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Published at 26th of June 2019 03:17:16 PM

Chapter 5

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle V


Wen Rushi always knew that Shen Wenhan had a pretty good build . Otherwise, he wouldn’t be on par with Number six . She just didn’t know when they decided to fight each other .

If it wasn’t a special case then the executors have the right to protect their privacy, they could only submit the results and omit the whole process . After all, no one could guarantee that they would never make a slip .

However, judging from Shen Wenhan’s appearance alone, one couldn’t imagine the strength this man had . It wasn’t until Wen Rushi was carried on his back that she found him full of muscle .

Her hands that were currently on his shoulder could almost feel Shen Wenha’s strength through it . When she tried to pinch his shoulder, she could feel his muscle tighten up under her hands .

Shen Wenhan paused and said lightly, “Don’t move around, or I’ll throw you into the field . ”

Wen Rushi looked sideways at the vegetable fields while looping her arms around his neck . She changed the topic, “Qin Xiaoling lives in Shen household, why does she have surname ‘Qin’, but not ‘Shen’? Why didn’t I see her father today?” In fact, she had known earlier that Qin Xiaoling was a child from a previous marriage . Not long after Aunt Qin married into Shen household, her new father died . She just wondered why she should be called Aunt Qin instead of Aunt Shen .

Okay, this’s a bit awkward .

Shen Wenhan frowned . He didn’t know why, but he didn’t like Wen Rushi to mention the Qin family in such a casual tone . Xiaoling had lost her father since she was young and was often bullied by the children in the village . If it wasn’t for the help from his parent, it was reckoned that she wouldn’t be able to support herself .

He considered her as his sister at the bottom of his heart . Both mothers and daughters who were living so hard shouldn’t be taken lightly like this: “You should ask less about other people’s affairs, otherwise…”

“Otherwise you will throw me into the field, no need to emphasize it for the second time,” The corner of her mouth twitched before she changed to another topic . “If you said that I can’t ask anything about other people, you can tell me about yourself . ”

Without hearing his answer, Wen Rushi continued to speak . Today, no matter whether he liked or disliked this topic, she would make this man opened his mouth to speke with her, “Let’s say, why did your parents give you ‘Wenhan’ name?” You don’t look delicate at all and you also don’t have that bookish feel either .

The more unhappy Shen Wenhan became when dealing with her, the more she wanted to tease him . The less he liked to mention anything, the more she liked to poke at his pain .

Wen Rushi looked up at the sky . Could it be that this time it was to love and kill each other? She raised her eyebrow, apparently, this kind of feeling really wasn’t that bad .

This time, Shen Wenhan went silent for a long time .

Wen Rushi, who was ignored by him, lay on his back while casually fiddling with the thread that came loose from his collar . Maybe she could send some clothes to please him in the future .

The cool breeze, the sound of insects in the mountains, the warmth from his body temperature, and Shen Wenhan’s pace gave people a feeling of being light shake in the cradle . Wen Rushi thought about it and soon fell asleep .

Her warm breath was blowing around his neck . Shen Wenhan noticed that the woman on his back had slept at last . He exhaled a long sigh and let his guard down .

He slowed down his pace and shifted her a bit slightly . His thoughts drifted away .

His family was poor . Both Shen’s father and mother, who was illiterate, have had enough from being uneducated . The name of the two sons of Shen household was picked by the doctor of this village’s pharmacy by the price of three kilograms of pork .

Shen Wenrui and Shen Wenhan, these two names placed great expectations on the two brothers from their parents .

He had been smart since childhood and ranked first in the exam . However, his family couldn’t afford enough money for him to go to college . Shen Wenhan felt a little ashamed of himself . His decision had broken their wish, but he had no regrets at all . If he had to ask his parents to borrow money, he would rather go out on his own . (自作主张 = to act on one’s own initiative)

He could study when he was in the army . Shen Wenhan had been self-taught University courses . He never believed that he couldn’t stand out and bring honor to his ancestors!

Unconsciously, The door to his home had already appeared in front of him . Shen Wenhan pushed the door open with one hand, and with Shen Xiang’s surprised eyes, he carried Wen Rushi into the room and gently lowered her on the bed .

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She was sleeping peacefully . The dim light shone on her curly long hair . It looked as if her hair was glowing in the dark .

Pulling the quilt over her, Shen Wenhan sat by the bed and looked at her quietly .

