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Repugnant Gateway - Chapter 74

Published at 25th of July 2019 10:27:09 AM

Chapter 74

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Gu Qianye once asked An He a question … Are you a good person?

Anjou did not answer .

Perhaps men and women don't think the same of good people, especially in some ways .

For example, when a woman seriously tells a man that you are a good person, she usually means that I don't think much of you .

However, Gu Qianye's good person question did not mean that .

She was very curious about the peaceful disposition of the world . She was clearly a good person, but why was her methods so cruel?

Many times, the methods used to fight for peace were even more brutal than the methods used by bad people .

Actually, Gu Qianye also had an answer in his heart .

An argument is better for a good person than a good person .

An argument is worse for a bad person than a bad person .

So this was a very, very attractive man, even though he was only fifteen years old .

By the time An Zaiyue returned to his residence, the Tian Qi Sect's sign was already hanging at the entrance .

This sign was made by someone when An Zeng was in Fringe City . They had arrived at the capital thousands of miles away on the way .

The two men stood on the ladder, polishing the plaque, and when they saw Anjou, they quickly greeted him .

The people in the outside world were curious as to the origins of this Celestial Sect .

Hundreds of people had entered the city, and those sects that had so many disciples were truly not to be underestimated .

However, the truth was that there were only a few people in the Heavenly Awakening Sect .

As the Sect Leader, thin Du and his husband, as well as the sect's head steward, he did everything in his power .

As the Sect Leader and Mister Jia's steward, he served the disciples quite comfortably .

Just as An Zizheng was about to enter, he suddenly felt a killing intent behind him .

Killing intent was actually very mysterious .

To give an example … Six years ago, the general carefully selected one thousand and eight hundred people .

Six years later, Iron Liuhuo had a total of 3,600 people .

After reconstructing the Flowing Fire of Metal, Fang's confidante said only that he was training in the army and left the capital with 1,800 Flowing Fire of Metal . No one knew where he had gone .

It was summer when they returned, but when they entered the city, everyone felt a chill run down their backs .

That night, Iron Liuhuo was examined by the King of the Yan on the city's drill grounds .

After Duke Yan left, Tie Liuyan immediately slept on the drill grounds .

Some handicapped veterans who were in charge of daily necessities said to someone later … That night, within a kilometer of the drill grounds, there wasn't a single mosquito .

An Zhe felt the killing intent . He was once the head of the Great Yue State, so he was more sensitive towards killing intent than others .

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But when he turned around, the killing intent was gone .

Not far away, he saw a guy in white clothes holding an oil-paper umbrella, looking at him from the corner of the street .

The last rays of the setting sun were still there, and the sky was clear without rain .

The man held up an umbrella .

When he saw this person, An Zhe suddenly wanted to curse .

He let him in first, then walked alone in that direction .

Skinny Dean didn't know what was going on, so he stood guard by the door to watch the fight .

""I thought you were dead somewhere . ""

An Zui said as he walked .

That person smiled and replied, ""After analysing the situation, I will live longer than you . ""

And you were dead, if I wanted to . ""

""What are you doing here?""

That person said very sincerely, ""I miss you . ""

An Zhan said, ""Scram . ""

That person shrugged his shoulders . ""This doesn't seem to be how the famous sect master An treats his guests . ""

""The ghost will not disperse . ""

He then pointed to his residence, ""Do you want to come in and have a seat? If you don't want to, then don't force me . ""

That person put down the oil-paper umbrella . It turned out to be Chen Shaobai, whom he hadn't seen for over three years .

""Forget it . You know that I'm not that Chen Shaobai, but if Skinny Du doesn't know, then how troublesome would it be to explain?""

There's a barbecue stall at the corner . Do you want to go? ""

""Scared of you?""

Ann went back first to talk to Skinny Du, saying he was a friend, and then she would explain it to him .

Then, the two of them went around in a circle and arrived at a barbecue stall far away .

""Is this the street corner you were talking about?""

""I didn't say which street . ""

Chen Shaobai sat down and greeted the boss, ""Two big waists . ""

An Zeng looked at the monster and said, ""Why don't we add two Yang Bao?""

