Repugnant Gateway - Chapter 73

Published at 25th of July 2019 10:27:11 AM

Chapter 73

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However, in just one day, everyone nearby knew that a group of rugged men came to Fanggu City would help the old lady across the street . After helping the old granny, she began to beat people up in the street and beat up a few . It was said that the person who was beaten up on the day went to Fanggu goverment to complain . Fanggu goverment had also sent people to their apartments, but they did not wait for anyone to return . Later, they heard An Zheng had gone to the Military Ministry and then to the Martial Arts Academy .

Fanggu govermant's people waited for a full hour before they returned . They could only go back and tell An Zheng to come to the magistrate court .

An Zheng must go, though he didn't like that place .

It was true that the capital officials were arrogant . And who could become a local magistrate in capital? Of course it's the people who know the most .

In the six ministries of the capital, officials wearing red official clothes were able to easily meet a few of the rank 4 and 5 people in the street . If he couldn't handle these yamen, he wouldn't be able to handle the magistrate of the Fang clan . Everything had to be considered to be thorough, and it would come from both sides . Therefore, the Prefect of the Fang Gu Prefecture could never underestimate them . This was because those who sat on this official position would often rise up quickly . To say that he could not change his body, he became a important official in the imperial court .

However, the current magistrate, Xu Zhengsheng, was quite unlucky because he had caught up with a bad time .

Ever since the death of the King, the Empress Dowager had taken over the imperial court, and all of her rights had been taken over by the Su family . There was no way the imperial government could give Xu Zhengsheng any place to go . So no matter how good he was, he had little chance of promotion . When he had just entered the Prefectural Prefectural Insion, Xu was in high spirits . Because he knew very well that as long as he did well, he would soon be transferred to a higher position .

Zhuge Yan, the right prime minister, had been transferred up from the location of the magistrate's manor . At the most glorious time, the sect had been born in the wilderness . However, as soon as Empress Dowager Su was in charge, Zhuge Yan's rights gradually disappeared . The imperial court's power gradually moved to the hands of lest Prime Minister Su Mao . Empress Dowager Su's two younger brothers, Su Mao, was top officials of the civil service . It was said that soon her other brother, Su Zong, was to be appointed general, and that his rights were above general Fang Zhiji . The key point was that the two brothers were not even with her blood, and her real brother was king of Zhao .

Who is Fang Zhiji? It was a grand character that had been personally invited by the previous king, and that was called being a byword . And who was Su Zong? It is said that he did not understand lead soldiers .

Therefore, Xu Zhengsheng was very annoyed . She felt that she should think of some way to get out of this annoying Fanggu goverment . He'd made a lot of money these days, and he'd made a lot of things, but he hadn't heard anything .

Now he was annoyed by Gou Zhanli's affairs . He wished he could tear away the peaceful struggle that had just appeared .

But he couldn't, because he hadn't figured out what An Zheng was, and why he had attracted such attention . During the war, the troops were the heaviest, so Xu Zhengsheng didn't dare to take the risk of favoring him in the slightest . Besides, Gou Zhanli was still in the prison, and he had sent people twice to get back . This morning, he heard that An Zheng had leveled up the Dafang agency with people . He hadn't even left a single person, and all of them had all gone .

How could a young man from the outside world have such guts if he didn't have a hard background?

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Therefore, when the people outside came in to talk about the dispute, Xu Zhengsheng, even if he didn't want to see this young man, had to welcomed him personally .

The light in the living room dimmed a little, so that when Xu Zhengsheng saw An Zheng, he looked at it carefully for a moment . He had heard that An Zheng was a teenager, and he hadn't thought of being this young . He looked to be sixteen or seventeen years old . But An Zheng's face was slightly older, but he was only fifteen .

""My lord . ""

An Zheng bowed .

He had an official position on him . Although he wasn't in the military, he was still at level six . A rank six official who sees a rank five official doesn't need to bow in respect .

""As expected of young talent . ""

Xu Zhengsheng gave a sincere smile and quickly walked two steps forward to support An Zheng's arm with his hands . ""You don't need to be so courteous . Please come here and just understand the case . ""

""My lord is the leader of the people of Fanggu City . You must have a busy official business, and you can also take the time to personally receive a lowly position . This humble position is truly shocking . ""

Xu Zhengsheng's impression of An Zheng was greatly improved . He thought that An Zheng was a person who was domineering and domineering . After meeting him, he felt a bit more comfortable in his peaceful manner .

""Ai, I really do have a few things in this seat, so it's fine for my opponent to teach me … Gou ZhanLi is such a heaven defying scum, and I can't blame him . Luckily, you noticed this person's sinister nature . Otherwise, how many people would be killed? ""

An Zheng sighed and said, ""You don't know who's good, but no one would have thought that such a thing would happen . I just arrived in the capital and gave my lord a lot of trouble, I'm really sorry . ""

Xu Zhengsheng hurriedly said, ""Being an official in the same dynasty, you are so polite . ""

An Zheng put a box on the desk and said, ""This is some of the local specialties from the south . It's not much of anything, but it's rare in the capital . ""

Xu Zhengsheng's smile became even brighter . ""Why are you being so polite? Since you know me, we should meet more in the future . Don't you think that you're too polite?""

