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Published at 23rd of April 2019 09:46:53 AM

Chapter 2


A childhood sweetheart, innocent children, this is truly a beautiful feeling between two people .

Unfortunately, Qin Xiao Ling, who had been secretly in love with her husband for a long time, was cut off by the Wen’s household halfway before she could find the opportunity to confess to him .

Although Qin Xiao Ling eventually ended up with Song Si Jie, the male lead, she was still entangled with Shen Wenhan in the two years before she met her fated person .

Otherwise, Shen Wen Han, the second male lead, would not have the opportunity to turn dark .

Just because Qin Xiao Ling decided to marry the rich Song Si Jie, Shen Wenhan wanted to prove that he was not inferior to others . This feeling continued to set up a trap in his heart .

Shen Wen Han, who should protect and become happy with his wife, didn’t only seize her family’s property but also crushed Song’s company . Finally, he imprisoned Qin Xiao Ling to stay with him, and their pure love story was changing into a heavy S’M plot .

Of course, it’s unavoidable for Wen Ru Shi to be unreasonable and making a scene, she repeatedly threatened to kill herself just like a scene we found in a drama . If it weren’t for such a bitter marriage like this, Shen Wen Han, who was a soldier before may not have done such a thing like this .

Maybe he should thank himself for not killing his wife and her family even if he went down the dark path in the future . Otherwise, no matter how much dedication Wen Ru Shi had with her work, she would be merciless when dealing with him . She hadn’t killed a second male lead before, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t do it!

Wen Ru Shi licked her lips after finishing the bowl of congee and went upstairs to dress .

Coming down wearing a set of fresh clothes, she called a driver and put all the luggage that Li Mama had prepared beforehand into the car . The driver drove slowly all the way to Shen Wenhan’s home .

Although it wasn’t proper to go to mother-in-law’s house the next day after the wedding, her husband was going to run away at this rate . It would be a joke if she was still acting to adhere to the rule at this time .

Shen Wen Han was really poor, so poor that there wasn’t even a stone road to the village . Even if it was called the countryside, it could be said that it was rather an insult to the word ‘countryside’ .

She had to ask the driver to park his car in the town at the foot of the hill and then she hired two porters and walked into the hill with a lot of gift bags in her hands .

Fortunately, she had changed into a pair of flat shoes especially for this trip, but her frail body, which hadn’t exercised much, didn’t look to be alright at all .

She walked and then took a rest until they finally arrive at Shen Wen Han’s village, where there were only thirty people in here . She looked up to the sky to see that the sun was about to set too .

Wen Ru Shi felt so tired all over her body as though something inside her body would break apart . She didn’t even know whether her feet were blistering or not . But it must be like that because it was so painful when she moved around .

Even the village’s entrance was in poor shape . There was a dog lying around the edge of the wall . It looked so skinny, you could see its bone poking out . The two porters took out a pole and skillfully drove the ferocious dog away . She and the driver followed the porter’s direction to Shen’s house after that .

“Why are you here?” The door was opened by Shen Wen Han’s sister Shen Xiang, who was stunned and looked at her with undisguised vigilance .

Shen Wen Han’s sister looked a little too young . Wen Ru Shi smiled softly and firmly pushed her aside and walked inside . “Your brother has been back for too long . I’m your sister-in-law . It’s also my right to pick him up and go home . ”

She could feel Shen Xiang stifled and watched her enter the room .

What is ‘hui men’[1]? Only the first return of the bride to her parental home is called ‘hui men’ .

This new sister-in-law was clearly reminding their family that her second brother is now a member of her family . Whether they liked to admit it or not, Shen Wenhan now has his wife’s surname on his head .

This bully is too much!

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Xiao Zhao, with his sharp eyes, found it very difficult to move around in the room . He promptly moved an old chair . The chair was old, but it had all the parts intact . He cleaned it up and put it in the courtyard .

Wen Ru Shi felt so painful that she could barely stand up on her feet, but her body was used to keep her manner perfect at all time . Therefore, she could only continue to hold herself up . However, when she saw there’s a place for her to sit, she slowly walked towards the chair and sat on it .

“What about others?” She shouldn’t abuse her legs . Wen Rushi’s mood was beginning to become much better after she had sat down . She wasn’t worried about Shen Xiang’s negative attitude and chose to not reply to her question . After all, the oldest brother was still lying in the hospital supporting by her house . Even if Shen Xiang wanted to fight against her, she should weight the pros and cons carefully .

Sure enough, Shen Xiang gave her a glare for a long time and reluctantly answered her, “Aunt Qin’s roof is leaking . My second brother goes to help them mend it . Aunt Qin and sister Xiaoling also invite us to dinner together in the evening . ”

“Having a meal together, you say…?” Wen Ru Shi raised her eyebrows . Although she knew that Shen Wen Han would most likely come across kindhearted and pure Xiao Ling in this trip, she didn’t expect it to happen so early .

