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Published at 19th of July 2019 02:48:22 PM

Chapter 25

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XXV


How long were three years?

It’s neither long nor short . It’s probably enough for Wen Rushi to send her son to kindergarten, and follow Shen Wenhan from North to South .

Strictly speaking, she didn’t follow Shen Wenhan at all . It could be said that Shen Wenhan carried her around the world .

They traveled through the Great Rift Valley of East Africa and drove across the vast greenland . They saw herds of Antelope, beautiful cheetahs, a huge herd of elephants, cinereous vultures circling in the sky, and the enthusiastic natives of Marseilles .

They stood together in the crater of the volcano feeling the heatwave and bathed in a hot spring from a frozen and snow-covered land .

Furthermore, there were a lot of strange or fantastic stories that could be told for several days and nights, or the magnificent scenery that couldn’t be described in words . Above all things, he was always with her .

They had professional nurses following them right from the start to the end of their trip . Whether it was to plan an itinerary or coordinating her outfit, all these were done by Shen Wenhan alone .

He was always careful and harsh when it was involved Wen Rushi .

Wen Rushi was very satisfied to have a husband who was willing to put down his job and walking around with his wife on his back . Even if he had nothing and could only let her face ‘Chi Kang Yan Cai’, she would still thank God from the bottom of her heart for letting her meet him in this world . (TL: 吃糠咽菜 (Chi Kang Yan Cai) = life of poverty and hardships)

The most romantic thing in the world wasn’t that I loved you, or you just happened to love me too .

It was to love each other and willing to bear the weight of each other’s life . Whether rich or poor, sick or old, I would be by your side until the end of life .

Shen Wenhan didn’t break his promise with Wen Rushi . He did it all .

Whether it’s filial piety to her parents, stop attacking Song’s business, or show her the most beautiful scenery in the world . He did more than she ever asked for .

Over the past three years, it hadn’t only changed Wen Rushi from a beautiful young woman to a sick woman . It also transformed Shen Wenhan from a bad-tempered man into a man of indomitable spirit .

They all know that Wen Rushi’s life had come to an end .

But because of the power of love, they become powerful . At least, they begin to learn to openly accept the fact .

Death couldn’t separate people who loved each other . What separate people was the change of heart .

Wen Rushi was truly relieved that even if she was going to die, they had created many beautiful memories together . They had lived their life to the fullest in these past three years spending every minute, every second without any regret .

Shen Wenhan walked out of the airport with Wen Rushi, who was currently sleeping, on his back . Their parents and sons were already waiting outside .

This was where Wen Rushi grew up . He believed that in her last moment, she would want to come back here . He knew her so well, maybe even more than he knew himself .

Now, Wen Rushi could only wake up for one hour a day .

When Little Muhan, who was already three years old, came home from school, the first thing he did was to run to the room on the third floor to see if his mother was awake .

Because he was young, he didn’t understand why his mother was being like this . Until one day, the kindergarten teacher told the children a story about sleeping beauty .

He had always believed that his mother was a sleeping beauty since then . She needs a prince to kiss her awake, and that prince was him .

Sometimes, Wen Rushi just happened to wake up at the same time . She would caress his soft hair before saying, “Thank you, your highness . You are my prince . ” Little Muhan would be happy all day with this compliment .

Even when she couldn’t wake up, this Little Dun would still get his saliva all over his mother’s face . In the end, he was taken out by his father and got punished by writing large characters for fifty times .

In a blink of an eye, summer had come again . Summer was the season when peach blossoms were in full bloom . Shen Wenhan remembered the scene in which Wen Rushi stood proudly in front of him and scolded him . This also happened in the summer too .

At that time, it was impossible for him to imagine that one day he would love this arrogant and domineering woman more than anything else .

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Shen Wenhan smiled and carried his most precious treasure step by step towards the top of the mountain .

He had led her around the field that year . He was indifferent about her and glad to see her pain . However, he was reluctant to let her go down a step today .

He also had deliberately brought her to go fishing to see what was she going to do that year . If he lost his temper, he would throw her into the lake and left her to her fate . However, he carried her to his sacred place with great expectation .

Wen Rushi would love that place . It was the place he was supposed to take her to see a long time ago .

He walked step by step . It was as if he followed along the path of their life together . Passing through the ridge, here, he also carried her home .

There was also the lake which was actually a reservoir . They used to fight each other here . She broke his favorite fishing rod in half and then threw into the water .

The corner of his mouth turned up . Wen Rushi was so hateful at the time . Now that he thought of it, he felt like she was brimming with energy . If she could only have that kind of energy all this time…

As he reached a valley, pink petals drifting in the wind all over the mountains rose into view .

Shen Wenhan chose a hillside that had the best view . He took off his coat, laid it in the grass, and sat down with Wen Rushi in his arms .

