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Repugnant Gateway - Chapter 72

Published at 25th of July 2019 10:27:12 AM

Chapter 72

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An Zheng didn't wait for long, he didn't see the assistant minister who is in charge of Martial Arts Academy . When he saw General Wang Kaitai yesterday, Wang had said that the Assistant Minister Chen Zaiyan would see him personally . Shortly after Hao Pingan left, a general dressed in armor came to the small garden to find An Zheng and Du Shoushou . He led them to the martial arts academy .

An Zheng and his friends had other choices as well . Theer are countless sects in Fanggu City, and all had deep backgrounds . Apart from these sects, there were also many official schools . The most famous of them was the Great Cauldron Academy, which was opened by the Great Yan royals, the School of Tranquility School .

However, An Zheng chose the Martial Arts Academy, so Du Shoushou naturally wouldn't choose to go elsewhere .

It was said that the autumn harvest ceremony was a rare opportunity for the lower disciples of the Yan, but in reality, this opportunity was still extremely slim . Most of the geniuses that gleamed with stars in the autumn ceremony came from these large sects or academies . Everyone knew that the Great Yan would recruit if he succeeded in the Autumn ceremony . There was no sect that could resist this temptation . The disciples of their sects becoming a pillar of the imperial government were not as simple as the light in their faces .

At the beginning, the autumn harvest ceremony was simply a simple selection, because after the young talents entered the imperial court, they were quickly reused . Thus, the various yamen of the imperial court began to stare at this method .

As for the successive wars, not only were the troops lacking people, all of the ministries were lacking . Once they joined the military, they would be the fastest way to ascend the battlefield and perform meritorious deeds .

The general who was responsible for bringing An Zheng to the Martial Arts Academy was Fang Daozhi . He was not very old, and he looked to be about twenty-five or twenty-six . However, the armor on his body told the others clearly that he was a regular fourth grade General Eagle .

""The Martial Arts Academy never accepts trash and doesn't accept people who enter through the back door . ""

Fang Daozhi was a cold and indifferent temperament, and he didn't seem to pay much attention to others' feelings .

He walked, and An Zheng followed, and his words were always so annoying .

""So I don't have any good impression of you two . ""

Fang Daozhi stood still, looking back to them, ""You should know very well that the most direct way to get into the Martial Arts Academy is to go to the frontier and fight the enemy true saber and gun, and accumulate enough military merits to get the recommendation of the army . And for the person who dreamed of this dream, none of the hundred people would succeed . There are many reasons, the biggest reason is that they died in battle before they could accumulate enough military work . ""

""I don't know why you guys are directly recruited into the Martial Arts Academy, and even the selection process can be ignored . I believe that the Ministry of Military is impartial, and I believe that the Martial Arts Academy is still impartial, so I force myself to believe that you were special . But even so, I still feel you're thieves . You forcibly stole some of the spots from the young people who worked side by side in the border . ""

He turned and said, ""I'm done with my words . You shouldn't be happy, but it doesn't matter . I didn't plan on making you like me because I don't like you . ""

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An Zheng said calmly, ""We didn't steal a few spots, we robbed . ""

Fang Daozhi stood still, and his tone became even more stern . ""I hope that you can rob in a right way . ""

An Zheng said, ""So I'm not planning on going to the Martial Arts Academy . ""

Fang Daozhi frowned . ""You should know what it's like to defy a military order . ""

An Zheng said, ""I don't know what it is . I just don't want people poking my spine . "" If the military doesn't trust the recommendation of the military, then it's not that you're harsh or cold, but you are arrogant . I don't change my mind about someone, even if you're a fourth-grader, General Eagle . I don't go to the Martial Arts Academy right now because I want to give you a few more chances to change my destiny . We will participate in the assessment . If we enter the Martial Arts Academy with our own strength, I believe you will shut up . ""

As he walked, he said, ""If we're eliminated like you said you didn't have the skills to get in the back door, wouldn't that be a good thing for the general?""

Fang Daozhi's body flashed as he tried to stop An Zheng . His eyes were filled with fury, ""Do you know the consequences of this? You're acting in defiance of the rules of the troops and disobeying orders . ""

An Zheng said, ""Do you know why I entered the Martial Arts Academy? You think I want to change my fate? No, I went into theMartial Arts Academy just to prove a dead man's perspective . I can still live well if I don't enter the Martial Arts Academy . However, those fringe brothers didn't enter the ,Martial Arts Academy, they had no chance of life changing . I can spar with them in fair way . Of course, I won't try to lose to anyone . ""

Fang Daozhi didn't understand what An Zheng was trying to say . After all, Qiu Changchen's matter had not been understood . He was one of the martial generals left behind by Iron Flowing Fire, didn't go south with the troops this time . He was already full of anger, and his temper was even greater .

""If you do that, aren't you afraid that I will kill you in the military law?""

he asked .

An Zheng replied, ""That only shows that you are not worthy to stay in the military, and I'm sorry about the eagle suit armor . ""

Fang Daozhi laughed out loud in anger, ""Alright, then let's see what skills you have . I'll wait for you at the exam grounds of the Martial Arts Academy . ""

An Zheng and Du Shoushou waled away, ""No, you wait for me at the podium . ""

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Du asked, ""Why fight with that general?""