Chen Shaobai: ""Oh, you're at a loss too . ""

An Zeng rolled his eyes at him, ""Why did you come to Fang Cengcheng?""

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Chen Shaobai: ""Doing business . ""

He ordered some cold dishes and fifty meat skewers, then ordered a pot of wine, ""Let's talk about you first . Didn't we have an appointment to have a big meal together with that Master Xu Zhengsheng of the Fang family? Why are you so happy to come out for a barbecue with me?""

""Aren't you afraid that the old master will blame you and take you all into the Fang family's prison?""

An Xuan said, ""I let Madman Qu go . This kind of thing is just a formality . ""

Madman Qu will tell them that I went to dinner with the soldiers .

""Will he really ask the Military Department?""

Chen Shaobai: ""You've been corrupted from your studies . ""

When the barbecue arrived, he lowered his head and ate without saying a word, as if he hadn't eaten in three or five days .

Such a fine young master with his elegant white clothes, eating with his mouth full of oil was so unseemly that passersby often cast sidelong glances at him .

Chen Shaobai waved to An Zeng, ""Give me your hand . I recently learned an ultimate skill at a teacher's school . I want to see how fierce your hand is . ""

Who knows how many people you've offended when you've made such a big mess the moment you arrived in Fang Gu City .

""Come, come . Today, I will give you my divination for free . ""

An Zhan stretched out his hand in disbelief, then Chen Shaobai lowered his head and wiped the oil on his mouth with his sleeve . ""You said you're so stupid, why are you still living in the Jianghu?""

An Zhan said, ""F * ck … I was too careless . ""

Chen Shaobai said, ""I heard that you rejected the military's plan to enter the Martial Arts Academy directly and insisted on taking the exam yourself?""

""You could have taken a direct route, but you chose to take a detour around the small path . Are you sick?""

An Zeng curiously looked at him, ""Why are you staring at me as soon as you arrived at Fang Shoucheng?""

You heard, you heard, who did you hear?

I didn't see many people when I entered the military . You even know what to say, what exactly do you want? ""

Chen Shaobai: ""I already said I miss you . You don't believe me?""

""Can you let people have a good meal?""

Chen Shaobai laughed heartily, ""I'm not Fang Shancheng, I've been here for two years already . It's just that you don't know about me . ""

I was in the military on the day you entered the military, and I was drinking tea in a room not far away when you spoke to the military .

I'm on good terms with Fangdao, so I know what you two said .

""Also, when you entered the magistrate court today, I was also there, so I know what you said . ""

""What a coincidence . ""

An Zhan scolded, ""If I believe you, I'll be a sledgehammer, why is it so perfect?""

Chen Shaobai laughed, ""Didn't he say it was too coincidental? Since you don't believe him, then forget it . ""

However, you and I might meet at the Autumn Festival . I just want to tell you that if you meet me at that time, you might be in trouble .

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I won't give you face . I'll beat you as badly as I can .

You say how so many coincidences, you see another coincidences .

""If you want to participate in the Autumn Festival, then I'll also participate in the Autumn Festival . This fate between us is truly wonderful . ""

An Zhan said, ""Speak human language . ""

Chen Shaobai said, ""You're not eating?""

Without waiting for an answer, he took the skewers and gnawed on them: ""I want to remind you, the Martial Arts Academy exam is nothing . Even if you barbecue the dilapidated Martial Arts Academy, it will still recruit you, because the Military Department's Minister, Hao Ping, has always been full of praise towards you . ""

However, the Autumn Ceremony was different . Everyone wanted to be the champion of those sects and academies .

""And this year, there are a lot of geniuses, as if they don't need money, grabbing a bunch of them all at once . ""

An Zeng frowned, ""So he is the Lord Minister of the War Department . ""

Chen Shaobai: ""Even if I said you're stupid, you wouldn't believe me . Do you really think that he's a sixth rank outsider?""

Forget it, I won't bother about matters of intelligence with you .

I'm here to tell you that there are only three slots in the Martial Arts Academy, so it won't be that easy for you to enter the Autumn Festival .

He always felt that he was very confident in his ability, but did you know anything about the Martial Arts Academy?

