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Chapter 23

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As Page hurries down to the sub floor, she sees the puddle of blood from the zombie that fell is now spreading, almost like a plant . As she hears footsteps following she hurries through the door into a large open tunnel . Cars are scattered about, some parked, some crashed . Two cars are crashed into a large gas tanker, gasoline pouring out onto the ground .

As Page heads down the tunnel she hears someone running behind her, the door to the stairwell closing shut . She turns around, aiming her gun to an empty tunnel . Nothing but cars .

It must be that Derek look alike, Romero definitely wouldn't hide . He helped me fight that monster off but, that doesn't mean he's on my side . He hasn't shot at me yet, so I guess I should hurry to the shipyard .

As she continues walking down the tunnel her radio goes off .

"You make it to the tunnel?" Jacob asks .

"Yeah, no sign of Romero at the moment, I'm pretty sure that guy who looks like Derek is following…" Page stops walking .

"Page? You still there?"

"Yeah . . . Derek Simmons died in China right?"


" . . . When we were sent to China to help evacuate civilians, we were with Luther . What did you and Luther do when we got separated from that crash?" Jacob is is hesitant to respond, "What did you do?" She asks with a worried tone .

" . . . I led Luther to the quad tower, it was the last place Leon and Helena had been spotted . After that I secured an escape vehicle while he tried to get a sample of the virus Ada Wong had infected him with . He came back instead with Derek's body,"

Those words send a chill down her spine . She glances back to the cars behind her, she sees a head behind a car quickly ducking out of view . She quickly starts heading down the tunnel which now seems much longer and darker than before .

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"You don't think Luther found a way to bring people back from the dead do-"

Page gets cut off mid sentence as Romero comes crashing into the tunnel through a vent in the side . Romero swings his scythe limb at her, causing her to drop her radio as jumps back . She's about to run before realizing her radio's on the ground . She goes to shoot his head but he blocks . He's learning quickly, moving his scythe down to his legs to block her shots at them . She quickly goes to shoot him in the head and then back down to the legs, but those shots get blocked .

He swings his scythe limb around, but much wider than usual, causing her to get hit by the limb . She's pulled close to him as its wraps around her, trapping her right arm .

"You're gonna have to try something new," Romero says irritably as Page struggles to break free . It starts to become harder to breath as the limb tightens around her .

With her left arm she manages to grab her taser, plunging it into Romero's side . He screams in pain as his whole body is filled with electricity . His scythe limb lets her go as he stumbles back, barely catching himself as he falls to one knee . Page grabs her radio and starts running for the parking garage yards away, but the pain in her leg slows her down . Being squeezed by the limb caused the scratch to open up slightly, blood now starting to stain her pants and trickle down her leg .

Romero let's out a roar of anger as he finally recovers from the stunning pain . He starts to charge at Page . She slides over the hood of a nearby car and runs to the side . Romero runs into the car, using his scythe limb to throw the car into the air . It comes falling down with a crash, landing upside and the windows breaking . The alarm goes off, the echo if the tunnel making it a thousand times louder . They all have to cover their ears from the obnoxious noise . In a fit of rage, Romero crushes the car with his scythe limb, the alarm finally shutting up .

As Romero catches his breath from the tantrum, Page takes the chance to distance herself, running past the crashed cars and large puddle of gas . She starts shooting at Romero, managing to shoot him in the side a couple times . He starts moving towards her and the puddle of gas .

Come on, a couple more steps .

With a soft splash his right foot steps onto the puddle, then his left foot . Page shoots the puddle near his feet, nothing happening . Romero stares down where she shot and laughs .

"This isn't a movie," He says as he kicks the bullet out from the little indent it made in the ground .

As he's distracted, she quickly grabs her taser, tying the handle so the trigger is held down on its own, and chucks it at him . As the taser lands on the ground, the sparks touch the gas, which bursts into flames . Romero screams in agony as the flames engulf him . Page quickly runs away from the gas tanker, seeing the Derek look alike to her left doing the same . As Romero is burned alive the flames reach the gas tanker, exploding .