An Zheng answered, ""First, we don't want them to say that we're in the Martial Arts Academy because of our relationship . Second, I have to pay Qiu Changchen up for the promotion . ""

Du Shoushou said, ""Anyway, I don't understand all of this . Just say what you want . However, it was really good to be able to go in alone . It was easier for people to talk to each other, and also to exchange blows with the examinees . We've been cultivating in Fringe City for three and a half years, so let's test out our own strength . ""

The two of them left the ministry and returned to their residence .

Fang Daozhi looked at An and Du, then suddenly smiled, ""I hope you two don't forget your big words . Sometimes, you have to stand up straight to prove yourself . As I said, I don't doubt that the fairness of the Military Ministry and the Martial Arts Academy . I just hope that the two of you will stand up straight like now, not afraid of being stabbed . ""

Hao Pingan, the minister of the Military Ministry walked up to him and coughed . ""I really shouldn't have left you . When will you finish throwing this resentment?""

Fang Daozhi shrugged his shoulders . ""Sir, if I went to the southern border to fight with the people of the You Country, there shouldn't be many military merits . ""

""Certainly not . ""

""So I stayed in the military . you won't raise my salary or official . How can I don't have any complaints?""

""You are the fastest-promoting person in the Kingdom of Great Yan . Twenty-four years old and has been in the army for four years, you are already a fourth grade General Eagle Young Master .

""You shouldn't have said that . If General Fang Zhiji allowed me to join the army before I turned twenty, I might be in the second rank . ""

Fang Daozhi turned to leave, ""So, my lord, aren't you going to treat me to drink and make up for it?""

Hao Pingan shook his head . ""I can't afford it, my salary has long been used up . ""

Fang Daozhi was stunned for a moment . He suddenly remembered the military-supported maintenance center for the heavily injured soldiers in the wars . The salaries of this second rank official, Hao Pingan, had been sent to the maintenance center to improve the lives of the wounded soldiers .

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Fang Daozhi said with a bitter smile, ""My salary is almost gone, but I can buy two jugs of liquor and a roast goose . ""

Hao Pingan said seriously, ""Roast goose? Three jugs of liquor! ""

It was only noon when An Zheng and Du Shoushou returned to their place, where the big men were practicing . These big men were actually not disciples of Heavenly inspiration Sect, because none of them could cultivate . But the Endeavour gave them the right way to practice their bodies, so their fighting strength was much stronger than the usual martial arts . These people all had the same origin, and they were all settled by An Zheng .

There was no war between the State of Zhao and the Yan Country, but there was friction with the country of Zhuo . These burly men had people from the State of Zhao, Yan and Zhuo, but they were all poor people who lived on the border . They are not evil, they have to rob the wealthy in that environment, but they never hurt . These people could be saved, so they were all saved .

Using his brain, An Zheng could earn money easily . Therefore, during the three and a half years in Fringe City, An Zheng had accumulated a huge fortune .

An Zheng said, If a good man is to suffer from poverty, he is not willing to be good . So the good people must have wine and meat and money, live comfortable .

""Don't enter the Heavenly Defying Seal these days . ""

An Zheng said, ""This is Fanggu City, not Border Town or the Illusionary City, and there are many experts here . As long as we use the heavenly defying seal, they'll be detected . ""

Du Shoushou nodded . ""I'll spar with them for the next few days before the assessment . ""

Although he was still young, he liked to drink with the big men the most . Now that Du Shoushou was scrawny, the number of times the burly men fell down was more and more . He was naturally straightforward and distrustful, and everyone liked him .

""Go . ""

An Zheng patted Du's shoulder . ""Go buy a few sheep in a while and roast it in the yard and drink it tonight . However, it was still the same rule . Who was the cause of the ruckus and killing without amnesty . This is the Great Yan, but I don't do things according to the laws and rules of the Great Yan . I only follow the rules of the Heavenly inspiration Sect . ""

Du Shoushou said, ""Sure, don't worry . Don't you know these guys? No one can do anything that's messy .

He called out to them and ran off to wrestle the men .

When An Zheng reached the door of his room, he saw Qu Liuxi straightening his house through the window, folding his clothes and the bed being clean . He didn't care where he lived, and the sheets had never been more than seven days away and they'd be washed clean .

An Zheng wanted to say hello, but he was afraid that Qu Liuxi would blush, so he stood in the doorway and silently looked at her . When Qu Liuxi had finished packing up and prepared to leave, An Zheng left .

Gu Qianye was sitting on the far wall, holding a jug of wine and swinging his beautiful legs . He then curled his lips and said, ""What a troublesome two people . They're not happy and look tired . ""

She leapt down from the wall and Old Huo leaning against the wall, drinking from a jug .

""Lord, you're going to scare me . You obviously don't understand cultivation, why are you walking without even a single sound . ""

Old Huo: ""Bah, I walk very loudly . You can't hear me . You're all thinking over there, why are you acting like this?""

Gu Qianye wouldn't blush . She smiled openly . ""That boy is very handsome, so I look at him . ""

Old Huo: ""I've got the drug . You can put it in the wine pot and drink that kid . If he's been dazed and you can do anything . ""

Gu Qianye: ""Master, you're a bit of an old fool . Even if I want to take someone from Liuxi, I'm still taking in the fair way . ""

Old Huo nodded . ""I respect you as a man . ""

Gu Qianye leaned forward and said, ""Do you have the drug?""

Old Huo: ""Cough, cough …""

And he left .

Gu Qianye raised an eyebrow . ""Maybe you're old, but your face may not be as thick as mine . ""

She skipped away, as if she'd forgotten her displeasure . "

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