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Chapter 325: 325

He coldly looked at the shotguns in the iron box .

These shotguns were about to be scrapped, or possibly already had been . They were worth about as much as a pile of scrap iron, at least .

Was this a joke?

Qin Xiaomeng was surprised .

She looked in the box of body armor .

Although she expected body armor to be very heavy, she was able to pick a piece of it up easily, then a sour smell hit her her nose .

When Qin Xiaomeng pinched the body armor, it immediately cracked, and fine powder fell out of the hole she’d created .

Qin Xiaomeng was very confused . Shouldn’t there be a sheet of steel inside the armor?

She quietly made the hole bigger, then pulled a piece of cardboard out of it!

Qin Xiaomeng was completely stunned . There was no way this armor was bulletproof .

When Ye Fei and the others saw the cardboard, they were speechless .

When they were in the army, they’d heard that the court of the Ming dynasty was very corrupt, and the armor of soldiers was just made out of paper and paste . At that time, they all thought it was a joke .

It didn't occur to Ye Fei that this kind of armor really existed .

"Deputy Director Cai, what do you mean by this? Do you want us to help you sell this scrap iron?" Ye Fei asked coldly, looking at Cai .

"What do I mean by this? Nothing . You don't like the guns and body armor?"

Cai coldly looked at Ye Fei, then there a deceitful smile snuck across his face . "These guns and body armor are old, but they can still be used . "

"They can still be used?"

Ye Fei really wanted to throw the broken guns and body armor into his face .

"The police in our bureau don't even have these things . It's a wonder that I could come up with anything for your security company," Cai sneered .

"Deputy Director Cai, are you telling lies?"

Ye Fei said angrily, "I don’t believe this is the best you can do . Director Qin has told us . . . "

As soon as Ye Fei mentioned Director Qin, Cai immediately shouted, "What do you want me to do? I told you these are the only guns here . If you don't like them, I'll give them to another company!"

Obviously, the rumors that Cai was a difficult man were true . Ye Fei hadn’t given him a gift, so he deliberately created difficulties for Ye Fei .

"Manager Ye, give him some money," Xu Sande whispered .

"No way . " Ye Fei coldly smiled . "I won’t be giving him anything, but he’ll give us what he promised . ”

"Manager Ye, do you have a way to make him do that?"

Xu Sande was shocked .

"He dares to harass me? He certainly doesn’t know my relationship with Qin Xiaogang!"

Ye Fei looked at Qin Xiaomong, and he had an idea .

Ye Fei was right . Because Cai was in charge of logistics, he did not know the true identity of Ye Fei .

Nor did he know Qin Xiaomeng, the sister of Qin Xiaogang .

"Hum, director Qin has allowed you to come here to get guns, but you incredibly dare to ask for more?" Cai said, his face full of disdain and mockery .

He thought to himself, Do you think Qin Xiaogang is a god and that I’ll obey all his orders?

After all, Qin Xiaogang was just the new director . Deputy Director Cai did not intend to blindly follow his every command .

He also didn’t think he would fall out with Qin Xiaogang because of such a small matter .

Ye Fei turned to Qin Xiaomeng and said, “Xiaomeng, talk to him . Have him get us better guns . ”

"All right . "

Qin Xiaomeng was also very angry, so she immediately nodded and walked over to Cai .

When Deputy Director Cai saw that Ye Fei did not come up to deal with him, but sent his girlfriend instead, he became even angrier .

"Deputy Director Cai, the equipment that you gave us is really bad! Can you give us something better? We are a serious company after all . This is our business license . "

"And yet your boss sent a little girl talk to me? Damn it, are you even a legal employee at the company? What qualifications do you have to stand in front of me and talk to me?" Deputy Director Cai said coldly .

"You . . . You . . How can you talk to me like that?"

Qin Xiaomeng grew anxious and tears sprang into her eyes .

Deputy Director Cai waved his hands and shouted to his men, "Since they don't want this stuff, we'll take it away! Damn it! I gave you all these guns and body armor out of the kindness of my heart, but you incredibly dare to insult me like this . ”

Suddenly Qin Xiaomeng burst into tears on the spot . Even when she was kidnapped, she did not cry so sadly .

"She’s crying! Haha! Ye Fei, are you out of your mind to send a crying little girl to talk to me? Are you stupid?"

Cai and his men burst into laughter .