Page dives behind a car as shrapnel flies everywhere . She waits a couple seconds before standing up, having to grab onto the car for support as she stands, the pain in her leg weighing her down . She sees the ceiling above has collapsed inward, the street above visible . Romero's charred body lay under some rubble . To her surprise he starts to move, pulling himself out from the rubble, his whole body and the scythe limb still in tact .

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You've got to be kidding Me! I was hoping to save as much ammo for it as possible, but better safe than sorry .

Page puts her hanging in its holster and grabs the magnum from her bag . She holds it with two hands, aiming at Romero's head . Romero starts to talk as he stumbles towards her with a heavy limp .

"I-It . . . will take-"

Page fires, the bullet going straight through Romero's head . His corpse falls to the ground one last time .

"Finally…" Page mutters under her breath as she finally has a chance to catch it . The pain in her right leg comes back to remind her that the injury is still there .

"Hey, you alright?" Jacob's voice asks through the radio, "A part of the street just caved in,"

"Yeah, I'm alright . Blew up a gas tanker to kill your old boss,"

"Did he suffer?" Jacob asks coldly, catching Page off guard .

" . . . He, caught on fire before hand…" There's no response, "Jacob, is everything alright? You're kind of worrying me,"

"Y-Yeah . . . I just, really hated him, he was a man who abused his power, wanted to make sure he got what he deserved . You should try to see if you can find a vehicle to drive out of there, zombies are starting to move in towards the hole in the road, it really caught their attention,"

"A-Alright," Looking around, Page sees the Derek look alike . . . no, Derek, the real Derek crouched behind some large indent in the wall, a piece of shrapnel in his left leg . The wall facing the middle of the tunnel has a window that's been shattered . A first aid box sits on the wall . She glances at Derek, whose focused on the shrapnel, that's about the size of her hand, in his leg, "I'm on it, see ya at the shipping yard,"

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This man killed the president, along with thousands of other innocent lives . Why should I help him? He shouldn't even be alive…

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She stares at his expression of pure agony as he grabs the shrapnel . He takes a deep breath and with shouts and groans of pain, starts to pull out the piece . As he finishes pulling it out Page walks over to him .

"Stay here . . . I'll, bandage your wound…" Page says in a harsh tone, giving him a cold stare before walking past him and to the door leading to the room with the first-aid . He looks up at her with a confused look, wincing a bit from the pain in his leg . She enters the room and walks over to the first-aid, opening it up on a nearby table and pulling out some rubbing alcohol, cotton, and gauze . Putting some alcohol on a cotton, she takes a deep breath before rubbing it on her wound, the burning pain increasing tenfold . Throwing the cotton ball to the side, She wraps some gauze around the wound, making sure it's nice and tight .

Her wound now covered, Page takes the first-aid and heads outside, Derek nowhere in sight . The only evidence of him ever being there is the bloody shrapnel he had pulled out from his leg and some drops of blood making a trail that only goes a couple steps before disappearing .

I should have drawn my gun on him…

Page's attention is drawn to the hole in the ceiling as a zombie falls down through it . Than another, and another . She quickly speed walks towards the parking garage, unable to fully sprint from the injury . She realizes that the parking garage really is darker than the police station side as all the lights are out . She grabs her gun, turning on the flashlight as she starts to head into the darkness .

As she enters the parking garage, which is filled with tons of cars, she sees light shining on the ramp leading to the first floor . Several zombies swarm the floor she's on, and shining her light towards the ramp leading further down, she sees it's full of zombies . The sounds of the dead start to fill the parking garage, but there's also a humming of an engine . Turning to the left she sees an suv with its headlights and interior lights on . Luckily only a few zombies anywhere near it . She starts to hurry over to it when her radio goes off again .

"Page, hurry, the-!"