Do you know who is your competitor in the martial field?

""That's right, the people from the Martial Arts Academy are very united, but they will definitely not go easy on us . Even if it's the selection of their own people, they will still fight with the real deal . ""

As he ate, he mumbled, ""This is exactly what I like about Yan Ren . No matter how good our relationship is, as long as it involves a competition, there won't be anything fishy about it . ""

""Especially the Swallow Wu Fu, his personality is the most straightforward and adorable . ""

An Zaiyue's mind was filled with thoughts of where this Chen Shaobai came from and what exactly he wanted to do .

""You're not treating me to barbecue because you want to tell me who I need to pay attention to, are you?""

Chen Shaobai put down the skewers in his hands . ""Of course not, it was you who invited me . ""

After that, he continued to eat .

""Well, tell me who I should take note of . ""

Without raising his head, Chen Shaobai extended two fingers, ""Two more big waists . ""

An Zhan clenched his teeth . ""Give him ten!""

Chen Shaobai straightened his chest and said, ""I want to eat ten!""

A young woman who was leading the child looked at the two of them with a regretful expression . She muttered to herself, ""These two are pretty good young men . They have delicate features and a good figure . How could they be stupid?""

Chen Shaobai chuckled, ""I really can't eat ten of them . Two will do . ""

""But speaking of which, what is your cultivation level now?""

An Zhan shook his head . ""I can't say . ""

Chen Shaobai said, ""Forget it, at your age, I don't think you are too strong . ""

I won't tell anyone who is stronger in the Martial Arts Academy . You will know when you enter the Academy .

""If you can stand out among so many geniuses in the Martial Arts Academy, you only need to remember three people … One is the Great Cauldron Academy's Su Feiheng, and the other is the Supreme Dao Hall's Feng Xiuzhu . ""

""Who else?""

Chen Shaobai: ""Nonsense, of course it's me . ""

Chen Shaobai ate the last mouthful of meat and patted his belly in satisfaction, ""I'm full, thank you for your hospitality . ""

""Do you really want me to pay for the food you brought me out to eat?""

Chen Shaobai: ""You've made so much money in Fringe City, why do you care about such a small amount of money?""

Don't be so stingy, the information I've given you is worth ten thousand gold … Be careful of Su Feihun, this person … is from Empress Dowager Su's people, so there's no fairness or fairness to speak of since the beginning of the Ascension Ceremony .

""If you really meet this person, just admit defeat . ""

Chen Shaobai stood up, then he picked up the oil-paper umbrella and left .

An Zaiyue didn't understand . It was already dark . What was he thinking by holding up the oil-paper umbrella?

Perhaps sensing the doubt in An Zaiyue's words, Chen Shaobai's footsteps paused for a moment, and then he turned around: ""I lifted my umbrella because I was too handsome . Too many admiring gazes made me feel like I couldn't bear it . ""


An Xuan stood up, put down a piece of silver, and left .

He knew that Chen Shaobai came with good intentions, but that wasn't the main point . The main point was, what exactly was Chen Shaobai's identity?

Why did he always help her?

Chen Shaobai held the oil-paper umbrella and walked out of the alley . However, he did not walk into the main street and continued to walk through those small streets .

He seemed to know Fang Cengcheng very well, and he was familiar with every road .

He stopped at the back door of a big house . The back door opened with a creak . A few people came out and saw Chen Shaobai's oil-paper umbrella . They all kneeled down, ""Greetings, Young Chieftain . ""

Chen Shaobai casually waved his hand: ""Is he there?""

One of them replied, ""Yes . ""

Chen Shaobai nodded and walked into the back door .

Not long after Chen Shaobai entered, the wide front door of the mansion suddenly closed, and everyone retreated into the mansion .

The lanterns by the door were very bright, and according to the inscribed board on the door . . . Zhuge Residence .

Fang Gu City only had one Zhuge residence, and that was the home of the Right Prime Minister Zhuge Yan .

That night, the old official Zhuge Yan died .

Zhuge Yan was an expert of the Small Perfection Stage .

Beside the corpse, there was an oil-paper umbrella . On the umbrella, there was a picture of … Yaksha .

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