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Chapter 7

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Awesome Awesomener understood it all in a second .

- So, this is the Source of Energy of the world, eh? How unexpected for it to be this…

The Source! The most sought of all things! By taking part of it into himself, Awesome Awesomener would then become a Realm like all others, impossible to be destroyed or taken over entirely!

However, that meant one thing…

- Subordinate myself to you? Dream on! - The Source was like a tit, and once one started to feed on it, they had to pay respects to their sugar mama!

Instead, Awesomener pointed to the Realm he had previously been kicked from, and, in a fierce act, struck it with his finger!

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Usually that would mean nothing, as Awesome Awesomener wasn't connected to the Source and the Realm was .

Worst of cases, and it had only to reverse the time flow and undo what he had done .

However, the Realm saw itself incapable of doing so . Flabbergasted, it screamed in terror:


- Humpf . Such a weak Source and you think I wouldn't be better than it? Dream on!

The Source was none other than Mimbleness! Awesome Awesomener had no need to submit himself to Mimbles - if mere Mimbleness could feed hundred of thousands of Realms, then his Awesomeness could feed a Billion!

- Now, begone!

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- NOOOO! - Screamed the Realm before disappearing .

Awesome Awesomener looked around, and then approached the Source .

- It's your time now, Mimble!

The Source hissed and mumbled like a scared cat mixed with an old grumpy man . It then attacked with a concentrated ray of mimblenitlon!

- Pff… good try, but no . - The mimblenitlon ray passed right through Awesome Awesomener, not even a speck of dust remaining after the attack .

- DIE! - The Source screamed while launching hundreds of thousands of Realms against him!

Awesomener grinned and, again, assumed his Power Stance . However, it was even more powerful now . It had been ingrained with Natural Laws, so it became something bigger, something much more majestic!

The Power Stance had evolved into the Natural Power Stance . But then, under Awesome Awesomener's will and wisdom it evolved again, and became the Awesome Stance!

All Realms turned to dust, and Awesome Awesomener's finger penetrated the Source in that moment!

However, little more than his finger remained at that moment!

The bombardment of the thousand billion Realms, plus the use of the terrible Awesome Stance, all of those were too much for his Realm-Body to take in! All forms of Awesome Life in it became dust and settled in not existing!

Still, it was enough!

The Source Hissed and Coughed and Sneezed, but Awesome Awesomener was inside of it already . And like that, it became dim and small, its essence being condensed and changed .

It turned from Rough Mimbleness into Primordial Mimbleness, and then to Chaos Power, Weak Power, Shut-In Power, Winner Energy, and, then, the most Primordial Awesomeness!

It was still alive, and trying to Evolve in order to break free from Awesome Awesomener!

Had it Evolved sooner, then all forms of Life and all Realms and all Things in Existence would have been Awesome from the start! But now, it was too late for that to happen!

Awesome Awesomener took that Primordial Awesomeness in between his fingers, and crushed it!

A moment later, his own Awesomeness began to grow and expand . With the former Source defeated, all that Existed was him!

His body reformd, his Realm stabilized and his Existence being the Source of all other existences, Awesome Awesomener sat on his mighty throne, looking at all bellow him .

- Sweet - said him, while closing his eyes and petting a weed sheep - sweet .

The End .