shower . In the past, your appearance was of a devastated school . From now on, you will have the appearance of a prosperous one .


The old man asked,


– “Are you serious?”


An Zheng,


– “You may think that I am boasting, but at least you are going to have meat and wine to enjoy in the near future . ”


He stood up weakly,


– “It is fine . I will see it my dream . ”


An Zheng and the other people came in and they realized that that wild grass in the yard had already grown up to one’s waist . The classrooms were not too bad, but they were really dirty . They found a place in the yard to sit down, and then An Zheng talked to them sincerely,


– “From now on, we will live here . However, I would like to ask you again, and I need you to reconfirm your decisions because this will affect your wish and future . ”


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Du ShouShou raised his hand,


– “An Zheng, I follow you, and my future will also rely on you . ”


– “Qu Liu’er looked down, and she sometimes looked back . Qu FengZi was standing outside, and he did not know what to do . He wanted to take Qi Liu’er back, but he still hesitated . After a while, she bit her lips and said,


– “I don’t want to practice, and I don’t want to go to the Illusory academy either . If I have to choose, I would rather stay here than go there . ”


Xiao QiDao also imitated Du ShouShou . He raised his hand,


– “Bro An Zheng, Xiao QiDao will follow you, too!”


An Zheng held Xiao QiDao and put him on his thigh,


– “You’re still young . Therefore, you must ask your mother’s opinion . ”


At that time, Ye Aunty came in . She looked at An Zheng once, and then she moved to another direction . An Zheng carried Xiao QiDao with him . Xiao QiDao also understood the situation very well, so he just held An Zheng’s neck and kept silent .


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– “Why?”


Ye Aunty turned back and looked at An Zheng . She asked only one question .


An Zheng returned Xiao QiDao to Ye Aunty, and then he jumped on the rock next to him . He picked up a blade of grass and put it in his mouth . He thought for a while and said,


– “Before answering your question, I would like to ask you . What kind of person do you want Xiao QiDao to become? In the past, you didn’t want Xiao QiDao to practice . Moreover, because you knew that the underworld was very dangerous, you were afraid that Xiao QiDao could not suffer from difficulties once he threw himself into this world . Am I right?


– Later on, you had changed your mind . You must have seen that Xiao QiDao was potentially talented . If you had not allowed him to practice, you would have been totally unfair to him . Moreover, Xiao QiDao had a mother who was also in the underworld, so how could he have stayed away from it? Therefore, I really want to know what kind of person do you want Xiao QiDao to be? If you only want him just to be stronger, you can take him to Mu ChangYan so that he can be trained directly . At least no one in the Illusory Perennial Domicile is stronger than Mu ChangYan .


– However, I truly hope that Xiao QiDao will not be affected by the bad environment in this Illusory Perennial Domicile . ”


An Zheng looked at Ye Aunty,


– “I have finished my words . I hope to have your answer . Actually, in your opinion and Xiao QiDao’s, I am only the outsider . You actually do not need to answer my questions . ”


Ye Aunty thought for a while and asked,


– “How about you? What kind of person do you hope that Xiao QiDao will become?”


An Zheng replied,


– “He must be capable and responsible, and he must be able to drive away evil spirits by his right way . ”


Ye Aunty shook her head,


– “I just only hope that he will have enough capacity to protect himself and will not be harmed . ”


An Zheng said yes shortly,


– “It’s very good! It was my fault . Just take Xiao QiDao back . ”


He jumped down and held the blade of grass in his mouth . He put his hands inside of his pockets and walked away . His manner looked too painful to describe . Maybe in the eyes of normal people, An Zheng’s manner at that time was most likely to have been a naughty child’s . However, in Ye Aunty’s eyes, An Zheng was like a saint who walked against evil . That was the repugnance, the right repugnance .


– “An Zheng!”


Ye Aunty called him,


– “If one day I fall into an unexpected situation, will you protect Xiao QiDao?”


An Zheng stopped and looked back,


– “Like my brother . ”


Ye Aunty put Xiao QiDao down . She pointed to An Zheng and said,


– “QiDao, listen to me . Follow brother An Zheng to practice . This practice, not only will it help you become stronger, but it will also strengthen your mind . Brother An Zheng is a trustworthy person . You must respect him like you do with me . ”


Xiao QiDao nodded strongly,


– “Mother, don’t worry . Xiao QiDao understands and agrees . ”


Ye Aunty stood up, and she clasped her hands in front of An Zheng,


– “I don’t know who you are, and I also don’t want to know . I only hope that you will not betray Xiao QiDao’s feelings about you . You are not wrong . I am in the underworld, and I will never escape from the underworld . For Xiao QiDao’s background, I hope that you will keep it in your mind clearly, but you will not be allowed to tell anybody that… Xiao QiDao doesn’t live in that academy…”


She had not finished speaking while she became nervous .


She looked back to the Illusory academy opposite of the main street . She was frightened and angry, which was hard to describe .


– “An Zheng, would you please remember to grant privileges to Xiao QiDao . ”


Ye Aunty sat down and held Xiao QiDao tightly, and then she kissed his cheek . Her face revealed terribly unwillingness . Xiao QiDao was also full of tears, and he kissed his mother . She carried Xiao QiDao in her arms and gave him to An Zheng,


– “An Zheng, please help me to turn Xiao QiDao into a good man . ”


Having finished her words, she went to the opposite side of theIllusory academy with flare-up like lightening . However, outside of the Illusory academy was a team of black armor-equipped troops guarding there . They looked like they were made from metal . They had no mercy . They did not look human but more like killing machines .


The horses they were riding on were not also common equipment . Each horse had a horn . When the horses neighed, they showed up their tusks .


– “Refine Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry of Yan Kingdom . ”


An Zheng reacted a bit slower than Ye Aunty did . Anyway, his cultivation base now was still too inefficient . However, just glancing at them, he could recognize who the troops were . They were the troops of the Yan Kingdom . The Yan Kingdom had sixteen states and one hundred twenty six districts . Although it was small, it was seen as one of the strongest countries in the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan . The soldiers of the Yan Kingdom were famous for their aggression and fearlessness . Moreover, the Refine Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry were the most horrible of them all .


People said that a battalion of one thousand eight hundred Refine Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalries could have destroyed an army of ten thousands soldiers .


The general used a long javelin to point to the Illusory academy:


– “G?ngz? (1) Mu! Do you still want to hide in there instead of going outside and see us? If you still don’t want to see me, I will destroy your academy!”


(1) G?ngz?: Mister . This is an ancient way people use to call a person in ancient China .

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