His voice gets drowned out by the roaring of an angry bull . Turning around she sees the mutated bull from the fields jumping down into the tunnel from the hole in the ceiling, attacking the zombies that had fallen through . It quickly takes them all out, than sees Page's light from her gun . It starts scraping one of its front hooves along the ground and snorting as it gets ready to charge .

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me," She mutters to herself right before the bull starts to charge . She runs to the car, ignoring the burning pain in her leg, and opens the driver's door . A zombie comes falling out towards her . She jumps out of the way just in time, the zombie falling down onto the ground below . Before it has a chance of trying to grab her ankles, she jumps into the car . She quickly scans the seats next to and around her for any other zombies . All clear . She jumps as the car to her left comes crashing into the side of the car she's in, slamming the door shut .

Buckling up, Page throws the car in reverse and slams her foot on the gas . As she moves backwards, she makes a sharp right . The bull comes into view of the headlights as it moves to the back of the car is just rammed into . She presses her foot on the gas once more as she straightens the wheel, putting her right arm over the side of the seat and looking through the back window as . As she's reversing down the aisle, the bull starts to charge at her . Reaching the end of the aisle, she turns left, the bull continuing to charge forward and running into the wall .

While it's stuck, Page puts the car in drive and drives past the pull and back down the aisle she was in towards the ramp . She sees a figure to the right, unable to make out the details as the darkness covers their face . They back up a bit and start running towards her .

Are they going to jump in front of me?!

As she drives past them, they jump onto the car, grabbing onto the roof rack . The light from the interior lights reveal that it's Derek . He reaches for the handle to the back passenger door . Page quickly locks the doors, Derek pulling on the handle several times, visibly irritated that it refuses to open . She quickly turns left and approaches the ramp when she sees the bull rounding the corner on the other side . She pushes on the gas as hard as she can as she approaches the ramp, the bull charging towards her . As she makes a sharp left onto the ramp she sees Derek is still holding on .

What is he even trying to do? If the bull comes near the car he'll be torn apart by its horns or tails…

As Page drives up the ramp she glances at the unlock button . Reaching the top she makes a sharp u-turn to the left and heads for the exit, which is filled with zombies . They'll pass through it in less than a minute . She unlocks the car, Derek quickly opening the door and jumping inside .

"Thanks," He says full of relief as he pulls the door shut just before they hit the wall of zombies, blood splattering onto the front and side windows . He quickly throws on a seatbelt .

"Don't, thank me," Page replies as she turns on the wipers and sprayers, "I don't want to be thanked for helping a murderer ," Finally getting some vision she sees they're about to run into another horde of zombies . She swerves to the left and drives around them, continuing down the road straight ahead . Before they drive through the intersection she sees the police station to their right .

Alright, I gotta make a left and keep going straight, but what the hell do I do about Simmons?!? I can't just bring him with me, I don't even know why he's here! I'll find some place to drop him off, somewhere out of the way .

Her thoughts get interrupted as she sees the bull in the rearview mirror, its catching up somehow . Derek notices her worried expression, looking out the back window and seeing the bull .

"Go faster!" He exclaims as he turns to Page .

"I'm going as fast as I can!" She yells back .

At this speed it's impossible to drive in a straight line from having to dodge all the zombies and cars . Reaching an intersection, she slams on the breaks as she makes a hard left, Derek being shoved against the door and Page having to hold onto the wheel with all her strength to keep herself in her seat . As soon as they turn all the way left she takes her foot off the break and slams the gas, taking off down the road . However, the road ahead is blocked off by several crashed cars, most of them on fire . Quickly approaching the barricade, Page slams on the breaks, making a sharp u-turn .

As they turn around, the headlights shine onto the intersection, showing the bull rounding the corner .

"Does that bull have a gps on us?!" Derek exclaims .

Page drives forward, swerving to the right to avoid the bull as it charges at them . The bull rams into the side of the car, causing them to turn right and drive into a nearby building with glass walls . They drive through tables and zombies, then crash into a wall .