Return of the demon - Chapter -1

Published at 7th of August 2019 06:17:12 PM

Chapter -1

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The cultivation system is complex. I can't explain it without a table so there is a link to a pic which explains it.
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<Since this cannot be copied here, the links are also copied onto the novel description>

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Also please read this as otherwise many things wont make sense. Especially in the beginning I just start mentioning cultivation stages.

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Below is a link for the map

Only the major points are given. And this image is not to scale only as a general outline to see what is in which side of what. The distances and other major cities are not given.

The first seven chapters are a preamble. It contains world building as well as some information regarding MC's past life and cultivation. The story only properly starts from the eight chapter onward, but the first few chapters are important and they show the changes of the MC after his reincarnation, as well as his first step in cultivation. But if you don't read them, you may be confused later on. @@