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Chapter 6

July 1, 2013-Lanshiang, China:

With a final blow from the rpg, the monstrous creature that was once Derek Simmons is knocked off the roof, tumbling down into the depths of the burning Quad Tower . Leon and Helena watch as parts of the creature start to fall off, leaving nothing but Derek screaming in anger until he plummets onto the center pillar, it's cold, sharp, needle-like top, piercing his body .

His outer-skin splits as he lets out one last, insect-like screech before he dies, his blood filling the umbrella logo below .

"That's for my sister," Helena says, in a bitter-sweet tone as the two look down at the man who was a monster long before he had become infected .

"Come on . Let's get to the chopper," Leon says as he places a hand on her shoulder . As the two head for the helipad, Helena takes once last glance making sure he's dead . In the helicopter, Leon finds a data-chip in a make-up mirror, containing all the evidence they need to prove their innocence . As the two fly out of the burning city, a man walks into the base of the tower, a devilish grin on his face .

"There you are," Luther says as he walks up to the pillar, his footsteps making small splashes in the blood . He pulls the hookshot off his back and shoots some fallen debris up above . Giving a hardy tug, the debris refuses to budge . Attaching the hookshot to his belt he lifts himself up into the air .

"Beautiful," Luther says to himself as he reaches Derek's corpse, examining it with much delight . He hears more stuff above start to crumble away . He puts his arms under Derek's back and legs as the hookshot starts to lift him up once more . With a final tug, Luther lifts his body off of the pillar . Getting back onto the ground, Luther detaches his hookshot and drapes the body over his shoulder .

"Rest while you can," He says as he puts a gas mask over his face, "You're gonna need it," He pulls out a machine pistol as he walks out of the lobby and starts the trek back through the zombie infested city .

February 2, 2015-???:

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Everything's crumbling around me . All I can do is reach for something, anything as I fall . I feel the wind get knocked out of me as something cold pierces me in my back, the cold quickly becoming an unbearable burning pain . As I try to pull myself up I can just barely make out the silhouettes of two people at the top of the tower . Everything's becoming . . . blurry . . it's . . . getting . . . dark…

A woman's laugh, a laugh, I recognize . In the darkness I see a shimmer of red but it soon fades away . . It can't be . . . Ada . . ? As her laugh continues it starts to become a bit muffled as if she's talking to me through a phone .

"You're just becoming the monster you always were," Her voice says with a mischievous tone .

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"Ada?!" I cry out into the darkness, "Ada!"

Derek wakes up, gasping for air . He looks around to find himself in a, lab cell of some sort? The walls are all made of a light grey steel, the air frigid and the lighting rather dull despite the various amounts of lights present . He's on a bed made of similar steel, a pillow being the only non metal thing in the whole cell . A sink and toilet are on the left side of the cell, on the other side of the room from him is a wall made of thick glass, a heavy metal door on the right side with a small window for giving small objects through like food .

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It doesn't take him long to realize that he's completely naked, the cold air attacking his body . He starts to rub his arms for warmth as he sits up and places his feet on the floor, jumping a bit when the cold metal bites at them . The need to pee is enough to get him to stand up and walk over to the toilet, each step sending a shiver through his body . The air's so cold that tiny bits of steam emit from the toilet bowl as the echo from it disrupts the quiet atmosphere .

To his luck there's some soap that he can use to wash his hands with . He pulls the handle for hot water, occasionally tapping the stream with a finger to feel if it's warmed up or not . After some time it finally warms up, some steam floating up into his face as he washes his hands . After he finishes he shakes his hands to dry them off, leaving the water running so it can act as a source of heat . As he holds his hands by the stream and his face in the cloud of steam, he notices his reflection in the mirror, though the fog covering it makes it look like nothing more than just a blob .

He turns off the sink and wipes off the mirror . He's surprised at how he normal he looks . Surely the virus must have made him look disgusting, he knew it split apart his skin and muscles, he cold feel it every time . No lines on his face suggest any evidence of that though . In fact, he looks a couple years younger . His once short and combed hair is now a bit longer and unkempt . His mustache and goatee are now almost a full beard .

What the hell happened? How long has it been since I passed out? Where am I?

Derek jumps when he hears a voice to his right .

"Ah, nice to see you're finally awake," He turns to see a man with short blonde hair in a lab coat, an unnerving grin on his face, "Welcome back from the dead, Simmons," He says in a formal tone .