“We are here, Wen Rushi . ” He carefully got her broken hair away from her forehead and softly whispered to her .

She leaned delicately in his arms . Her long eyelashes weren’t as thick and curly as they had once been, and there were also dark circles under her eyes . Long sleep didn’t make her feel refreshed, but it made her weaker instead .

“Do you remember that the first night we slept together, you liked to lean over and pester me?” Shen Wenhan had become accustomed to this way of chatting .

He didn’t care that there’s no response from her . He just hugged her and muttered to himself, “I should have hugged you then as I do now . It’s silly of us to miss so much time . ”

“Wen Rushi, I regret that if I have fallen in love with you earlier, maybe you wouldn’t have such a hard time . ”

He nuzzled into her hair, “Why do we waste our time getting jealous of each other? We fell for each other for a long time ago, but we didn’t know it yet . ”

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“I shouldn’t have taken you fishing at that time . Mama Li said that it took a long time for those mosquito bites to go down . I know why you didn’t use the medicine, but I was so foolish at that time to think that you wanted me to apologize . I just kept silent to annoy you .

You must be sad in those days . ” Wen Rushi’s hands were slightly cool, so Shen Wenhan tightened his arms around her .

“There are many other things that you think I don’t know . I know all about them . Linda told me all the miscellaneous things you’ve done over the years . ” Shen Wenhan gently stroked her cheek, “For five years, you hadn’t said a word about it . I don’t know whether I should feel helpless or happy because of your stubbornness . You were so sure that I wouldn’t let you down . ”

“We’ve gone through too many detours . Unfortunately, there’s no time to go back . ” Shen Wenhan smiled and looked at the beautiful peach grove under his feet . Tears continued to trickle down his cheeks .

Wen Rushi’s eyelashes fluttered before opening her eyes slowly . She heard a familiar voice, “Wenhan?”

Shen Wenhan lowered his head and secretly wiped the water stains on his face away . He answered softly, “Ah, You wake up . This is the most beautiful place in my village . Do you like it?”

Wen Rushi turned her head a little . There was only darkness in front of her . Nevertheless, she smiled at him, “I like it very much . ”

“I should have brought you here in those years . This place has the most beautiful flower sea I have ever seen . ” Shen Wenhan said . He pointed at the flower blossoms not far away from them with a smile, “When I was a child, I buried a few marbles there . I didn’t know what to do at that time . I thought I could grow a marble tree in the next year . ” Wen Rushi raised her hand to brush his arm then she took it back as if nothing was wrong with her . She looked in the direction of his finger then said, “It’s beautiful . I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than this . ”

As long as Shen Wenhan didn’t know that she was completely blind, that’s enough for her . It’s just like her choice at that time .

She smiled as if she had seen the most beautiful scenery in front of her eyes .

Although she could only imagine the sea of flowers, what did that matter? The most beautiful scenery was beside her .

Nothing touched her more than his heart .

Shen Wenhan smiled softly . His Wen Rushi was always so easy to satisfy . There were many more beautiful places than here, but this place was more special in his mind .

Here was the best wish of his youth, and this was the place he always wanted to bring his wife to see .

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Wen Rushi smiled and leaned against his shoulder before closing her eyes . The mountain breeze was cool . Her surrounding was quiet and peaceful with petals swirling freely in this cool breeze .

On this hillside, Wen Rushi was quiet as if she had fallen asleep again while she was nestling in Shen Wenhan’s arms .

It was time for her to leave . Her soul was floating in the mountains . Flowering petals passed through her body and landed on the ground .

She looked back and saw the two figures on the hillside, as well as the tears falling from Shen Wenhan’s eyes .

Her heart ached . She turned and ran to him without hesitation .

Only then could the mountains in this countryside be painted with gorgeous colors with her strong love and hatred in this world . They were all pulled out by silk of blue light a little by little .

The first time she got to know him, the first time they shared a pillow, the first time they fought, the first time they truly embraced each other… All these frames flickered through her mind leaving only black-and-white pictures in the end .

Wen Rushi ran like a mad person . Her hair blew in the wind as she was about to reach him again .

The blue light was getting brighter and brighter . It’s sweeping across the valley with its color . Just as her fingertips were about to touch his tears, the whole world turned black and white .

Wen Rushi was so stunned that Shen Wenhan was just as handsome as before, but she didn’t feel anything in her heart .

She knelt on her knees for a long time .

Shen Wenhan sat like this until sunset . He took up her body and stepped out of the valley .

She stood up and opened her communication embed jade on her wrist . It said, “Mission accomplished . ” Her familiar assistant instantly appeared before her and stretched out his hand .

This time, she put her hand into his palm .

Then they disappeared together in a flash of light .

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