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Chapter 4

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On the dust, a storm formed . Inside of it, a lonely naked man cultivated in silence .

Elemental energy raged from the earth and skies . In this world, cultivation obeyed the law of the five goatees .

One needed to absorb the energies of the four basic elements of insects, blood, contemptuous judgement and borderline insanity . Absorbing a certain amount would give someone one goatee . Reaching five goatees represented glory!

Then, after absorbing them for a long while, their minds and bodies would be finally ready to go to next stage, and then absorb the 12 good fucks and 10 immature irresponsibilities .

At this stage, they would be able to become forever young, but would still have to pay a high price because of that . Every 16 years, they would have a child - and if the child died, also would their cultivation drop all the way back to ²1!

Only after so much pain, would they then be able to start to absorb the First Energies, which were the energies given of by mother's earth womb and father's sky pubes .

At this point they would be considered Immortals and capable of ascension . That was the level the Virgin and Eunuch of the Great Unhindered Sect of Face Slapping were at .

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However, there was another path beyond the womb and pube .

It was the path of the six complex elements! The six complex elements were earth, sky, sun, water, wood and Paris Hton .

By absorbing the six complex elements, one would be able to soar through the ranks and reach the level of an Immortal in only a few days!

The problem, however, laid in the method of cultivation! Paris Hton was a very volatile element, and every single one cultivator who tried to tame it had been sued, turning into poor people who never again could do a thing in their lives but have their brains mushed by earthworms!

That's why, looking at Awesome Awesomener right at that moment, anyone would say he was crazy!

First, he was absorbing the elements in a desert, with no water around! Then, he was also chasing Paris Hton away with a "leaked footage" mudra!

It was insane to think about using the forbidden "leaked footage" mudra, what more to say taking in the elements in such a fashion!

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However, Awesome Awesomener was too awesome . After opening his eyes, the primordial blood of Virgin Female and Eunuch lit up on his interior, shining brightly as if he had swallowed a sun and it was about to come out the other side! His dantian was like a scorching sun, proudly standing on top of his sigmoid colon!

A great essence was contained in this Primordial Blood, and it derived a thousand good fucks of immature irresponsibility! Thousands of children were born in a moment, and the land was filled with the stench of unchanged diapers .

The stench was unbearable, but Awesome Awesomener was undeterred . The skies revolted, and purple streams of lightning started to descend on the thousands of babies, creating a scene of unimaginable carnage!

"There's the water for you" - Awesome Awesomener said, while letting go of his "leaked footage" mudra . At that moment, the great amount of Paris Hton he had derived, now unhindered by the mudra, flooded the desert like a mountain of pure suying energy!

Then, as the rage of the skies met with the suing power of the great Paris Tsunami, an unimaginable power was born - the power of the "suying lightning!"

The babies were washed away in a moment, and the great lightning tsunami headed straight to Awesome Awesomener, intending to end his miserable life!

Awesome Awesomener grinned - "Too predictable! Take this! Art of Copyright Infringement!" - a complex law surged from his fingers, headed straight for the tsunami .

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The law and the tsunami clashed for a bit, but it wasn't for long! The tsunami managed to overcome the law!

However, it was now reasonably weakened .

- "Tsc . Not enough, eh? Very well . I shall play seriously with you . " - Awesome Awesomener was forced to say . In the end, even he wasn't all-mighty . Only all-awesome . A whole Realm's will and punishments may be a little too much, even for him to take head on!

However, he could still test his own limits and surpass them if he put his all on it!

Awesome Awesomener rose, and stood on his most awesome power stance . The power of such power stance was so awesome, it managed to stop the Paris Lightning tsunami at once!

However, the Realm's Will wouldn't let he win, not so easily!

Lightining raged on, and then other things as well!

The whole desert started to lose its colors, and a big part of it became a vast stretch of nothingness!

The sky darkened, and the sun dimmed on its brightness .

On a radius of a billion million kilometers, all life dried and all youth was robbed, making everyone in this land old as hell! This was the Realm's Will in it's worst, draining a huge part of the Realm of all of its Complex Elements, all in order to try and kill Awesome Awesomener!

Awesome Awesomener's Power Stance's power was frightening . Even as the Sun Heat, Water Blubbiness, Wood Penetrating Hardness and Earth Slutiness fused with the Paris Lightning, creating the most terrible "Five Elements Gang-Banging Paris Fusion of Rage", it was not enough to break his defense in a single move!

Instead, the Realm's Will was forced to the brink, and had to do the unthinkable!

It fused the "Five Elements Gang-Banging Paris Fusion of Rage" with the 12 Good Fucks and 10 Immature Irresponsibilities!

The generated monstrosity was impossible to describe with words, but if one had to describe it with words, one could only think of one: Impossible to describe with words .