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An Zheng said, ""Yes, I won't dare to make another trouble next time . ""

Xu Zhengsheng laughed out loud, ""Alright then, since it's just some local specialty, I'll accept it . I've arranged for a banquet in Deyue restaurant, I will go with you . I'll introduce some of my colleagues to you . After that, everyone is familiar . ""

Of course, An Zheng wouldn't have fallen out with the Fanggu Goverment this early . He wanted to make use of this guy to confuse his own background .

""Look, I've just went back from the Martial Arts Academy, then come to the magistrate court . I haven't even changed my clothes . May I go back and change clothes first, then wait for your lordship at Deyue restaurant? ""

Xu Zhengsheng laughed, ""That's good . Since it's like this, go back first . We'll meet later . ""

An Zheng got up and left, smiling when he went out .

He just gave something, and this guy didn't say anything about Gou Zhanli . In fact, he was very clear that he had crippled Gou, and Xu Zhengsheng was uncomfortable . If he wasn't close to Xu Zhengsheng, it would be strange if he could be a head constable . However, Xu Zhengsheng was not a waste idiot . He knew the seriousness of things . An Zheng gave him a step down, and of course he came down the steps .

In fact, from entering the door to leaving, An Zheng and Xu Zhengsheng didn't even say too much . However, this process was very important .

After An Zheng left, Xu Zhengsheng opened the gift box and discovered that there was an East Pearl and an account book .

The East Pearl was the size of a child's fist . Without thousands of silver taels, it would not be able to buy it . Xu Zhengsheng was very pleased with the generous of An Zheng . As he opened the ledger his face changed again, it's from the Dafang agency . It was clear that he had taken a lot of money from the agency . When, how many times, it was clear .

""Gou Zhanli, you bastard!""

Xu Zhengsheng slapped the table and walked around the room several times .

The door creaked open and someone from outside entered the room . Private assistant Liu Sui came in . He immediately closed the door after seeing Xu Zhengsheng's appearance . ""What happened?""

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Xu Zhengsheng pointed at the account book on the table . Liu Sui quickly walked over to pick it up and look at it . When he saw the East pearl, he understood what was going on . ""did An Zheng sent over this?""

Xu Zhengsheng said, ""He personally sent it . ""

Liu Sui let out a long breath, ""That's alright, it means that this young man knows the seriousness of the situation, and also understands how to act . He personally sent the account book to you, and added an East Pearl . His attitude was clear, he didn't want to have any irreconcilable conflicts with you . Therefore, stop this matter of Gou Zhanli . ""

Xu Zhengsheng said, ""I also think so . This An Zheng has personally come to the door . He has a very high regard for me, and his manners and demeanor also have the bearing of a name . His background is not uncommon . If he handed the book to the troops, it would be a robbery for me too . Empress Dowager Su was afraid that her subordinates didn't have much of an official status . She wanted to arrange a person for herself at the same time as she wanted to see the sewing . If I fall, the empress dowager's people will immediately be the magistrate . ""

""So, this person can be a friend . ""

Liu Sui said, ""There seems to be an uncountable attitude towards the age . This kind of age is impossible without the cultivation of a great family . Therefore, I still feel that we should contact this person more and be at least friendly . ""

Xu Zhengsheng nodded, ""Go send someone to the Deyue Restaurant to change the menu . I've set a table of ordinary dishes before, telling the people of Deyue Restaurant to change into the best . ""

Liu Sui bent over and said, ""I'll make the arrangements . ""

He took two steps, then turned around and said, ""Gou Zhanli, you can't leave this person alive … I can go to the troops and send some silver into the prison, let him die there?""

Xu Zhengsheng waved his hand, ""Go ahead and arrange it . This ingrate is ungrateful . Without me to take care of him, can he have today? He actually dares to remember my accounts? He obviously doesn't have a good heart . ""

Liu Sui nodded, ""Sure, then I'll make arrangements as soon as possible . ""

On the street, An Zheng and Du Shoushou walked side by side .

""An Zheng, why did you send that rotten thing the east pearl? That fellow must be a corrupt official, how else would he be able to support a subordinate like Gou Zhanli? ""

Du Shoushou asked .

An Zheng asked, ""Should corrupt officials like this die?""


""But I can't kill him right now because he will involve us all . You and I think of Xu Zhengsheng as an enemy, but because of that East Pearl and account book, Xu Zhengsheng no longer treats us as enemies . ""

An Zheng said, ""Let the enemy treat us as friends, It's just a East Pearl . With the group divided into groups, Xu Zhengsheng would most likely be in contact with a corrupt official as well as him . All of the men in the Military Ministry were real men . Later on, Xu Zhengsheng gave us information . We can understand more news and insider information in Fanggu . What a good spy, this East Pearl worth it! ""

""Isn't there another account book? That's Xu Zhengsheng's life,"" Du said .

""It's a fake . ""

An Zheng samiled, ""The book was written by crazy Qu . ""

""Oh my god, you're not afraid of him finding it's fake . ""

""Do you think Xu Zhengsheng will remember how much money he gets from the agency?""

Du gazed blankly for a moment, then slapped An Zheng's shoulder and said, ""F * ck me … Old fox!""

An Zheng laughed, ""You're too polite . There's no room for a man like Gou Zhanli to live . Make Xu Zhengsheng to kill Gou Zhanli, even better than we do it ourselves . ""

Du Shoushou said, ""Why didn't I find you were so sinister?""

""How can I let you see things like that? You were thrown a rock in the toilet last time, I won't say anything . ""

Du Shoushou said . ""Um, right . . . Holy sh * t!"" You threw the rock! ""