She thought about it and gave a slight nod back to Xiao Zhao, who was standing near her . She said, “You can go back with the porters before the sun goes down . This place can’t accommodate many people in here . Just wait for me in the town at noon the day after tomorrow . ”

Xiao Zhao, the driver, was somewhat surprised . Because the young miss of Wen’s household was famous for her pickiness .

For such a long time, from the blind date to marriage, all that was required for him was to accompany the housekeeper, Mama Li, to get in touch with the groom’s family . Wen’s family disliked filthy . None of them had ever visited this poor Shen’s household even once .

All this time, he had been under the impression that he was following her to supervise Shen Wenhan’s return to the city with her . It never occurred to him that she would suddenly have a thought to stay here[2] .

He felt a little frightened . “How can people live here? I’ll go and get Mr . Shen back, and we will get back before dark . ”

Wen Rushi hadn’t spoken anything yet . However, Shen Xiang could not help herself, she raised her voice, “Why made you think people can’t live here!? We’ve lived here for more than ten years . Aren’t they also a human being? They are only the people in the city!” They never decided to visit even once or spoke anything about them, yet they dared to say such despicable words in front of their house . If it was not for the eldest brother, Wen Ru Shi wouldn’t even deserve her brother’s shoes!

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Wen Ru Shi frowned slightly . This youngest sister Shen seems to have a quite deep prejudice towards her . If Shen Wen Han saw her the same way, then that would be a problem .

At that moment, the door creaked open . A strong and well-built young man pushed the door while holding a toolbox in his other hand .

When he saw people standing or sitting in the courtyard, the smile on his face vanished . Then as if nothing had happened, he handed the toolbox over to his sister and turned back to say something to her, “Why are you here?”

Wen Ru Shi couldn’t help but laugh . They were really a family . They didn’t enter through the house’s door . The first question they asked her was also the same .

This was Shen Xiang’s second brother, or her new husband Shen Wen Han .

Although Wen’s household wasn’t a millionaire, her household was well-known enough in C City . There’s a reason why her father was able to see him in a sea of her marriage candidates . Because if you set aside his family’s poor background, Shen Wenhan was one of the best in term of appearance and temperament .

Especially in his dark eyes, Wen Ru Shi could almost see his unyielding and self-confidence showing in his eyes .

She leaned into the old chair and propped up her chin with one hand . She glanced at him with a smile, but it was a smile didn’t reach her eyes . She chose to not answer his question: “What do you think?” Anyway, Wen Ru Shi’s personality as being a difficult person had already been deeply rooted in the people’s heart, so it was unnecessary for her to go correct everyone’s ideas .

What’s more, different people have a different beauty . Wen Ru Shi’s face was extremely bright and beautiful, but her violent temper destroyed all that . People usually spoke from their heart . Even if it was the same body, if there were a different soul in it, people wouldn’t feel the same .

For this point, Wen Ru Shi knew this the best from her experience .

Shen Wen Han looked away . Even if she wasn’t angry because of her indifference, he would not be foolish enough to think that she had really changed her temper . What’d happened on his wedding’s day still remained fresh in his memory .

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Their parents, who had worked so hard to bring up their daughter and sons, could not even drink a cup of tea for their daughter-in-law, so they left the banquet with a loss face . This kind of thing, he couldn’t bear it either even when it was for his brother!

“Now that we are here, we will go to Aunt Qin’s house for dinner and stay in my room at night . ” Shen Wen Han said this on purpose with a burning look in his eyes causing her cheeks to flush .

“OK . ” Wen Ru Shi mentally raised her eyebrows and laughed . She wasn’t afraid that he wouldn’t make a move . So long as he was willing to talk with her, he would make a slip somewhere .

Shen Wen Han didn’t know what to say . It was totally unexpected for her to agree to stay overnight here in the mountain . He didn’t know what to say to make her annoyed at the moment .

They were married, so everything had already been settled . It was impossible for him to divorce as he afraid that Wen’s household wouldn’t support his brother anymore .

He could only grit his teeth as he carried the things she had brought into the house .

Shen Wen Han’s room only had a small double bed, which was made by carpenters in the village after their relationship was settled . Unfortunately, the new daughter-in-law didn’t come here even once, so it had been left there, occupying almost half of the room .

There wasn’t even a bench in the room, but Wen Ru Shi didn’t mind it . She sat on the edge of the bed and leisurely watched him as he piled large bags of gifts at the foot of the bed .

Being quietly watched by her eyes, Shen Wen Han began to feel uncomfortable .

They have never stayed quietly for as long as this, let alone in their poor home .


[1] 回门 (huí mén) = first return of bride to her parental home
[2] 突发奇想 (tū fā qí xiǎng) = suddenly have a thought (idiom)/suddenly be inspired to do something

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