It seems that he had never taken a look at her eyebrows clearly . Wen Rushi had a pair of beautiful eyes . It’s a pity that when she opened them, there is always a repulsive look in them . However, they were closed now . Her long eyelashes were like a small fan, fluttery and beautiful .

Shen Wenhen didn’t know whether Wen Rushi had really changed her personality or not . Whether she was used to the way she lived within Wen household or not? But there’s one thing that wouldn’t change . He stood up and walked outside the door .

No matter what kind of woman Wen Rushi was, he would divorce her sooner or later .

It was absolutely impossible for the man from Shen household to marry into his wife’s family . That was the bottom line .

The dim light in the room flickered . Wen Rushi’s eyes fluttered open .
She could hear Shen Wenhan and Shen Xiang’s voice outside of the closed door . A moment later, she closed her eyes again . This time, she really fell asleep .

When she woke up again later, she found that the pain at her feet lessened . She felt much better now .

She could hear steady breathing on her side, so she turned sideways . In the darkness, she could only vaguely see the outline of a man . Even in his deep sleep, Shen Wenhan maintained a regular reclining position with his arms flat on his side . It was as if he was suspicious of her . If he wore his pajamas, he would probably wake up in the morning without any wrinkles on his clothes .

She pulled her collar . This guy threw her in the ** like this . He even let her sleep without even changing her clothes . Hey, she was a beautiful woman, but this wasn’t good for others to see at all .

Wen Rushi was speechless . If she wanted to change her clothes then she had to find the bag at the foot of the bed in this dark room .

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As soon as her feet touched the ground, she felt something strange on her feet . She reached out and found that it was a soft cloth .

At least Shen Wenhan knew how to dress a wound . The corner of her mouth quirked up . It seemed that her effort hadn’t gone futile tonight .

Sitting beside the bed, she thought she didn’t know where was the switch to turn on the light in this room . She had no choice but to find her way to the bag .

Wen Rushi didn’t think that this action of her had awakened Shen Wenhan, who was asleep .

In the dark, his eyes followed the figure of the woman . He watched her jump to the foot of the bed on tiptoes and squat down . He saw her looked around and pulled out something from her bag .

Then she turned back to the bed again and…took off her clothes?

His eyes flashed, but he didn’t turn his eyes away . The light in the room was very dim, so he could only see her blurred and graceful figure . Even so, every move of her figure had a unique tenderness .

In a few moments, Wen Rushi finished changing into her nightdress . She took three steps and jumped into bed in two steps . Seeing her sitting on the edge of the bed and wiping her feet . Shen Wenhan seemed to be able to imagine her frown .

After wiping for a while, it seemed that it still wasn’t very clean . Wen Rushi simply picked up the sheets that hung down from the bed . She used it to rub her feet . The corner of his mouth lifted . Shen Wenhan closed his eyes and never looked at her again .

It was a dream and yet not a dream .

When Shen Wenhan was sleeping in the state between awake and sleep, he unconsciously reached out to clasp her pressure point . He felt her smooth skin and fragrant scent floated into his nose . Only then did he wake up and lightly retract his big hand between her throat .

Wen Rushi slept soundly and wasn’t awakened by his movements at all .

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Shen Wenhan breathed a sigh of relief . He almost thought he was still in the army .

Shen Wenhan pushed her hand a little and shifted his body to leave a space between them . But not long after, he could feel Wen Rushi’s body rubbing against him as she unconsciously enveloped her arms around his waist .

Shen Wenhan gritted his teeth and had to admit that Wen Rushi had the right to be proud of her asset . He inevitably had the reaction that all normal men should have, but – he did not want to have something with her, nor to be tempted by her! Someday, he would break up with her and leave Wen household to build his own empire .

As long as they didn’t have a child named Wen, all this was achievable .

he lifted her delicate wrist and pushed her away again with one hand .

Wen Rushi seemed to hum somewhat discontentedly, and leaned back in his direction again muttering, “Cold . ”

Shen Wenhan was helpless . If it wasn’t for the woman’s steady breath on his arms, and there were no other extraordinary movements in her body, he almost doubted that this embrace was intentional .

Was it really that cold? or do wealthy people always turn on air conditioning regardless of the weather?

Damn those rich!

Wen Rushi’s mouth curved into a smile . Not all women who pretended to be asleep would be found out by men .

This was his punishment for dragging her around .

Wen Rushi was in his arms, but he could only stare at the ceiling till dawn . Shen Wenhan felt very irritable .

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